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I am quite happy with this setup. I just need to get a C128 down here and I'll be good....

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On the web, you can do other stuff while reading an article. On a BBS, get distracted and it will kick your ass off!

Sliding some partitions around on a multi-boot 1TB USB ssd to more efficiently use the space.

This is going to take a while...

Fresh from Spain..a couple of SD2Parallels for (along with a questionable bottle opener).

BBSing with the Mega ST2 in HiRes Mono last night. Really love the way the fonts render on the SM124 (though I need to make some scan size adjustments on it).

As seen at Gateway Electronics earlier today.
I might have to go back and pick this up this week.

It was kind of close to closing time when I saw it and I didn't want to be "that guy"

The service manual for these Sony PVM-8220s arrived from an Ebay seller yesterday. It's in -amazing- condition!
This is a proper original service manual with all of the foldouts that's obviously been well taken care of!

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I'm going to put the one that's fully working on my Atari 800XL and Ultimate 64.

I've ordered a service manual for them so that I can hopefully fix the other one.

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These things each have two separate selectable channels with pass-thru, among other things...

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Picked up a couple of Sony Trinitron PVM-8220s cheaply.

One seems to work fine, the other looks like it's missing a knob and has no color in the picture, regardless of adjustments.

The pictures look nearly perfect in person, but didn't photograph well. Testing with the DTV...

Tmux running inside Terminology on the Pinebook Pro. One tabbed interface inside of another, and it's actually usable.

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