Fully open, FPGA based, C64/C65 compatible mobile phone.

This is a very beautiful idea.


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So, I think that nasty #Mailpile bug is now fixed. A race condition was causing Mailpile to "forget" how to find certain e-mails. Usually temporarily, but still not great.

A bunch of related bad behaviours got fixed too, and I added a tool for manually tweaking metadata. So troubleshooting nasty low-level problems should be easier in the future.

Turns out it's almost 2 months since I pushed any code. Yikes. The burnout is real.

But... yay progress!

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Don't be. You're doing valuable work and there's no need to let people stress you out for free. I set an expectation that commercial users pay me on my project's web sites now.

I might help non-paying users, because they found interesting bugs, or there's money left over from paying users, or because I'm feeling nice, but I don't have to—my time is valuable, and I don't owe random consumers of my work anything.

It is capable of handling 500 transactions per second and you don't need to run your own client.

You can test it here: ignis.thematter.io

Alex and Barry has launched their ZKSnark-based scaling solution for Ethereum on a testnet! Good job, TheMatter team!

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"A Cortex M0 fits in the space of two transistors of an 80s CPU…" #35C3

Great talk on upload filters. Copyright laws are often used to censor political speech.

Great points on copyright on music.


My take: We need to disintermediate process of moving money from consumers / patrons to creators. Multitudes of models are possible. Flattr 2.0 sans censorship possibility anyone?

Masha Gessen: "Democratic institutions are not designed for bad faith actors" 🤦‍♂️

Oldie but goodie! Bret Weinsteain on Joe Rogan podcast #1055. Game A vs game B is an interesting concept!


Props on engaging those two racists. "Racism is discrimination + institutional power" is a hell of a drug.

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