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Dave Morriss @perloid@mastodon.sdf.org

@NYbill I'm amused that the summary for show 2591 (which I'm just listening to) is spoken as "Any Bill troubleshoots a DIY kit of Ken Fallen's". Our name pronunciation fixes only went so far ;-)

My daughter graduated with a BSc Hons. degree from the University of St Andrews this week. Just watching the YouTube recording of the ceremony - so much Latin!

@mcnalu @NYbill Andrew, just added your comment to HPR2551. Ken and I are working on a solution to the problem of espeak mangling names and handles. I have added a new field to the database and have rewritten some names so espeak gets them right. When it's eventually released it'll be "AnyBill" no more (and not "Nibble" either, and we can say goodbye to "Thel Ove Bug" too) 😉

Been debugging my keyboard this evening, trying to find out why the F10 key wasn't working:

Last week my son and I took my old TV to the recycling centre and today I cancelled my TV licence. I have not watched TV since 2013, but rather stupidly it took me 4 years to do these two things. Still, it's done now :-)

@mcnalu Hi there! Since quitter.se is so flaky at the moment I'm using Mastodon on SDF in the meantime.

@NYbill Decided to have a look at Mastodon on SDF, to see if I like it :-)