1985 AT&T Desk Phone connedted to SDF VoIP via a splitter from the obihai obi100.

So now i have the wall phone and 2 extensions connected.

Putting my old phones to good use with the help of SDF VoIP.

This is mid 80's touch tone phone that's connedted to SDF VoIP via an obihai obi100.

I think i am going to quit com for a while. Maybe i will start doing a little more with mastodon.

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Please tune in to the Intergalactic Wasabi Mix with me, snowdusk, on aNONradio.net from 01:00-02:00 UTC/9-10PM EDT/6-7PM PDT! πŸ™ Fellow SDF members @Ricardus and @xmanmonk will be my guests tonite! πŸŽ™οΈβœ¨ I will be playing wonderful tunes personally chosen by them! 🎹🎢 Here's how to tune in πŸ‘‰ anonradio.net/listen OR simply click this link πŸ‘‰ anonradio.net:8000/anonradio PLEASE DON'T MISS THE SHOW!! πŸ’ƒπŸ•ΊπŸŽΆ

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Hello Fediverse! I will be livestreaming on aNONradio in about 40 minutes! Pls tune in if your ears are free! ✌️ 01:00-02:00 UTC/GMT / 9-10PM EDT / 6-7PM PDT πŸ‘ΎπŸŽΆ Here's how to tune in πŸ‘‰ anonradio.net/listen OR you can click this link πŸ‘‰ anonradio.net:8000/anonradio See ya! πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»β€οΈ

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Archive and track list are up on the web here; https://anonradio.net/2018/10/27/low-wire-07-20181027/ and in gopherspace on baud.baby - thank you so much to everyone who listened! Long live underground radio! #LOWWIRE #aNONradio #tilderadio
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The Dubious Goals Committee with tob featured a "tribal" Filipino band called "Kadangyan" earlier. He rlly loves the 'improvised' stringed instrument used by the lead. Tob has been talking abt musical instruments, even making his own out of tin cans, cigar boxes, etc. Here's the video of the band tob featured tday: youtu.be/uVR6-ULhZQE The Dubious Goals Committee w/ tob livestreams everyday frm 19:30-20:00 UTC on aNONradio.net πŸ“»πŸŽ΅ Listen to the recording from anonradio.net/archives

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Got my outbound-call-to-PSTN working! Tried calling my home number and my name popped out! This made me so happy 😁😁

ARPA membership level on SDF wld give you a free VoIP extension so you cld call any member's ext for free. For 15USD/quarter you get:

- Allows for calls into the global PSTN
- Flat unmetered service - no minutes, no overage
- Calls from the PSTN via SDF DID 1+206-299-2120
- Personal (360) or (425) DID for an add'l $9/quarter

Thank you @SDF !!


A very special message to the firefighter who was caught setting the California wildfires:

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OK, Hell just froze over:


"If you can't beat them, join them" -- American saying.

"Mon Dieu, préservez-moi de mes amis, mes ennemis je m'en charge !" -- vieux proverbe français.

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Should I show you guys the alebrije pikachu sketch I made? I guess I should???

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called into 1088 / OpenVoIP a few times from this.

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You can now interact with the live DJ and listeners via Kiwi IRC applet from the aNONradio.net homepage (anonradio.net)! It connects you straight to the anonradio channel on irc.sdf.org IRC server... a separate 'chat' page has also been added to the site πŸ‘ this is good for listeners who do not really want to run an irc software while listening to anonradio)



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I can't wait until the SDF crew gets to face the SUPERCOMPUTER on CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE

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my very own electromechanical telephone switch

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okay I really bought my very own telephone stepper/relay switch. ITT and can’t wait to hook it into sdf ... plz iczer? Can you put it on aNONradio?

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Pls check out the setlist for the live Intergalactic Wasabi Mix earlier πŸ‘‰ anonradio.net/2018/10/08/inter If you missed the show please listen to the audio recording from the archives (also on the setlist) ✌️ Thank you again for tuning in and for chatting with us on 'com'! πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»β€οΈπŸ‘©β€πŸ’»πŸŽΆπŸ€‘ Please tune in again tomorrow at 9PM EDT/6PM PDT! 🌈✨

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THANK YOU ALL for tuning in! πŸ™ Now it's time for aNONradio.net's OpenVoIP!! πŸ“žπŸ€‘ for instructions pls go to anonradio.net/openmic

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