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i'm looking for a job.

i'm a mathematics student at galatasaray university in turkey. i've discovered latex typesetting system ~4 years ago. in that time period, i've written my lecture notes, real-time. i've learned about plotting and drawing with tkz-euclid and tikz.

if you are in need of someone to type a thesis, an homework; to draw and produce graphics, plots, etc. please contact me, i'm open to communication and i'll inform if i'm able to get the job done.

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especially the page for teaching is of interest. i explain there what i can teach, what my aesthetic concerns in teaching material are.

it's also an exposition. i've converted specific parts of materials i've written, to svg, and put there. it's not finished yet, that is, i'll add more.

if you are interested in subjects i've mentioned in the page, i've put various communication channels to the about page, please contact me.

i will attend to ferahfeza chronicles today, with my friend göksu. but be informed, i have a *big* surprise. inform everyone you know for the show today! tune in at 1600 utc.

let's tag @claudiom @rat @gef

tambur improvisation in openmic today. we are interested in the mode "ırak".

and i have ideas to share about melodic development and harmony.

point your media player to ""

last night i've sat down and tried to write down the notes of mesud cemil bey's improvisation in müstear mode. finished the first 27 seconds of it. i love it, it is ingenious.

learnt lots of things in lilypond and music sheets in general.

please reflect your opinions, i want to know more about this. for example, i still don't quite understand why lilypond never did any beaming in this snippet.

@matthieu This also affects me on Arch Linux, thanks for the reference why that happened :)

If you're running #OpenBSD current, today's snapshot includes the X updates that may affect the way the X server computes the resolution of the screens. Details there :

TL;DR: use

xrandr --dpi 96

to revert to previous behaviour if the fonts get too small or to large.

poor vimmers emacsclient 


# It doesn't do the cursor in different places, but there..

FNAME="$(realpath $1)"
SNAME="o:$(echo "$FNAME" | tr / :)"

if screen -x "$SNAME" ; then
echo used screen "$SNAME"
echo new screen "$SNAME"
screen -dmS "$SNAME"
screen -S "$SNAME" -X stuff "run(){ vim \"$FNAME\"\nexit 0;}\nrun\n"
screen -x "$SNAME"

Watch "Mark van Atten: Brouwer and the Mathematics of the Continuum" on YouTube

Firefox became so bloated, we can't ship it anymore for i386 architecture on OpenBSD because we just can't compile it :flan_shrug:

i386 can't allocate a lot of memory to a single process, and during the compilation we hit this limit.

Goodbye Firefox on i386, you used to work fine but you didn't made exercises to lose some fat as people suggested to you, you are a bit more isolated now.

This Plan9 CD was donated to SDF in the mid 1990s by aaron schmeidel

religious people are mocked when they say "atheism is a religion too" but what they mean is "materialism is a worldview just like religion" and they are right. what they are wrong about is, there is one true worldview. atheists are wrong about that too. worldviews (there are only six of them) complement each other and we should change them as frequently as necessary [the necessity here should be defined well]

have you noticed how sketchy this article is? there is a reason for that. relationship is a taboo in all societies because it is where theory and practice meets

religions and ideologies try to impose a single kind of relationship on people, the one that conforms to their -respective- theory. philosophers don't touch the topic (of relationships) because they have given up practice due to the trauma caused by socrates's death.
science? 😂

ı'm gonna write a book about it

what kind of a person hosts a site on cloudflare? ı'm an expert on worldviews but ı can't understand the worldview of those people 🤔

Hello friends—

My name is Haden Staab. I am a lover of simple technologies and modest living.

Since the pandemic has started, I’ve been working primarily on building insulated concrete homes in the United States. I also deeply enjoy learning about topics related to computing, design, and history.

Currently, I’m practicing woodworking / furniture building and remodeling a tiny brick home with my wife and 1 yr old son.

Excited to meet you all!


ferahfeza chronicles, today, 1600 utc, live from istanbul.

i'm interested in three modes this week:

- hüseyni
- suzidil
- kürdilihicazkar

if you have vlc media player, tune in with:


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