i need more mathematician friends on mastodon. can you boost this for visibility, please?

@jens ah, didn't know about mathstodon instance. sounds interesting.

@oneofvalts @jens Nor did I, but now I'm following a couple of Mathstodon members.

I should really review the instances. I've been here a while and, although I don't want to leave this one, I might want to branch out.

@tommy greetings! i wasn't actually expecting this much exposure this fast. but i guess it's nice. definitely exciting!

it doesn't write in my bio, so i should probably note, i'm a mathematics student in galatasaray university.

@jmw150 @oneofvalts Friendless¹ mathematician thread!

¹: "friendless" is defined as having insufficiently many friends, i.e. ∃n : ℕ, ∑_{friend} 1 < n

@patrick actually discovered today, by the redirection of an early reply to this post. thank you!

i should definitely dive in there.

@oneofvalts I understand this feeling. Unfortunately the fediverse is mainly focused on few specific topics. I won't get into which these topics are, it should be self-evident. As a mathematician, you may still have more luck than somebody like me, or let's say, someone interested in continental phylosophy :P.

@encelado :D you should meet my friends from philosophy department. though, they should join mastodon first.

but i got your point, yes, it looks a bit intricate.

I'm not weird 


I'm not a mathematician, but sometimes when I have free time I do stats and algebra.

(It's difficult when I shower because notes disappear too quicly on the glass panel...)

I'm not weird 

@nartagnan maybe take a marker with you? :)

In addition:

Discover users based on their interests

@oneofvalts Mathematician may be putting it strongly, and my profile is more political, but I know a thing or two about math.

@oneofvalts hey, I'm currently in my second semester of mathematics :-)

@oneofvalts I don't consider myself (yet) a proper mathematician but I'm interested on them and I'm starting to learn more. I'm especially interested in theoretical CS, mathematical logic, proofs and and proof assistants (I like proofs). I don't post many math related content but it's because I don't have many mathematical friends here (but I want them too!)

@oneofvalts i am 1 mathematician 👍

(algebra, representation theory, geometry, some algebraic geometry, and obviously i am interested in category theory, but i ain't no expert by any stretch)

@oneofvalts should we boost it exponentially or you are fine even with a logarithmic growth? 😅

@gubi i wasn't expecting this at all. i was fine with log log ahaha

sarcasm: alternative approach 

@oneofvalts, I think that you are doing this wrong. Here's a #tutorial from the '60 on how to get #popular among #mathematicians:

Tom Lehrer's live performance of "Lobachevsky"

sarcasm: alternative approach 

@walter this is hilarious :D

hey, thanks for your question - I found many interesting things in the replies to it !

@oneofvalts I did my undergrad degree in math and wrote my biology PhD thesis in LaTeX, does that count? 😄

But as others said, check out,, and They might have a higher density of math people than other instances

@oneofvalts Great thread!

I am not a mathematician (though I was deeply into baseball stats as a kid and like math in school). Been thinking recently that I need to diversify and expand my Mastodon following, so I am looking at profiles of most people here and following many of you.

If I haven't followed it is likely because you don't toot in English, at least occasionally, or are on an instance that makes following difficult; but it's likely I've bookmarked your profile to consider later.

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