There is nothing novel about copying somebody else's product. So, why has it suddenly become evil?

A quesadilla is a poorly folded cheese burrito.

The goalie on the cover of the SNES game "super soccer" is Donald Trump.

My favorite new album right now: Terraformer by Thank You Scientist

I was so nice of my one-month-old to stay up until 2 am to wish me a happy Father's Day this morning!

[insert fart joke here]


Trump Energy Dept refers to fossil fuels as "molecules of freedom" and "freedom gas"


Caring for an infant week 2: It's not unusual for her poop to smell like popcorn.

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Buying a new fan for my desktop's CPU. Apparently they only come with rainbow LEDs. I didn't realize that's how fans work now.

Pretty sure my newborn baby contains Samsung batteries because she leaks chemicals and sporadically explodes.

Leave Amazon review for inexpensive electronics. Receive email from China offering to replace device AND refund purchase. Realize other reviews for device may be influenced by scheme. Profit and free electronics.

Thinking back on years of projects that used big data platforms to collect up experimental results for ad hoc analysis, I can't help but think we would have gotten to "good enough" so much faster if we had dropped the data into splunk and moved on.

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