If it's Wednesday the 12th, what is the numeric date of "last Monday"?

Prediction: Carnival Cruise Line offers free all-you-can-drink packages to entice customers to return. Sponsored by Corona Beer.

Why do news reports start with the name of the city the reporter is in? Is there some value to this tradition, or is it just a holdover from before communication was instant?

If the risotto is bland, add more Parmesan.

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not a single soul:
brain: remember that embarassing thing you did 2 years ago

Software Engineer Friends: Curious, what kind of guidance and/or freedom do you appreciate most from your boss?

Frontier misled subscribers about Internet speeds and prices, AG finds.

Redesigned my blog. And, I took the opportunity to add a few posts. blog.davidron.com

Phrase of the day: "headcount rationalization".

3 weeks to get a detective when someone used my wife's identity for a bail bond and car loan despite her having collected the evidence herself using CCPA data requests?

This when it took a couple of hours to get my first parking ticket in a decade while legally parked?

I spotted this nugget of actual insight buried in a comment flame war:
"You're making the classic mistake of assuming a common thread connects the people who've annoyed you in various unrelated contexts."

The official soundtrack for Tetris Effect is pretty good music to work to.

If we were perfect programmers, we'd be writing in untyped languages and pushing directly to production without peer review.

If your musical tastes include all of metal, jazz, and prog rock, then I encourage you to listen to Agent Fresco.

When facing an error, the best kind of positive is a false positive.

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