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Unashamed space colonist & atomic energy enthusiast. Getting ourselves out of tight spots using technology is pretty much what we humans DO. Appeared in the 2012 documentary “Lunarcy!” & still occasionally get contacted by people who have seen it recently on CBC. Low-key supervillain, looking to build a better world that will be worth conquering. Not a typography nerd, but enjoy using LaTeX.

I apparently need a new mainboard for a Thinkpad X220, or else a whole new laptop. It’s running in “limp–home” mode right now (one core / one thread), but Heaven knows how long that will last. Whatever the underlying problem is, when running Memtest in multi–thread mode, the cores become desynchronized during Block Move, & the whole thing locks up solid.

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By 1919, it should have been bleedingly obvious to any competent, sane observer that warfare among industrial states was a catastrophe of such dimensions as to endanger civilization itself. And yet, the world order which emerged from Versailles was more authoritarian & militaristic than that of former days.

When was the last time you decalcified your faucet aerators?



I can scarcely believe it’s been something like 20 years since I last had a pocketwatch to carry. How ever did I do without one?

Over Munich today can be seen an advertising Zeppelin, advertising Zeppelin products.

Technic civilization endows Man with vast powers. Our challenge, then, is to use those powers wisely. Many who say this seem to mean by it “as little as possible”, but I will settle for nothing less than “along lines of excellence”.

(“Technic civilization” may be defined as that phase of culture in which the understanding of Nature gained through the empirical sciences is systematically applied to the business of human living.)

My unedited recording of the first four chapters of «The Blind Spot», which Sam Moskowitz reprints in «Under the Moons of Mars», occupies 50 minutes (including flubs & pauses, but not tea breaks). If he is correct in giving the length of this excerpt as 10 000 words, then my reading rate is more than 3 words per second, which seems a bit high.

My insistence that I am NOT a steampunk fashion victim is constantly being undermined by my choices. Having purchased (for a dollar) a “Benrus Technipower” electrically–driven balance–wheel watch, I am now investigating means of attaching it to my hatband.

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Somebody had reversed the wires on the A & K terminals. Redrawing the circuit doesn’t satisfy me that this should make any difference, but with it corrected, the phone still rings, & now goes off-hook when the hookswitch is lifted ― at least with a jumper wire across C & F. I haven’t tried this with a real handset, as the connector is still busted. A grain-of-wheat incandescent with wire leads would have been better, but that bin isn’t accessible at this hour.

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aNONradio would like to welcome back @publius ' show "Hear Now The Words"!

"Hear Now The Words" with publius is a long-form spoken-word program, consisting mostly of publius' reading of classic science-fiction novels... and maybe more!

"Hear Now The Words" livestreams every Tuesday and Friday from 15:00 to 16:00 UTC (7-8AM PST).

Check out publius' DJ blog here:

Thank you publius! We are very happy to have you back!

Tune in to aNONradio 👉

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Some people take their anti-housing activism way too seriously.


Important anecdote from on Boulder, CO. Ppl living illegally in crowded homes didn't register to vote for fear of being caught. A local Dem Party organizer & anti-housing activist used voter reg data to report illegal households - disfranchising his own voters.


The romantic ideal of the Nation has long since outworn whatever value it once had. If we continue in the pretense that human nature is divided by arbitrary lines on maps, by mother tongue, or other such nonessentials, how can we face the challenge of the stars?

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