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I can now announce that I will be mounting a display on atomic energy at the upcoming World Science Fiction Convention in Chicago. I will have a 3×6 meter booth with two tables and two art boards for display items.

Now I need badges and stickers to give away, table drapes, and so on. Any contributions of support will be received with gratitude, and if you leave me your mailing address, acknowledged with premiums and space stamps.

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Unashamed space colonist & atomic energy enthusiast. Getting ourselves out of tight spots using technology is pretty much what we humans DO. Appeared in the 2012 documentary “Lunarcy!” & still occasionally get contacted by people who have seen it recently on CBC. Low-key supervillain, looking to build a better world that will be worth conquering. Not a typography nerd, but enjoy using LaTeX.

food (of a sort) 

My mother :
"Original flavour SunChips are OK, but I don't care for the Harvest Cheddar flavour"

Also my mother :
[proceeds to eat half of my bag of Harvest Cheddar SunChips]

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A tree branch reaches

toward the hazy, waxing moon;

fingers of the night.

uspol baffling disturbing 

The associated domain name (you can guess it, but dot com) shows up in WHOIS as registered through IONOS/1&1 all of two weeks ago. All other information is (unsurprisingly!) "redacted for privacy".

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uspol baffling disturbing 

(but I repeat myself)

Saw a sign today :


This is not helping to allay my fears about potential violence at election time.

Slab-on-grade construction leaves a great deal to be desired.

One of the sewer lines under the house needs replacing. The guys spent all day tunneling under the foundation, and will have to come back tomorrow.

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Olkiluoto-3 is now operating at capacity, delivering 1,6 GW of clean, stable electrical power to the #Finnish grid, for the next at least 60 years.

#Nuclear power gets it done.

Have British people lost all knowledge of their own recent history?

It seems as though, when I say the following, it comes as news even to people who lived through it.

"In the bitter winter of 1973―4, the quadrupling of world oil prices by OPEC combined with a coal strike to produce a severe fuel shortage in Britain. The work week was cut back to three days, and strict energy rationing imposed. Only the MAGNOX nuclear power plants kept the lights on at all."


This has got to be the most complicated folding pattern I have ever encountered on a fan-fold brochure.

deliberately bad Spanish translation 

I saw a billboard with the phrase "Espiritu Luchador".

"Yeah, bartender, give me three fingers of El Santo, neat."

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I'm starting to understand why Ken Thompson once said, "One of my most productive days was throwing away 1000 lines of code."

I guess the next step is to experiment on various kinds of paper which I have (including drafting vellum!) with cyanotype chemicals.

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Falcon 9 launch on deck. Getting it warmed up. Screen shake from the media cam is wind. Starlink infrastructure.

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If you would like to receive some of my nuclear energy promotional materials, you can send a self-addressed envelope (I'll even cover the postage!) to :

"Man and Atom"
PO Box 1035
Fort Worth
TX 76101 USA

Colman's of Norwich 

I have a new respect for the British royal family after trying this mustard.

It's strong like the Chinese stuff. I had to dilute it considerably with mayonnaise in order to taste the rest of my sandwich at all. And apparently they've been eating this stuff since 1866!

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By the time it clears the launch tower, the 3000-ton Saturn V is moving at about 70mph and is already 150 tons lighter. Here's a slo-mo talk through of what happens in those first 12 seconds.

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As mentioned on the most recent "A Step Farther Out", @TauAs sent me mail all the way from Lithuania!

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It sucks that phones are more and more often:

* Locking the bootloader
* No removable battery
* No SD card
* Curved corners, edges, and notch

The correct solution is to simply not use a phone. However, most people are forced to contend with these as phones seem to be necessary for their job, school, etc.

Even with no G-Apps and de-googling the phone, there are still other freedom-restricting aspects of having a phone that violate privacy.

I tried getting a student ID, and they said use the app - the proprietary app on the Google Play Store. I explained I don't have that - it took quite a bit of work to get a physical card student ID. I wonder what could happen if that becomes no longer an option. Will students be forced to get a "school phone," just as so many workers now have a "work phone." That's insane! Being forced to use non-free tools restricts your freedom - schools shouldn't need phones, most jobs shouldn't need phones, et cetera. I remember as part of the on boarding process at Subway, they wanted me to use the Subway University app... really?! That doesn't make sense to me - why do I need a phone to make sandwiches? Why do I need a phone for school?

Phones are a tool of convenience, I like having them and using them in a free way. The freedom to choose if I have one or not is important to me.
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