I am quite happy with this setup. I just need to get a C128 down here and I'll be good....


Well... you could use a shelf or two and perhaps a KVM?
But I like it! - Got a dot matrix printer too?

@randynose once i'm in my new place, I should have a small area to set up my mini retro-shrine. 😁 @paradroyd

@claudiom @paradroyd
I've got a whole basement to work with, but haven't had the time or money to really put one together. - And if I did, I really wouldn't have the time to fiddle with all of it. - I've got a desk setup with Raspberry Pi's that I've not had time to really mess with.

@claudiom @paradroyd

But I look forward to seeing what you do. - I know you'd be able to make a Walk-In Closet look good.

@claudiom @paradroyd

Yea, Florida lacks good basements and Attics... - So does California.

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