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Unashamed space colonist & atomic energy enthusiast. Getting ourselves out of tight spots using technology is pretty much what we humans DO. Appeared in the 2012 documentary “Lunarcy!” & still occasionally get contacted by people who have seen it recently on CBC. Low-key supervillain, looking to build a better world that will be worth conquering. Not a typography nerd, but enjoy using LaTeX.

With Half Price Books closed for the duration, if I want an old copy of the National Geographic, I have to go on-line & buy one.

Readers Digest Condensed Books 

What kind of pasta hurts when you reach the bottom? 


I had a parcel returned to sender because I made a mistake in the ZIP code, mis-copying the last digit as "9" rather than "7". This is the sort of error I would have expected a clerk in the sorting office to notice & remedy.

For enthusiasts, this video has quite the selection!
"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun", Cindy Lauper.


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As computers are used more and more, it is likely that computer crime will become increasingly difficult to carry out.

OK, I've had enough of typing out the script to "Thebes of the Hundred Gates" for tonight.

Stickers ordered, produced, shipped.
Now I wait for the Postal Service to do its thing.

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Everybody talks about chemtrails, but nobody mentions the subliminal messages in airline call-center on-hold music.


I've been washing my hands a lot today. Nothing to do with the germ theory of disease. Everything to do with the literally hundreds of postage stamps I have applied so far.

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Wage theft is theft, and it's happening at a scale we can't even begin to comprehend

Thinking of ordering a batch of stickers with this design. Maybe I'm a wretched graphic designer.

"Put a dog in a cage and he'll run in circles.
Put a man in a cage and he'll run for President."

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"During the Roman Empire, seven million years ago, enormous chunks of cheese floated down from primordial glaciers."

I have filled out the ConZealand program participant form, after procrastinating for more than 6 months.

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