Ah yes, the battle cry of Python

I *really* want to learn to write programs for the Classic Mac OS, but I honestly don't know anything about it.

Does anyone have programming experience from yesteryear that would lead to recommendations/opinions about the best language/tools/etc to write the programs in?

Regex is short for 'regular expressions'. It's quite complicated shit, but very powerful if you want to chop up some text files - which is what 90% of programming computers is. Manipulating character representations *is* being a programmer of computers.
I'm struggling to find a good intro that doesn't start in the middle!
Even learning them slightly is magic if your texteditor supports regexes for search and replace. Kate is a gui.

@snowdusk @trebach
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - The Danish National Symphony Orchestra (Live)

The one I was looking for was swedish I thought? @gamayun 's parents attended the concert. I could be wrong.
Still fun! :-)


We at Qoto are always scouting for new Talent, and open to suggestions, comments.

Adding new Staff members is good for all communities -- it's a labour of love, we do it for the fun, the pleasure of seeing things growing up, a nice social climate growing.

I would like to invite any Active user here at Qoto (or in the Fediverse at large, if you decided to join us) to consider if they would like to help.

* Collaborators are one of the levels I see as important in user's participation in any community. While not in a formal administrative role, Collaborators are recognized for the quality of their posts, interactions.

All communities depend on users participation -- otherwise you would be building static web pages and publishing your own content, like a Blog for example.

* Moderation staff, in my opinion, should be active members, who personally produce content and interact with the local membership to enhance a positive climate.

It's not a Cop on the Beat job, although sometimes we have to perform the duties of judging content and deciding what action if could require, or not.

From my post linked below :

"4. What makes a good Moderator? Ideally a stable and pondered person, capable of communicating clearly and actively present in the community.

The job of a Moderator is, in my personal view, more than simply keeping an eye out for unacceptable behaviour or content. But any Staff member in a site should be interested in it and a community builder him/herself."

I wrote my own personal reflections back in late November, 2019, about the role of an active user and aspiring leadership candidate.

It's a Long Form page, of course; I don't post bare URLs or video links much, Words are my passion.

If interested, take a look at :

Moderator Nomination – My Personal Views -- write.tedomum.net/rgx/qoto-mod

#rgxJournal #QotoJournal #Qoto

Got a sweet MSDOS palmtop in the mail from @ajroach42 the other day and after some small hardware fix ups I am settling in with it. This thing is an _astonishing_ device. I can hardly believe it’s real.

i can hear my dad in another room yelling at a google home to put its volume down over and over and its ignoring him and then i just heard another google home somewhere else say "okay the volume is currently 60%" this is why you dont bring these hell devices into your house ong

I was a literal child whenever analog video was (mostly) phased out, so maybe someone on Mastodon can help me out:

Does anyone know of a composite-in, composite-out video scaler/processor/whatever that will allow me to translate the image left/right/up/down? My RCA tv has no controls on the board to move the image and adjusting the ferrite tape ring (which it has instead of actual convergence rings) did nothing of any use. The image is too far right and down and damnit I want to play Conker.

As deep as the neural networks run that pick and choose and target and feed us ads, you'd think they'd have figured out by now that I do, indeed, have car insurance and don't want to switch to Progressive.

C'mon y'all. Give me advertisements for some really nice pencils or some electronics kits. That'll get me buyin'

We are delighted to share a new initiative – the Ubuntu Appliance portfolio. Together with @Nextclouders@twitter.com, Mosquitto, @plex@twitter.com, @openHAB@twitter.com and @AdGuard@twitter.com, we have created a new class of Ubuntu derivatives. Learn more about this exciting initiative here!


in 1987 SDF received its first dialup caller at 300 baud and the community was born. Happy Birthday SDF (and iczer!)

Did you know you can export your Mastodon Follows and other things as simple text files? That way if your instance dies, you can simply join another one and import those backups.
It's in your Preferences under 'Import and export'.
I thought I'd mention it, since I often forget to do it for too long.

Just in case it has already happened to you: For an unpacked TAR archive🗄️ no extra folder 📁 is created and the content is mixed with many other files in the same directory? How to clean up this mess⁉️

$ tar -tf Nice_Prog_RC1.tar.gz | xargs rm -r

With 'tar -tf' in :terminal: only the content of the archive is displayed. This list of files is given to 'xargs', which passes it on to 'rm -r' for deletion. On the next try we better unpack the archive into an extra folder.👨‍💻

#Linux #Sysadmin #bash

that's pretty mona lisa if you ask me - which you didn't!

So, I got an official nickname on the com chat 😂

From now on, I'm Rama Lama Ding Dong.


Having an IQ of just above average is the worst. You’re smart enough to notice how stupid others are but not smart enough to make a big difference.

―Chaff5, Feb 2016

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