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On the web, you can do other stuff while reading an article. On a BBS, get distracted and it will kick your ass off!

Then there's this one..This is probably my favorite Pacman clone of all. Deluxe Pacman, on the Amiga..specifically version 1.1a.

There are later versions with several technical improvements, incuding AGA graphics, but this version is perfect, IMO.

There are people that don't like this conversion because of the cartoonishly large characters for the play field size, but to me, it's near perfection, especially in the playability department.

Calling around on the IIe tonight.

No matter what you may have heard, the Apple II does ANSI just fine, as long as you use the right terminal program.

I usually use Agate, as seen here.


Dialing out to Level 29 BBS with my TRS-80 model 100. (one-handed)

It would have looked better if I'd set the terminal window at the BBS end to 40x8 instead of 80x8.

I know better, but I'm so used to using 80 columns on Level29...


BTW, If you watch carefully, you can see my convoluted tcpser instances with all of their aliases fly by in the process list in the second video. These are serving modem emulation to several retro computers upstairs.

And then...

Logging into one of the Raspberry Pis by connecting to a LAT service being hosted there, over the LAT (Local Area Transport) protocol.

* No TCP/IP packets were harmed (or even used, for that matter) in the filming of this video.

Sorry for the shaky video. Using my phone to record while typing one-handed.


Meanwhile, in the dungeon...

Booting my DECserver 200/MC from one of the Raspberry Pis, while watching from the Amiga 2000 (Running Term), then running a short port test.


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@retrocomputing is great, and so is - use them both! And don't forget to sign up at
too. You'll be in excellent company.

BBSing with the TI99/4A tonight.

This was my first computer. It's been with me since I picked it up on closeout at K-Mart for $25. I got it new, the box, sometime in early 1984.

There aren't many other things I've ever owned that I've gotten this much mileage out of for near that price.

It's been augmented quite a bit in recent years.

It has an upgraded F18A video processor, which among other things, gives it VGA out and the ability to do perfect 80 column ANSI.

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Here's a flow chart of how the fediverse works.

You don't ever see all of the fediverse from one instance. The vast majority of what you see is people followed by people on your instance.

Hashtag searches are limited to that, too.

So if you want to make your bit of the fediverse good, you have to:

1) Boost cool stuff to all your followers on other instances, especially if they contain hashtags;

2) Use hashtags.

#mastodon #meta #FAQ

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