Of course I've heard about hdmi cables having different specs but I'd forgotten about that and was wracking my brains trying to figure out why CEC wasn't working on a new device.

Finally I switched cables and viola!

Don't think the original cable is defective. Just a different spec I guess.

@perloid Yep, I know it's "racking". I did that one just for you :)

It's one of those I like to have fun with because it has contradicting meanings. 'Rack' to stretch or improve your brain and 'wrack' for wreck or damage.

Then there's the meaning of rack to stretch until the point of failure.

To me this confusion is delightful.


@Jason_Dodd I too enjoy this process of playing about with words.

I have been fully expecting an announcement that your new hobby is keeping Honing Pigeons 😉

@chalkahlom That ranks alongside 'lead balloon flying' I imagine

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