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First radio show ever!! thanks, @SDF more to come! It was epic (for me) you can re-listen here:

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today is ferahfeza chronicles day! 1600 utc @ anonradio.net

have you ever heard of artists necdet yaşar and niyazi sayın? they're one of the best duos in turkish classical music performance world. we will listen their finest records in this episode.

we will talk more about the gracious instrument tambur's properties.

i've been practising tambur for the last hour. i'm feeling good today. so let's make this episode a fruitful one with your attendance!

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Freshmaker jazz show on #aNONradio at 0000 UTC tonight. This time: music for lovers, haters, or anyone in a sentimental mood. Standards, classics, ballads, and such. Mellow.

And don't forget @peef 's Myocyte immediately following at 0100 for explorations in experimental/electronic space, plus more fun with open VOIP lines and guest DJs on open mic into the (north American) night.

aNONradio is brought to you by @SDF

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Coming up next on #Tilderadio ! ✌️👽

0100 UTC - MYOCYTE with DJ ffog @peef #live #music #set tonite DJ ffog will have a guest DJ -- DJ tommoody 👏👏👏 -- coming up next in about 41 minutes!

0830 UTC - DJ KATE'S TALES FROM THE CRATES with @dj_kate beautiful music from the #50s #60s #70s

0900 UTC - DJ KYOKO TIME with @dj_kyoko #punkrock #noise #Jpop #Jrock #hiphop #international #Godzilla #ゴジラ #comedy

To find out different ways to tune in to our shows go to:


Chat with us on #IRC during the live shows! Interact with the DJ and other listeners:

tilde.chat ✌️✌️✌️

Tune in :: ) streaming my weekly dj show in 20min --- 8PM central / 01:00 UTC --- Myocyte --- on aNONradio.net/ and tilderadio.org/

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@peef #nostalgia #win95 #crackCD #90s hahaha say hello to Snake Pliskin and Rowdy Roddy Piper 🤪🤪 LOL

... so this is just a list of programs that are included in the crack CD... some i wroote the serial numbers ... most likely Snake Pliskin gave them to me verbally to write down 🤪 LOL this is hilarious 🤣

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"Exiting Modernity" by Meta-Nomad available as pdf, or to read online.


@ella_kane@hackers.town thanks for the awesome event :)

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jasmaz has setup the SDF booth at in elmhurst illinois just outside of . you can dial a vintage 929-299-1279 or ssh 3b2@sdf.org to login to our original @twylo

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