Started to play the OrangPiZero with . Seems the wireless doesn’t get support yet? Ethernet works well though.

Today I learned text line auto wrap at given width with text editor, use below set and your Vim will do the wrap for you! This is very nice when typing readable phlog with max 64 column width.

:set textwidth=64

This tiny OrangePi Zero2 SBC is up and running Debian, plus the 7 inch 1080P display, sitting right on the Logitech K480 keyboard, very neat tool for reading and writing Phlogs. They could last hours on a battery bank.

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HI everyone!

Missed one or more of the shows on the 35 HOUR MARATHON on June 15th and 16th on for @SDF 's 35th Birthday? 🤦‍♂️ Now you can easily listen to them by clicking the name of the DJ on the list on this page! ☝️😃💡 (thanks to @publius ' idea! Thanks publius! 🙌 )


Now how about this, Nokia E7 connect to Raspberry Pi. Cute toy! With Delight CFW the E7 is quite usable.

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My Zero and Zero2 are arrived, will find sometime burn the and play with it, wanted to make a small home file server to release the RPI one. I think Zero will run good, but Zero2 not yet— I guess Allwinner H616 not get a support on NetBSD yet.

I still need to fix the ACPI boot error of on my Sony Vario P pocket PC.
But runs good on it and I like the DE.

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我是一个🇦🇷 个人,对历史操作系统、合成器、匿名尊重和远程信息处理社区感兴趣。


在挑战企业社交媒体的单调话语的同时,我赞扬被称为 的黑客行动主义运动。


a way to use ohmyzsh on unix:
1. download a zip file( from
2. move the file to home folder, and unzip it "unzip ohmyzsh-master"
3. change folder name: "mv ~/ohmyzsh-master ~/.oh-my-zsh"
4. backup .zshrc: "mv ~/.zshrc ~/.zshrc_backup"
5. copy .zshrc template: "cp ~/.oh-my-zsh/templates/zshrc.zsh-template
6. type "zsh" in your terminal or "chsh" via the "maint"
7. Random themes? change the ZSH_THEME="random" in .zshrc file.

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I joined Mastodon 4 months ago, landed at initially.
I usually post animated GIFs of retrogames.
I am a long-time free software user and supports DRM-free media.
I encountered several server downtime events at previous account, so I plan to use this new account more, and make the old one an alt.

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