more SECRETS that mathematicians don't want YOU to KNOW:
* generalization was invented by Nicolas Bourbaki. it was named in honour of his grandfather, General Charles-Denis Bourbaki.
* Nicolas Bourbaki also invented condensed milk, singular they and the symbol "="
* the only prime number divisible by 3 and 19 is 57
* category theory doesn't mean anything, it was invented solely to generate cool looking drawings (e.g. when having your photo taken in front of a blackboard)

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SECRETS that mathematicians don't want YOU to KNOW:
* nobody actually knows what a "set" is but everyone is too scared to admit it
* "quantum computing" is latin for "trying all possibilities at the same time"
* Gauß was a time traveller, Euler stole proofs from aliens, Erdős just did tons of drugs
* all of mathematics is basically a competition who can name the largest number. if your record stands for 1 month you get a "conjecture", for 1 year a 'theorem"

Only after reading 2 editions of Lisp machine manuals and half a Forth book before I realized that the reason C did not have an IDE (in the way that old LISP or FORTH did) is that, essentially, Unix is that IDE.

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Im seriously having second thoughts of opening this one up. (( for my new Sun Ultra 60 workstation with Solaris 10 1/13 ))

Sun Type 5 Keyboard ans Mouse & Accessories NOS

DOM: 1st of April 1994

Finally at home and listening to your archive from anonradio! :-)
It's not quite 6am here. Great way to start my first day back at work!

Thanks all from the for tuning in on @tilderadio! Repeat episode tomorrow on @SDF (Sunday 0000 UTC)! Good night!

On this day in 1987 SDF received its first caller at 300 baud.

Happy 34 Years to SDF! 🎂

I am now @guofu!! I reserved a time slot on @SDF . Sunday at 0000 UTC. guofu's copacetic hour. The first will be dedicated to the late great bassist Israel "Cachao" Lopez. I may add another hour a week or broadcast reruns to @tilderadio

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13600 devirle yarışa başlıyorum, umrumda da değil.

bugün deimos'da altı bin üç yüz elli sekizinci yaşıma girdim. bkz:

numan yüksel: draft, redraft and redraft again!

i have plans to share sound records of me explaining my conception of aesthetics in poem by means of a non-exhaustive list of syntactic & semantic elements. the source of those elements will hopefully my own poems and therefore i'll use them as examples.

i have a few questions about learning. i bought a stringed instrument called tambur, a few months ago. without a teacher i studied up to now.
- do you think there is a wrong way to play & learn to play an instrument? if so, is it easy to rectify the mislearned methods?
- i have no particular reason to learn with or without a teacher. do you think it is crucial to have a teacher? or the other way around, do you think there is indispensable elements of self-learning?

Watch "meAK1 - Muharrem Ertaş - Deniz dalgasız olmaz (Suda balık oynuyor, 2) " on YouTube

@SDF made me realize my server has been doing nothing other than hosting my blog, for almost a year. oh machine, little machine! i'm gonna overwhelm you. i have to go to sleep now, though.

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