Did Google Play Music limit music streaming quality last week? It sounds like I'm listening over a telephone. YouTube Music is fine.

I wish Qualcomm would put as much energy into making watch chips as they do earbud chips.

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I twitch a little every time I see infection rates reported in the media with because they're as much or more a measurement of how many people have been tested as they are of how bad things are getting.

Protip: Fill up your microwave chow mein past the fill line for a delicious new instant ramen.

One of the most underrated animated series: Castlevania.

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I'm available for remote marketing/copywriting/proof reading for small amounts of ยฃ if anyone has any jobs or leads!

Also happy to proof read for free for students/others in need (I was a college lecturer for 2 years)


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but why is Facebook full of images which are just VERY LOUD TEXT

I mean why

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worm race!

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12 years ago, Iron Man was released and then 22 other films (50 hours). In 12 seasons, Jessica Fletcher has caught at least 264 murderers (198 hours) so who is the real hero.

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My library is checking out digital media only. They don't have enough space for everything to be checked in at once so people with physical media must borrow it indefinitely.

Interesting observation: "Success excuses all risks".

It's funny that the best thing we can do for the economy is to spend money like lunatics, and the best thing we can do for our personal finances is to be as frugal as possible. Tragedy of the commons?

I've never received a GrubHub order that fast. These Nachos are spectacular.

Just gave my daughter cheesecake for the first time today in honor of Pi Day. And, yes, cheesecake is a tart which is a type of pie.

I mocked toilet paper hoarders. Now I'm running low on toilet paper. Now my neighbors mock me as they wade through piles of fluffy rolls.

I'm a drummer in a Bagpipe band. Almost all of the gigs we scheduled over the next week have been cancelled. Coronavirus killed St. Patrick's Day.

It would be pretty ironic if corporate WFH policy increases people working around strangers in places like coffee shops in turn increasing infection rates.

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