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* Had a good night's sleep. So despite it being cool, grey and wet I'm having a great day.

* I'd like to apologise to fellow Brits for the extreme weather this summer. I've got the same problem as agriculture - difficulty recruiting casual labour in the present circumstances. I had to borrow some sidhe. 😃

This has to be a first - doing the laundry when the amount in the basket dictates it's due. 😉

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I have a joke about the technology book I spent five years #writing, but it's obsolete.

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UK Politics take 

Pubs should fucking die.

Nightclubs too.

Replace them both with social gatherings that don't entail getting piss-drunk in public, like board game nights or something. Or arcade machines set to free play.

Obviously, not in the middle of an ongoing pandemic, of course. What do I look like, a fucking Tory? :blobglare:

New avi and profile background are CC-BY commissions from @alraune@gamemaking.social . I'm delighted with them!

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My composition students' final projects: 10-minute podcasts on research topics they chose. So far, they're quite enjoyable to listen to, far more enjoyable than reading academic essays they would have written on their subjects. The podcast format really helped students grasp critical rhetorical principles. Also, maybe in the COVID19 I just miss human voices...

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conversations where all you do is tell one another you're valid are valid

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Apparently some "privacy" activist decided to finally do a radical privacy meetup against the Surveillance state but I read and says to join using ZOOM! LMAO
occupyoakland.org/event/oaklan @stimulator @thegibson #facepalm

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Dionysus, Osiris, Jesus, Inanna, John Barleycorn and Ba'al get up on Easter morning and walk into a bar.

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The stores better not run out of stock or the shopping zombies might turn to more traditional fare.

Fellow Brits welcome to my life with depression 2006-2018. You do know (according to a sample of one practitioner) our mh system is 30 years behind the times?

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