Portable C code seems achievable. Portable Makefiles? Not so much. 😮

If I ever go back to academia, only departments that allow me to teach a course on hash tables (and nothing else) need apply. Forget general "data structures" courses, there are too many of those already and most are boring. Hash tables can fill an entire semester with interesting stuff all by themselves. (Well, I might explain treaps as an aside, they go well with hashing after all.)

I've decided that a custom 6502 with a network connection should be enough for everybody. Who's with me?

Just a bit of curvature, bloom, and the occasional loss of HSYNC. The default profiles are too wild for me, but this one is just right. 😄 gist.github.com/phf/c5fc07730f

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And I finally have an inkling what QEMU user space emulation is good for. No need to simulate the whole machine just to write some m68k code!

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Ever since I finally broke down and installed github.com/Swordfish90/cool-re my m68k assembly skills are back. Coincidence?

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