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I am quite happy with this setup. I just need to get a C128 down here and I'll be good....

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On the web, you can do other stuff while reading an article. On a BBS, get distracted and it will kick your ass off!

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For peeps running @elementary Hera or any other distro which just got a 5.4.0-42 Ubuntu HWE kernel update only to find their laptop boots to a black screen - Just boot into recovery mode from Grub, enable networking, and use ubuntu-drivers install to get the latest Nvidia driver. This fixed my problem and my system boots again. for details.

@conceitedjerk Hopefully V2 (or something equivalent) actually gets made and becomes widely obtainable someday.

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@conceitedjerk I wasn't originally wild about cutting a whole in the case (I've had this TI99 since 1983), but it was totally worth it for what it can do.

The TI99/4A with F18A video processor upgrade renders 80 column ANSI quite nicely.

Programming another Sparkfun ESP module to operate as a modem for my C64.

This particular ESP8266 module has 3.3v-5V voltage levelers built-in, so it's perfect to use as a C64 modem.

The 8bitdo gamepad has nothing to do with this just happened to be sitting there.

Regarding Windows updates..
To (mis) quote Lord Vader, "I find your lack of quality control..disturbing."

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I have figured out a way to mitigate the problem without removing the update by jumping through a bunch of hoops, but it's a big PITA to fix on a bunch of machines.

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Basically, once KB4565483 is applied, making a user a member of local administrators group will no longer exempt them from the LG policy restrictions as it should.
Removing the update makes it start working normally again.

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Here's a new one that I haven't seen mentioned (and cant find a reference to) anywhere else. It appears that cumulative Windows update for July 2020 KB4565483 breaks the way local non admin-only group policy works in Windows 10 1909.

That probably works just as well. If you don't have any followers, it's not as big a deal to forward the account.

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