Coming up at 2100 UTC / 2PM PST is the SDF Plan9 Boot Camp Summer 2022 Tea Note #3 live stream!

I will be taste-testing some Yunnan Golden Buds Dian Hong on today's episode of Dubious Goals Committee! And you will see FASCINATING close-up photos of TEA in com!

19:30 UTC

Habe ich was verpasst? Wo ist Keine Webseite, keine E-Mailkonten, kein SSH...

Did i miss something? Where is No webpage, no mailaccounts, no SSH...

of failures in our technology, a whole forum to enjoy, recently updated with today's Cloudflare outage and a collection of other BGP mishaps:

(boosts welcome!)

4 Raspberry Pi Zero W and a Lenovo T500 ThinkPad (Grand Prize) are prizes in the SDF Plan9 Summer Boot Camp which kicked off today and runs until September 22nd, 2022

Come learn about Plan9 in a fun and friendly community!

Dubious Goals Committee with tob is doing a 35 HOUR MARATHON special!! @iczer I hope you are listening! tob mentioned your name on COM 🐮 ❤️

Tune in! We're on COM!! See you!!

Dubious Goals Committee starts at 19:30 UTC, and it's going to be EXTRA dubious today in celebration of SDF's 35th anniversary!
If you've never heard DGC, this is the one you want to hear!

35 HOUR MARATHON on to celebrate @SDF 's 35th Birthday -- which is actually today!! Happy 35th ! 🎂 🎉 Now streaming, for the first time, is Dj oak3... DO I HEAR ??! 💃 🕺 ✨ Tune in now and chat with us on COM! 📢

Wordle 362 4/6


The SDF Plan9 Summer Boot Camp 2022 registration is open at kicking off June 20th. Some lucky boot campers will receive a preconfigured rPi zero w running 9front. Learn about Plan9 in a fun, friendly and supportive community!

50 years ago, The Limits to Growth.

Oh, how much we've learned!

"The Limits to Growth, a 1972 report on exponential economic and population growth with finite supply of resources, studied by computer simulation. It used the World3 computer model to simulate the consequence of interactions between the earth and human systems, based on the work of Jay Forrester,  as described in his book World Dynamics."


"information theory, logic gates, non-numerical computer programming, data structures, and, arguably, machine learning. Claude Shannon didn’t bother predicting the future—he just went ahead and invented it, and even lived long enough to see the adoption of his ideas. Since his passing 20 years ago, we have not seen anyone like him. We probably never will again" []

Coming up in an hour at 0200 UTC on is Vintage COMP! Looking forward to your stories and tales in vintage computing.

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