Well, we found today that we have a bobcat near the property. Coop was broken into and there are no survivors. 😒

Found 4 (four!) pieces of junk mail from Comcast Business in the business mailbox today. Yes, they are all addressed to me.

You think they'd have enough sense to remove duplicates from their mailing lists.

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I always knew adding site:example.com to a search query would only show results from that site, but I didn't really think of just doing it for the TLD before today. πŸ˜…

Searching for 'climate change site:edu' will bring up results purely from .edu sites. πŸŽ“ Also useful for .gov searches, or country specific queries like .no πŸ‡³πŸ‡΄ or .co.uk πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

:bing: bing.com/search?q=climate%20ch

Oh, and he also fought off a bunch of frothing zombies for no apparent reason.

It gives me a weird sense of comfort to know that people make a living creating this kind of stuff.


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When I say bad, I mean hilariously bad. A couple days ago it was a wire-fu movie where a British colonial-era soldier drinks a potion to make him turn green like the Hulk, except it wasn't clear that he got any extra powers from it. He fought and was defeated by a Chinese acupuncturist who kung-fu kicked a broken sword tip into an acupuncture point that would make the potion avoid the soldier's heart and flow backward in his veins, paralyzing him.


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So our main TV is set up with the PlutoTV channels and lately its default when being turned on is to show Hi-Yah! - the channel that shows really bad Chinese (typically kung-fu) movies. I admit this is a guilty pleasure of mine.


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just discovered this website that has thousands of 3d scans of plants, just the preview imagery seems super useful as potential assets in various design stuff


A mouse appears to have gotten stuck behind an air vent in my office. He moves around from time to time and I can see him just sitting and looking out the vent if I get up close.

The surrounding area is wood studs and drywall, and I bet he could chew through it if he wanted to. But he doesn't. He seems quite content just peering into a world of humans.

I'm only in this office one day a week, so I hope he figures out how to leave before I'm back. I don't think mice live a week without food.

So my winter project looks to be on hold. The that I got is defunct and will have to be returned. Replacements won't come until March. Maybe I can find a project instead.

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Eternals review 

I get the mixed reviews. The movie survives on its dialogue and visual effects.

Mainly I think the problem is the source material. The Greek gods are archetypes of capricious humanity and don't offer good options for character growth. Because of that, the movie goes big on scope and loses the personal.

Even if they did Eternals as a TV series rather than a movie, I don't know if they could overcome this problem.

Incidentally, I would love to see some mechanic on a sci-fi show complain about thermal paste getting everywhere.

assembled tonight. A little soldering required to attach a jumper for the fan control, and a lot of cable wiggling to ensure the case fits together properly. The case is metal so overall it feels like a solid brick when assembled.

(The camera on my laptop is horrible, hopefully the pictures came through.)

I'm having an anatomy nerd moment so I'm going to drop this:

The alar fascia is an interesting structure when it comes to neck pain. Neck pain isn't always from the spine or posterior muscles. I see a non-trivial amount of patients where the alar fascia is involved and it's oft overlooked. Those with cervical misalignment & rounded upper chests seem to be most prone.

If you think that's you, don't work this area yourself. It's dangerous. Get a professional to do it.

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... the soft rasping
of the beech who cling
to their leaves and sing
through dark nights ..

-- Chelsea Steinauer-Scudder, Language in Winter

Leaning in to listen in
to dry, dusty leaves,
rustling in starlight,
in moonlight,
all of us clinging
to the rootedness of trees

Hear this serenade in time,
the wind, a mallet,
gently striking out cadence
as it's calling out rhyme

inspired by Writing the Land poems writingtheland.org/poems

So I ordered my back in May. I think they either couldn't get the parts or it was stuck in some shipping container, but it finally arrived this past week.

That means this winter will be projects. I enjoy my but the thing is rather deaf.

So many days later and with much less fuss I finally got to work with by installing Perhaps not the best solution (as this is a local installation, and not accessible everywhere) but it works.

@mattj@mastodon.technology You can see my other subtoot for context. The error is 'ValueError: Namespace Soup not available for version 2.4'

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@debacle@framapiaf.org I'm running OpenSUSE tumbleweed, so it's quite possible this is a library mismatch due to a rolling distribution. Any invocation of gajim gives 'ValueError: Namespace Soup not available for version 2.4'

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I've spent the better part of two evenings trying to get working in , and finally gave up and installed gajim, only to have that client error out on starting. Peeps, this is why generic never took off.

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