i'm not sure, but i think something very interesting going on at the end of the record in the previous post: hafız kemal bey unexpectedly shouts "yaşa!" and someone around probably finds it a little loud. then perse who probably is not fluent in turkish says "ne bağırıyor yahu?" in a weird intonation. and someone completely different says "ne biliyim anlamadım".

an absolute easter egg.

taking the previous post for example, the specified makam is neva, the performer is hafız kemal bey and you can actually hear the beforementioned words are used to complete the melodic sentences. here is the lyrics used to improvise on, in this record:

feryad idiyor bir gül içün bülbül-i şeyda
mecnun'u gönül zencirine bağladı leyla
her zerrede bin aşk eseri oldu hüveyda
sevmekle sevilmek ezeli maksad-ı aksa
kanun-u mehabbet idiyor hükmünü icra

aman, yar ey, dil ey, medet: half non-sense half profondly meaningful words to fill the potential gaps and drive the melody of this form called gazel where you improvise vocally in a specified makam.

that is the most undignified and derogatory handwriting i have ever seen in my life.

elaborating my previous post, your terminal initializes some variables like COLUMNS, LINES; the geometry of your terminal. with LINES, one can cast a nice command to do the before said:
`pr -l$((LINES-1)) filename | less`
this assumes you have tmux open, if it is not, then do not subtract one from LINES. to update the LINES variable after changing the font size, use the `resize` command. for further information, check the manpage. one can add margin with `-o`, for example.

i've discovered the gnu 'pr' binary in my system a few days ago. it says it prepares text files for printing. interesting thing: if you give page length parameter the number of available lines of your terminal, and then pipe the output to 'less', the terminal becomes a very simple book viewer.

started to read the book "proof theory, the first step into impredicativity" by wolfram pohlers. the book starts with a definition of primitive recursive functions. i've began to understand some parts of it.

this channel is compiling the works of çekiç ali, an artist from kırşehir. according to the existing information, perse thinks there only a few known songs left to discover. though, the subject is niche and wild, and therefore is nontrivial to study.

why do even capital letters exist? ThEy'Re UgLy and Obfuscating.

In 2001 I created my shell account on sdf.lonestar.org. 20 years later, back to where it started :)

hey, i'm abdullah, a mathematics student at the only francophone university in turkey. i've been using unix-like systems since 2015 and i adore typesetting (especially in tex).

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