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Unashamed space colonist & atomic energy enthusiast. Getting ourselves out of tight spots using technology is pretty much what we humans DO. Appeared in the 2012 documentary “Lunarcy!” & still occasionally get contacted by people who have seen it recently on CBC. Low-key supervillain, looking to build a better world that will be worth conquering. Not a typography nerd, but enjoy using LaTeX.

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We will always be pursued by the pelagic obelisk.

earworm, inspired by the most recent xkcd 

Zero bottles of beer on the wall,
Zero bottles of beer,
Take one down,
Pass it around,
Execute arbitrary code on the wall!

Just bought three rolls of packing tape for the low, low price of… a pile of empty desktop-printer ink cartriges?

I dunno, man.

I just don't know.


Neoconfederates who want to talk about "States' rights" should be confronted with the Fugitive Slave Law of 1850, which was passed solely because the Southern States threatened to secede and start a war if it wasn't.

This didn't just assert the supremacy of Federal over State laws. In combination with the decision of the Supreme Court in Dredd Scott v Sanders, it gave the legislature of South Carolina supremacy over Massachussetts.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with forgetting your toothbrush.

My latest space record is a 7" EP documenting the flight of Apollo 8, "presented by Du Pont Teflon™ fluorocarbon resins".

Bought it for a buck from a weird local nonprofit called "The Welman Project". Their main business is apparently collecting and distributing materials for schoolteachers, but they have a little store in front selling "vintage" stuff.

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:space_exp_mars2020_jpl: Random Image from Mars Perseverance :space_exp_mars2020_nasa:

Title: Mars Perseverance Sol 420: Left Navigation Camera (Navcam)

Id: NLF_0420_0704235518_552ECM_N0232872NCAM02420_04_195J
Sol: 420
Date taken: 2022-04-26T09​:​05​:​03.267 (Sol-00420M15​:​09​:​04.921)
Date received: 2022-04-26T12​:​32​:​49Z
Camera position: (0.576698,0.67591,-1.90514)
Camera vector: (-0.6062338410152287,-0.7728274282860419,0.1876653833201663)

NASA's Mars Perseverance rover acquired this image using its onboard Left Navigation Camera (Navcam). The camera is located high on the rover's mast and aids in driving.

This image was acquired on April 26, 2022 (Sol 420) at the local mean solar time of 15:09:04.

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

NASA's Mars Perseverance rover …

Thanks to the SDF 35th Anniversary celebration, I finally finished editing and uploaded my "A Step Farther Out" show for 23 October of last year.

Today's "A Step Farther Out", in which I compare a Starbucks executive to Emperor Palpatine (in terms of sheer creepiness).

Ugh, I really dislike Scheduled Commercial Air Travel, but I'm lacking other options.

The 20 000 people who died in the earthquake and tsunami? They don't matter, nobody will miss them.

The three badly-damaged power reactors which failed to release enough radioactive material to endanger anyone's life? That's a horrible burden the world will have to carry for the rest of time!

The National Film Board of Canada should be ashamed for providing a platform for this ghastly tripe.

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I try not to hate people, but when it comes to antinuclear propagandists, I have a hard time.

It's not just that they're deliberately deceiving people, and actively working to make the world a less habitable place. It's their callous cruelty.

The makers of this movie, for instance, say of the 2011-03-11 disaster in Japan that "the real legacy of this is the ensuing nuclear disaster at the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant".


Retail Jesus 

If "Hobby Lobby" is a religion, then by definition its clerks are clerics, and its managers (overseers) are bishops (episcopoi).

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35 Hour Marathon Participants List *ARCHIVES*

Thanks to @publius for thinking of it and @snowdusk for doing it! The schedule now has links to the archives of each DJ's show! Or showS as the case may be :-) I'm looking at you Roly!

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HI everyone!

Missed one or more of the shows on the 35 HOUR MARATHON on June 15th and 16th on for @SDF 's 35th Birthday? 🤦‍♂️ Now you can easily listen to them by clicking the name of the DJ on the list on this page! ☝️😃💡 (thanks to @publius ' idea! Thanks publius! 🙌 )


I need some Plexiglas sheet, or something like it. So I went to a home-improvement store where they have such things.

I need six pieces each 20×24 inches, and six 16×32. The biggest sheet they had is 30×60, which is nearly as large as a sheet can be, out of which you can only cut a single 16×32 piece.

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The original receipt for SDF-1 purchased on July 13th, 1985. This machine became the SDF BBS on June 16th, 1987. Happy 35th SDF.

Signed by the Woz

I have things I need to do, but all I feel like doing is dozing. This is not good.

So far today I haven't managed to do anything more useful than order two things on eBay (a metal pocket comb, and a pair of HD15-to-8P8C adaptors for using Ethernet cable for VGA).

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