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Actual science about GMO corn!

Impact of genetically engineered maize on agronomic, environmental and toxicological traits: a meta-analysis of 21 years of field data - nature.com/articles/s41598-018

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@icefox This might be a silly question, but if you were using Python anyway, why pull in the rest? :)

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how did people react to things before GIFs

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“Moving efficiently in the CLI”


This is a *very* handy graphic. I’m still stuck on arrow keys too because I don’t remember the shortcuts

(Caveat, these do depend on your particular shell and distro so do check that they work the same)


Agreed. Also I become angered if there isn't an automated test that fails if somebody ignores the comment.

RT @jk: my fav code comments are the exasperated kind that are like

// turns out those unsigned short casts are SUPER important

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The Health Benefits of Drumming: Less Stress, Lower Blood Pressure, Pain Relief, and Altered States of Consciousness bit.ly/2DM9CGM t.co/dj4Bas09UX

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I think it’s important to quit framing Mastodon as a Twitter replacement. They both have different uses!

Mastodon’s where you go to build/find community in a decentralized space, while Twitter’s where you go to emulate the feeling of sticking your head into a boiling vat of cooking oil.

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RT @daguy666@twitter.com: This is a very true statement ...

When your job writing pages of legislation nobody will ever read is on pause, you have some free time to work on Wikipedia articles!

RT @congressedits: Tide Pod challenge Wikipedia article edited anonymously from US Senate en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?d

RT @viciousviscosity: Hacker con? I think you mean
leet space.

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> every library should have a good science fiction and fantasy section

> Predictable Success
> JavaScript: The Good Parts
> Flawless Consulting
> Effective XML
> Real World Haskell

https://twitter.com/adamjogrady/status/952784870081572864 https://social.heldscal.la/attachment/1230330

Has anybody done research into what percent of security vulnerabilities would have been avoided if the implementation language had built-in memory safety?

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The Internet Archive is a Fucking Gift and we aren't worthy of it's magesity.

(today, because I found an archive of the thing I wanted.)

Just started watching Fargo. I'm a little late to the party, but darn it's good!

Officer: "Have you seen a man running around here with a machete?"
Pedestrian: "WHAT!?"
Office: "It's a big knife."

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Wonder what @Gargron's up to right now. Probably helping an old lady cross the street or having a good dream.

I always thought to myself: "Man, I wish I could read RSS feeds in my IDE! Thanks Eclipse!" mastodon.sdf.org/media/65C0_Yc