Surfing and stumble on an article already read because I subscribed to the blog directly: Fun to see friends get exposure.

Consistency is prescription by precedence.

There is nothing novel about copying somebody else's product. So, why has it suddenly become evil?

A quesadilla is a poorly folded cheese burrito.

The goalie on the cover of the SNES game "super soccer" is Donald Trump.

My favorite new album right now: Terraformer by Thank You Scientist

I was so nice of my one-month-old to stay up until 2 am to wish me a happy Father's Day this morning!

[insert fart joke here]


Trump Energy Dept refers to fossil fuels as "molecules of freedom" and "freedom gas"


Caring for an infant week 2: It's not unusual for her poop to smell like popcorn.

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Buying a new fan for my desktop's CPU. Apparently they only come with rainbow LEDs. I didn't realize that's how fans work now.

Pretty sure my newborn baby contains Samsung batteries because she leaks chemicals and sporadically explodes.

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