Dear fediverse: do you know of any online shop in Europe that sells food-grade paper packaging such as bread bags in quantities suitable for the needs of a household (a min quantity of 100 pieces is fine, 1000 is not, 10000 is definitely way too high)?

Excluding amazon / ebay / other big platforms.

Thanks, and boosts welcome

Gentil fediverso: qualcuno conosce dei negozi online in Europa che vendono imballaggi di carta per alimenti, tipo i sacchetti del pane, e che vendano a privati in quantità adeguate a privati (acquisto minimo 100 pezzi va bene, 1000 no, 10000 è decisamente troppo)?

Che non siano amazon / ebay / altre megapiattaforme.

Grazie, e i boost sono graditi

Just thinking about how the near-realtime high res satellite imagery we've seen of the Ever Given would have been unthinkable even 5 years ago.

(Imagery: Planet, Airbus, Capella Space)

HELP! Bricked CISCO Server?
Updated BIOS from 1.57f to 2.0.13q. Bricked now??
I have tried several recovery.cap files, moved the recovery jumper, etc? Don't know what to do now.
Server Model: UCSC220M3.
Any tips appreciated.

Windows, Minimized: Windows CE was supposed to power everything but the PC. But its identity was seen as a threat to Windows proper.

#longreads #history


- anyone with an xbox 360 dev kit could access the internal network where things like betas and review copies of games were available
- microsoft would dispose of xbox 360 dev kits by destroying them and unceremoniously dumping them in a landfill
- people would scour the landfills for parts that survived and build xbox 360 dev kits from them

that's extremely cool to me, literally rebuilding machines that weren't supposed to be available to you from garbage

Has anyone here used the Pinephone (linux based phone)? If so, could you tell me about your experience? #opensource #privacy #linux

Happy 21st day of the 21st year of the 21st century!

I need one of these because I love messing around with non-x86 architectures.

Merry Christmas people! Hope you had a wonderful day today!

This guy tried installing Windows 10 using only “floppy disks,” but really just used virtual images split up into 2,836 disk images. MrBeast would have done it with legit floppies.

Literally the most useful keyboard shortcut I learned this year is ctrl + U

It deletes a filled password field on linux. In your browser, on the bootscreen when entering your LUKS password, your login password field, in the sudo prompt, …

It's great when you have a long password and you know you hit a typo somewhere.

Try it it's awesome. And it's the worst thing, that it doesn't work on other platforms.

#Linux #usability #shortcuts

Dear video game industry!

Nobody likes games with a 120-hour story mode, that's filled with 80 hours of the same, seemingly endlessly repeating side quests.

Nobody wants to pay for your crappy add-ons and digital loot.

Nobody is excited about the remaster of a five year old game.

Nobody cares for the 21st face-lift of FIFA.


The obvious upside to having sshd running on the kids' media devices is this: there's nothing more satisfying than telling a small child "if you don't turn those cartoons off, I will use my magic and turn it off" -- then you snap your fingers with one hand, and tap enter on the ssh console running on your phone with the other hand -- where they can't see it -- and poof! Process killed. Cartoons terminated. Children confused.

Las charlas virtuales con videoconferencia, estan sobre estimadas. Todo el tráfico que se genera con todos los feeds de video, consumen un ancho de banda infinitamente mayor a herramientas de texto, o inclusive audio, como #mumble. Tenemos que abstraernos y utilizar menos ancho de banda. Es solamente para tener la cara de la otra persona, mirando un punto que no es la cámara, porque miramos la imagen del otro en la pantalla, por lo tanto tampoco es que con el video, nos miramos a la cara o a los ojos. El 80% de las veces, prendo la cámara, saludo, para que vean que soy yo, y luego apago porque me duele mucho el ancho de banda. Si somos todes los que estamos en un Jitsi o un Zoom, con ha cámara apagada por la misma razon, entonces usemos mumble y dejemosno de joder, no? Mi próxima charla virtual va a ser con un PDF descargable y por mumble, comentando el PDF en vivo, mientras todos lo ven en suspantallas #internet #video #zoom #jitsi #mumble

militarization of the police charted by the evolution of Lego cop model

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