@elmussol By the by, I think that mail to you from the HPR mailing list is bouncing. Local delivery agent failure

@clacke You wouldn't happen to be going to FOSDEM 2020 would you? We're running a "Free Culture Podcasts" stand on the Sunday.
[Hope this address is correct! Had a "senior moment" sending this earlier]

Levelled up by achieving septuagenarian status today. On my way to the octogenarian level next if all goes well 😂

Cooked a vegetarian haggis tonight for dinner for my daughter and I. Not a brand I'd seen before "Simon Howie", but I thought it tasted pretty good.
Reading the ingredient list (afterwards) I notice it contains *palm oil*, a well-known Scottish product.
I feel like a jungle burner and orang-utan murderer now 😭

First Friday of November: it's Fountain Pen Day! Get out that pen and write!!

@timttmy Hey Marshall. It was good to hang out over the weekend. I really enjoyed OggCamp!

If you need any suggestions on using PostgreSQL with your Pleroma instance then don't hesitate to let me know.

On the Transpennine Express to Edinburgh from Manchester

It was reported to be the hottest day on record in Edinburgh yesterday: 31 centigrade. It has cooled a lot today, around 24 degrees here, and tomorrow rain (possibly heavy) is forecast and it'll be cooler still.

Just tried that site and got the following message when trying to get a return booking:
"Your inbound date is too far in the future. Timetables and advance fares may not be available."
So you probably booked in the best way!

My RPi4B (4GB) is above me, on a shelf, fixed to a DIN rail. It has the Pimoroni fan shim fitted to it. I just ran a benchmark on it with sysbench and watched the temperature. Started at 37°C, and after 7 iterations reached 52°C max. Ambient temp is around 21°C here today (Edinburgh, Scotland).
Slightly cooler results than the same tests on this YT video: youtube.com/watch?v=AVfvhEJ9XD

Quite warm here and humid. Then a massive rain shower, with hail. Scottish weather 😉

Saw the RPi 4B was out and went to the two online stores I usually use. Store 1 had sold out of the 4GB one, and so had store 2. Clicked the 'Notify me' link on both and within 30 minutes store 2 had emailed back. So I ordered a 4GB 4B (with 3amp PSU), and a while later got a confirmation that it's been shipped!!
I'll be running this one off an SSD with no SD card. I just set up a 3B+ to do it and it's looking good.

Took 6 hours 20 minutes. It's in ABS, which may be why it took so long.

A certain young doctor-in-training that I know (my son's gf) is printing half a human heart on my 3D printer today. Nearly finished at around 6 hours! Still, the other half with all the main vessels and valves, took about 14 hours. I don't use the printer much myself, so it's good to see it in use.

@timttmy I just requested a table for HPR at Oggcamp. Not sure exactly what is being organised but there'll be plenty of space apparently.

Also, FYI, ticket booking is open now.

That's show 16, the last in the Gnu Awk series recorded on Mumble with my long-term co-host b-yeezi. It's been an interesting journey since July 2016.

(3) In the scenario where you have deleted an obsolete gpg key from your keyring, checking to see it it has gone with gpg --list-keys <dead_key_id> might be unwise because you'll get a trustdb rebuild which might be very slow.

(2) If you use gpg and someone on your keyring with two keys has merged them, you might need to delete the old key with gpg --delete-keys <key_id>
If you don't Enigmail might keep using the old 'dead' key to encrypt mail to them when you don't want it to.

(1) If you use gpg and you've been to a key signing event at some point and have a lot of keys on your keyring, running gpg --refresh-keys can take a very very long time. Also, if you haven't been managing your (bloated?) keyring regularly there'll be even more work to do.

It's a full moon and a so-called blue moon today, 18th May at 21:11 UTC, I discover. It's "an additional full moon that appears in a subdivision of a year" to quote Wikipedia. See en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_moo for details. Before finding out about this I thought the blue moon thing was just an expression. It's overcast and rainy here in Edinburgh, so nothing much to see.

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