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On the web, you can do other stuff while reading an article. On a BBS, get distracted and it will kick your ass off!

Playing around with the BBC Micro core on the MISTer FPGA. interesting pseudo-3D take on Pacman with a couple of twists.

The Sword of Ianna. A modern ZX Spectrum game from Retroworks, also available for MX2.
Playing it on the MISTer in the ZX core in +3 mode (it's actually a 128 game). Plays perfectly with full joystick support!

Seen at Gateway Electronics this weekend. If I'd had any machines with ISA bus I would have picked this up on the spot.
I'm still thinking about going back this week and picking it up anyway.

Steps to be able to BBS from the Amiga and 486 cores on the MISTer FPGA Show more

BBSing with Procomm Plus from the 486 core on the MISTer FPGA...

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Best ASCII Games that are Insanely Good "Relive the golden era! Here are some of the best ascii games that you can play in the Linux terminal."
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Core memory shield for your Arduino. For when you want to take retro computing to the next level...

Plato Term /, Apple II version.

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OH YOUR GOD! Radiogarden is THE coolest thing I have seen! It is how this should have been!

Basically a map with all open broadcasts around the globe, you can zoom, move around and test different stations around the world, from Vladivostok to Patagonia

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Catching up on BBSing. Level 29 and Atrium BBS respectively.

Uthernet II is up and running with telnet65 on my Apple IIe...

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@snowdusk_ tooted a screen shot of a cli moon phase ap. While searching for it I found this. CLI graphicalish weather ap.
Try: curl for help.

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November 13 2018 Seattle Commodore Computer Club Meetup #6 Notes. We has some AMAZING hardware on hand, folks. Some (no joke) museum worthy stuff.

The Uthernet II Ethernet card showed up today for my Apple IIe. I just got it installed in slot 3.

The cable routing is a bit weird with the forward-facing ethernet jack, but I'm glad it has a tiny footprint, or it wouldn't fit next to the Super Serial card like this.

I should plug one of Paul's modems in there and measure it. I'd bet it draws less (no screen, etc).

Todays project, made a cable.. micro USB on one end, DB9F on the other to power my WiModem232 from the barcode reader port on my TRS-80 model 100 so that I don't always have to have an external battery hooked up to the modem.
The barcode reader port (made for an old-style light pen barcode reader) puts out a really nice 5V on pin 9 of the DB9 port.
This Wimodem232 usually draws about .05 amps,( 50mA). The port easily handles it as long as I have good batteries in the model 100.

At the antique mall last week. Ultraman was not cheap.

Bonus points for having the Science Patrol on the box.

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