@claudiom Regarding your show 2783 and the fact the backslashes were removed from the notes. I have just emailed you about it.

@clacke Doh! I just saw your Gitlab notes, and realised the answer was "yes!". Fixed - awaiting Ken's ministrations.

@clacke Thanks for the show. Your examples 6 and 7 contain: printf '%sn'. I assume you meant: printf '%s\n' (backslash n in case anything gets stripped by Mastodon). Shall I adjust it accordingly?

Listening to the "This Week in Microbiology" podcast. They are discussing how Porphyromonas gingivalis, a bacterium that causes gum disease (ginginvitis), is implicated in Alzheimer's disease. Scary if true, but it holds out some hope for prevention - and warns us to look after our dental hygiene!

@NYbill I added tags and stuff to your show 1338 yesterday. The link to JRob's blog was dead, but I was happy to find that it's available on the Internet Archive (Wayback Machine). That's a great service ๐Ÿ‘

It's odd that under Bash 5 'select' lists its elements vertically all the time whereas previously it arranged them in columns across the screen. I can't seem to control this, though you'd expect LINES and COLUMNS to influence it.

Well that's Burns Night properly celebrated with (vegetarian) haggis, neeps and tatties. I'm not Scottish so I drew the line at addressing the haggis and all that sort of stuff.

@timttmy Did you see that OggCamp 19 (oggcamp.org/) has been announced? It's in Manchester on 19/20 October. No venue announced yet though.

@clacke I was looking at the FOSDEM schedule earlier. Sadly no Perl Devroom this year, though there's a Perl stand. I've found the people on there to be very welcoming in the past. There are two Perl talks: one about parsing languages with Perl6 and one about "Perl11" a compiler that is planned to handle Perl 5 - and Perl6 in due course. Sadly, I'm not attending this year, but I'd have gone to these two talks if I had ๐Ÿ˜‰

Finally cooked Christmas dinner for the family. Son & girlfriend were visiting her parents on the day, but sadly they both got food poisoning later๐Ÿ˜ž Then I got the flu (real "kill me now, I'm coughing my lungs up" flu) and today was the first day of being semi-human again. Made a nut loaf, and other vegetarian stuff. Very good.

@NYbill By the way, I was just listening to your HPR show 2694. It got me to try "Bandit" from overthewire.org. Wow is this addictive!

I blame you ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thanks though...

Went looking to see if the lunar eclipse and "Blood Moon" could be seen here in Edinburgh but was beaten by clouds. Nice evening to be up in the Pentland Hills though.

Pretty tired after a great evening with @beni & Mrs @beni. Old as I am I suspect they might be more tired after arriving by train in the early hours of this morning and riding a lot of miles around Edinburgh! Great to see them though ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

@NYbill I'm amused that the summary for show 2591 (which I'm just listening to) is spoken as "Any Bill troubleshoots a DIY kit of Ken Fallen's". Our name pronunciation fixes only went so far ;-)

My daughter graduated with a BSc Hons. degree from the University of St Andrews this week. Just watching the YouTube recording of the ceremony - so much Latin!

@mcnalu @NYbill Andrew, just added your comment to HPR2551. Ken and I are working on a solution to the problem of espeak mangling names and handles. I have added a new field to the database and have rewritten some names so espeak gets them right. When it's eventually released it'll be "AnyBill" no more (and not "Nibble" either, and we can say goodbye to "Thel Ove Bug" too) ๐Ÿ˜‰

Last week my son and I took my old TV to the recycling centre and today I cancelled my TV licence. I have not watched TV since 2013, but rather stupidly it took me 4 years to do these two things. Still, it's done now :-)

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