Favorite Amazon Review Of The Day. So curious what questions!

This actually looks like a fun final exam. If you think so too, then you should consider a career in infosec.


The Zoom stock appears to be inversely correlated to the 6-12 month projected average person's health.

Did anybody else feel like they were watching Mad Max seeing all those people hanging out of their cars and honking their horns during the Biden acceptance speech?

Thriller by Sarah Thrower. Drumming had evolved over the years, but this arrangement blows Ndugu's away. Especially the solo at the end.

You think anybody in any of these remaining swing states is slow-rolling their count to avoid the notoriety that follows being "the state"?

It's like somebody took a page from gnu.org and replaced the text "emacs" with "WordPerfect for DOS".

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"WordPerfect for DOS, in the opinion of many knowledgeable users, is still the greatest program ever written."

17 month old daughter just activitated the smart home assistant for the first time tonight.

Facebook Messenger's new favicion looks annoyingly like it has a notification dot in browser. In the image, compare to Slack with an unread notification. Dark Pattern?

Despite controversy over whether they contain bread and general consensus that they are not delicious, Subway subs are indeed sandwiches.


If it's Wednesday the 12th, what is the numeric date of "last Monday"?

Prediction: Carnival Cruise Line offers free all-you-can-drink packages to entice customers to return. Sponsored by Corona Beer.

Why do news reports start with the name of the city the reporter is in? Is there some value to this tradition, or is it just a holdover from before communication was instant?

If the risotto is bland, add more Parmesan.

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