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As a symbol of thanks to @solderpunk for birthing Gemini I held off on putting out the last tape until I could get him the one existing physical copy, I was able to meet him at Gemini Con 2022 so, with this gesture, the project is officially done.

The final KONPEITO tape; Thank You, is now up on gemini:// and it's a really comfy one, I hope you'll enjoy it.

In the time since KONPEITO launched on Gemini the space has exploded into a really amazing and fascinating ecosystem and that's so wonderful to see, I hope KONPEITO played some small part in that.

I have two more music (well, "music") projects on the way, STREAMWEAVER and RANDOSERU, I'll keep this channel open and post a quick note at the official launch of each of those in case you are interested, otherwise you can keep up with me and my shenanigans either at gopher:// or @cat.

Lastly, I'll keep the Gemini capsule up for some time and give fair notice before I take it down but it will come down eventually. You have my heartfelt blessing to back up, mirror, archive, redistribute, share, whatever, the KONPEITO tapes. Do as you wish.

Be well.

#KONPEITO #Gemini #Geminiprotocol #LoFi #mixtape

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Institutional religion, especially churches, are rapidly declining in America and there is no lack for explanations from all sides -religious and secular explanations.

Yet, any explanation for why religions are declining must also be able to explain why virtually every secular social institution, like the boy scouts, the free masons, and the NAACP, are also declining in membership.

It's not just churches, people just don't know how to be a part of a community anymore.

So I've spent the last hour trying to debug a issue. I'm getting poor first layer adhesion with a lot of stringing, and a tendency to make blobs. I've tweaked temps and think I've got optimal settings there, but it's still bad.

I'm putting this issue to rest right now and will try again when it's less humid. It might just be my PLA is too old.

So I got two packages of bees installed in their hives at the start of the week.

The hives sit right next to each other and one package had a substantial number of dead bees in it. I don't know if the queen was also injured or if she got run off by the hive next to them, but one hive was vacant yesterday morning. The other hive appears to have picked up some of those bees.

At any rate, the hive left appears to be settling in well and is drawing comb now. They are fun to watch!

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Out-Of-Office (European)
I’m away camping for the summer. Please email back in September.

Out-Of-Office (American)
I have left the office for two hours to undergo kidney surgery, but you can reach me on my cell any time.

Today I went to finish setting up the trampoline we got second-hand for our daughter. It was missing some parts which my wife ordered, apparently spacers that secure posts to hold up the safety net.

Turns out she ordered the wrong spacers. Most trampolines use standard size bolts and spacers. Of course, ours is different and they don't work.

Rather than order new ones I've taken a 3D model of standard spacers and tweaked it. It's now. Hope I got the measurements right!

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Any folks out there interested in #Fermenting , #LactoFermentation , #PreservingFood , etc? Any other hashtags I should be looking at?

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Hi! I am a #northside #victory resident.

My main hobbies are
#classicalguitar and the ancient game #go or #baduk -- I'm 1-5k, always looking for people who want to play in person regardless of level!

At times I also do #backpacking and #pleinair #oilpainting.

By day I am a #software engineer (#python, #javascript, #c++) specializing in #embedded systems and hardware integration.

I also have 2 super-sweet orange kitties named Shadow and Tommy :blobcatsurprised: :blobcatpats:

Spring projects in full force this weekend.

Beehives are painted & ready to go out. The hut they will live in is slated to be finished building tomorrow. Bees arrive in two weeks.

Reinforced chicken coop run frame is built. Ready for fencing. New chicks are growing in our basement and we are ready to move them out.

Daughter's trampoline replacement parts have arrived, for repair.

Spring landscaping work awaits also.

I hope I haven't forgotten something.

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TIL that bees are not herbivores, but are, in fact, omnivores. They’re eating all these little microbes on pollen, which seems to be a significant source of protein for them.

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never, EVER merge your layers.

no matter how confident you are, you have not finished with that layer.

no, don't do it.

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Assembled beehives today. They'll need painting before they go out.

We're slowly planning for the spring.

My two-year old, just having finished ice cream as a reward: How about more?
Mom: We're all out, that was the last.
Daughter: How about more?
Mom: Here's the pint, see, it's empty.
Daughter: You can go to the store!

This kid is gonna be a handful later.

So my local has been running a instance that finally crapped the bed on its last update, and I'm so done with it. Every time Nextcloud upgrades it gives me grief. I'm finally moving off this service and it feels great.

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"Better a little with righteousness
than great income with injustice."
~ Proverbs 16:8 #Bible

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