(3) In the scenario where you have deleted an obsolete gpg key from your keyring, checking to see it it has gone with gpg --list-keys <dead_key_id> might be unwise because you'll get a trustdb rebuild which might be very slow.

(2) If you use gpg and someone on your keyring with two keys has merged them, you might need to delete the old key with gpg --delete-keys <key_id>
If you don't Enigmail might keep using the old 'dead' key to encrypt mail to them when you don't want it to.

(1) If you use gpg and you've been to a key signing event at some point and have a lot of keys on your keyring, running gpg --refresh-keys can take a very very long time. Also, if you haven't been managing your (bloated?) keyring regularly there'll be even more work to do.

It's a full moon and a so-called blue moon today, 18th May at 21:11 UTC, I discover. It's "an additional full moon that appears in a subdivision of a year" to quote Wikipedia. See en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_moo for details. Before finding out about this I thought the blue moon thing was just an expression. It's overcast and rainy here in Edinburgh, so nothing much to see.

My two kids, one with his partner & the other with her friend arrived in Tokyo not long ago and messaged to say they were OK. They are spending a three week holiday there, all being Japanophiles. They all did Duolingo courses on Japanese in the past year or so, so I wonder how that will help them there.

Further to Patreon's RSS feed changes, I just noticed that they changed all the guid values too. Many podcatchers use this and the URL to determine if an episode has already been seen. Looks like mine downloaded everything in the feeds last night, all overwriting the one file '1.mp3'.

Is it me or is this really really stupid?

I subscribe to two podcasts on Patreon and get a special feed from them for each. Originally the enclosures contained URLs with hex string file names. Recently they changed to everything being called 1.mp3 with a bunch of parameters following the name. I run a Bashpodder derivative and it happily strips the parameters making everything '1.mp3'. This is very very inconvenient!! Why Patreon??

@clacke I emailed you about an issue with the notes for your show 2807. Unfortunately on archive.org the notes are a mess!

Today's problem is to find and get rid of the mouse that appeared from under the bookcase last night. The cat was showing interest in the area for a while, but neither of us managed to get it. Oh the joys of cat ownership! 🐱

@theru @timttmy I have booked a room at the venue hotel. Not the cheapest, but not too bad. It's about a 6-minute walk from Manchester Piccadilly. Ken Fallon will be at OggCamp too this year

I hear the venue for this year's OggCamp 19/20 October is decided. It's the Pendulum Hotel pendulumhotel.co.uk

It's a pleasant spring day in Scotland. This morning's "gift" from the cat was a sparrow I managed to take from her quickly. I could feel its heart beating and its very rapid breathing. Managed to distract the ferocious feline and let the sparrow fly away. Living with a cat is interesting.

When I set up a bird feeder in my back garden I didn't consider that I'd also be feeding the predatory birds. Just watching a male Sparrowhawk plucking, then eating, a victim.


@claudiom Regarding your show 2783 and the fact the backslashes were removed from the notes. I have just emailed you about it.

@clacke Doh! I just saw your Gitlab notes, and realised the answer was "yes!". Fixed - awaiting Ken's ministrations.

@clacke Thanks for the show. Your examples 6 and 7 contain: printf '%sn'. I assume you meant: printf '%s\n' (backslash n in case anything gets stripped by Mastodon). Shall I adjust it accordingly?

Listening to the "This Week in Microbiology" podcast. They are discussing how Porphyromonas gingivalis, a bacterium that causes gum disease (ginginvitis), is implicated in Alzheimer's disease. Scary if true, but it holds out some hope for prevention - and warns us to look after our dental hygiene!

@NYbill I added tags and stuff to your show 1338 yesterday. The link to JRob's blog was dead, but I was happy to find that it's available on the Internet Archive (Wayback Machine). That's a great service 👍

It's odd that under Bash 5 'select' lists its elements vertically all the time whereas previously it arranged them in columns across the screen. I can't seem to control this, though you'd expect LINES and COLUMNS to influence it.

Well that's Burns Night properly celebrated with (vegetarian) haggis, neeps and tatties. I'm not Scottish so I drew the line at addressing the haggis and all that sort of stuff.

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