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On the web, you can do other stuff while reading an article. On a BBS, get distracted and it will kick your ass off!

Calling around with Comm Term 3+.

This is what I used BITD before most boards supported ANSI or even PETSCII.

In the early days..most of the boards I called were usually running on Z80-based TRS-80s or clones, such as LOBOs, and were straight-up ASCII.

Term running on Amiga in "Interlaced Super HiRes". Looks way better in-person than this picture makes it look.

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A lot of how we use the Internet is based on sharing: memes, images, words, music, etc. The CASE Act could make doing those things—even when they’re perfectly legal to do—feel dangerous. Call Congress and tell them not pass this terrible bill.

There's a pretty decent arcade here. There's some of the modern redemption crap, but also some electronic and even a few ancient electro-mechanical arcade machines.

Modern me (as opposed to 1984-ish me, in my avatars) at the Morenet 2019 conference at the Margaritaville/Tan-Tar-a resort in mid-Missouri.
My room here has a pretty decent view from the deck.

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Twitter’s abuse of phone numbers for ad tech threatens to undermine people’s trust in the critical protection that two-factor authentication offers.

The scope also has an Ethernet port. When it's connected and gets an IP address (DHCP or static), you have some remote options.

So,earlier tonight,I was downstairs BBSing, as one does on a Thursday night, and just before I went back upstairs,I thought, " quick game of Asteriods II on the Amiga before I go up.".

It's favorite Asteroids-a-like on *any* system

You just never know how these "quick" gaming sessions are going to go.

I obliterated many rocks and enemies, and 10 levels and 856,750 points later realized that I'd gotten into the elusive "zone",and it wound up not being a quick game at all.

I used it with GZdoom, available here...

It's a simple matter of unzipping GZdoom into a directory, and "drag & dropping" the single texture file on the GZdoom executable. Instant Heretic at much more modern resolution.

Simply amazing!

This pretty much took over my night last night.

Heretic was one of my favorites BITD, and this texture pack makes it look amazing, even on today's terms.

Videos are starting to get posted from VCF Midwest.

*This is not my video*, but it features a lot of the same stuff that I had in my photo set.

Overhead view of the downstairs retro station.

Not the prettiest setup, but very fun and functional.

A good night of BBSing and gaming on the downstairs machines tonight.

In other news..the TRS-80 M4 throws a hell of an RF interference pattern at the Intellivision when they're both on.

Part of the experience.

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