% que=`{whatis awd}; file $que; ls -l $que
/bin/awd: 386 plan 9 executable
--rwxrwxr-x M 8 sys sys 58975 Jan 9 2007 /bin/awd
% man awd
man: no manual page
% lookman awd
% awd -h -?
"loads the tag line of its window with the directory in which it’s running, suffixed βˆ’label (default rc)"
% win
win: '/bin/win' file does not exist
% fn cd {builtin cd $* && prompt=`{pwd}^':> ' && awd $sysname} # nope

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@cosullivan really set the tape off on the right foot

It’s 45 minutes to state required bed time and I’m far enough from my house to start to panic about the speed of this bus

My blog has almost no search engine traffic but it averages thirty thousand hits a day via rss

eat that, search engine optimization hucksters

It's kind of sad that I won't let myself have a cat any more, but my life is going pretty well right now and I don't want to make radical changes to adapt to a housemate. Even a soft, snuggly one. 😿

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