If your musical tastes include all of metal, jazz, and prog rock, then I encourage you to listen to Agent Fresco.

When facing an error, the best kind of positive is a false positive.

The short battery life of Airpods has created pressure on meetings to end quickly at my company.

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Welcome to News Website! Here is the article you requested!

Video will play in 5 seconds, unless you send ten thousand dollars, in unmarked bills, to the abandoned tuna warehouse at Smuggler's Cove. Come alone at midnight. Bring marketing solutions for a post-Facebook media landscape, strong coffee, and sandwiches. NOT TUNA we have plenty. PS. Don't call the police, they're now a division of Amazon.

While using programming languages with support for null booleans, has anybody ever encountered code that takes advantage of this property in a way that made them say, "That's neat" or "That's elegant"?

I'm thinking that answer is "no".

When I listen to pop music: Did Madonna come out with a new album? Nope; it's Lady Gaga.

How did I miss this gem: 5G wireless is causing Coronavirus and the cure is to disable LTE (4G). metro.co.uk/2020/03/16/keri-hi

Observed Neighborhood Walk Right Of Way (Who Crosses The Street): Kids On Bikes > Elderly/Sickly > Younger Baby Stroller > Older Baby Stroller > Walking Children > Walkers > Dog Walkers > Joggers > Scooters > Bicycles

Why are so many people focused on "when" we will return to "normal" rather than what set of conditions are necessary to incrementally get there?

Grey market eBay price for toilet paper is about 2x what I was paying Amazon a couple of months ago. Two weeks ago it was 10x or more. That's pretty much a collapse of the TP market. Assuming supply isn't slowed, we should start to see TP back on the shelf soon I think!

Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is called practice.

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Every time a company breaches my data into the pool, I get another free subscription to a credit monitoring service. I wonder how many overlapping credit monitoring services the average American has at any given time.

Did Google Play Music limit music streaming quality last week? It sounds like I'm listening over a telephone. YouTube Music is fine.

I wish Qualcomm would put as much energy into making watch chips as they do earbud chips.

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I twitch a little every time I see infection rates reported in the media with because they're as much or more a measurement of how many people have been tested as they are of how bad things are getting.

Protip: Fill up your microwave chow mein past the fill line for a delicious new instant ramen.

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