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Scientist, Hugo Award winner, and prolific science fiction author and editor Ben Bova passed away on Sunday, November 29, 2020 at the age of 88. Author of more than one hundred books, Bova also edited some of the genre’s best-known publications and served as the president of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.
Word of Bova’s passing first came from Kathryn Brusco, who revealed that Bova had passed due to complications from COVID-19 and a stroke.

Hour two rages on! Live now!
here's how to tune in: point your media player to
or listen to the web player! Live in 15 minutes!!!!!

here's how to tune in: point your media player to
or listen to the web player!

I was thinking about making the most β€œcome back” playlist for my return on aNONradio this Sunday.

I thought that 30+ days was enough time to create the best playlist anyone on this fediverse instance could come up with.

Despite all the beer in the tri-county area, those goals probably aren’t going to be met.

Judge for yourself this Sunday, November 22nd on at 22:00 UTC

NASA's Curiosity rover snaps stunning selfie on Mars (photo)

Photos of robots working on other planets never get old.

TSR - The Server Room Show - Episode 50 - Interview with Dr Marshall Kirk McKusick is available

Did You listen to it?

More info:

Didn't tried all of them but, this seems like a curated list to me ...

Free and Shell Accounts

Nothing to do in this ? Join djpo2323 awesome party! live streaming on right know πŸŽƒ

The FSF’s High Priority Projects committee is preparing its next round of updates to the High Priority Projects list, and we need your input! Help us identify areas of strategic importance for free software development. <>[]

Stopped on bluebird site to track some items best post out there:

What is your WiFi password?

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