My imagination makes me human and makes me a fool; it gives me all the world and exiles me from it. - Ursula K. Le Guin

What's a good xmpp client for my iphone friend ?

I have a huge and savage conscience that won't let me get away with things. - Octavia E. Butler

The first thing we learned in college urban plant ecology is that lawn grass is terrible in literally every metric (water and fertiliser use, protection of soil from erosion, attractiveness to pollinators, actually being a helpful part of the ecosystem and not an invasive species, etc) and pretty much all of the wild plants we call weeds are 1000x better and carry out critical functions for the ecosystem, and that by weeding your garden you are trashing your local plant ecosystem.


youtube song 

I had to catch up on season one of reservation dogs and they played this:

I wouldn't have liked this when i was younger, but im so jaded and traumatized as an adult I love this.

I think I'm really getting to the jaded yet practical stage of age.

Beto is a tool.
BUT his bullshit is the right bullshit.
So i'll take it.

I'll always vote for real progressives if they are on ballots etc.
Even if it means "stealing votes", idc.

But, I'm happy to see the BS politics bending towards "being good" rather than "being free". freedom is a myth.

TBC i'll always be vigilant in calling the politicians full of shit, but I'm not gonna cut off my nose to spite my face.

I cannot overstate how much having an #eBike has made my town more accessible to me. With a traditional bike, I couldn’t get to most places I need and want to be, due to significant hills that my knees can’t cope with. The eBike effectively turns moderate hills into flats, and hard hills into easy hills.

Combined with the range boost—I can ride light terrain for about 90 minutes before pain, which means about a 12-ish mile range on a trad bike; but more like 21-22 on the eBike—I can access almost everything I need by bike. Only a few things are too far or involve bulk I can’t manage on the bike.

This is Peter Kalmus that scientist that is doing serious protests.

(also I worked on Aqua and Terra in my first tech job as a programmer analyst / unix sysadmin aka gopher)

blocking ppl 

I blocked my first domain today :P

Everybody should vote!

(after the bricks have been thrown)

You can't speak silence, so if speaking is the only communication, then the extrovert always wins.

That illuminates what I mean in the top part about religion.

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This notion has been on my mind for years:
Even atheists/agnostics should "profess a religion" just to carve out their freedoms.

Like since I don't have a religion but I want things like bodily autonomy, I should just say that "it's my religious belief".

Some people like to fill a space and some like to leave it.
Like a quiet person prefers NO ONE talks , and a extrovert prefers every talk.

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