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i'm looking for a job.

i'm a mathematics student at galatasaray university in turkey. i've discovered latex typesetting system ~4 years ago. in that time period, i've written my lecture notes, real-time. i've learned about plotting and drawing with tkz-euclid and tikz.

if you are in need of someone to type a thesis, an homework; to draw and produce graphics, plots, etc. please contact me, i'm open to communication and i'll inform if i'm able to get the job done.

this record was partially existent, now it is uncovered wholly:
again, unbelievably beautiful renditions.

Doing a bit of woodworking - making a stand for some #fountainPens 'cuz I'm not happy with what I've currently got.

I 3D printed a little pod (shown) that holds four, but I have more than that and the holes in that one are too pen-specific.

My new design is wood, based on test-tube style stands and will hold 10 with flexible position.

look what i've discovered while i was preparing breakfast this morning:

the interesting part is that he implemented this sound on tambur, a nonelectric instrument. i wonder what was the distinct qualities of his tambur, or the recording equipment, if it's the reason of that eccentric sound i hear from the records.

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a note: as my friend numan have pointed and shared with me, this guy plays tambur in such an eccentric way. to be precise, he plays it like an electric guitar which had not been invented at the time. of course, his starting point was probably the classic guitar and the viola, because we know that he was also a viola virtuoso. nevertheless, if i'm not hugely mistaken by the warm tone of the old plaque records, then i can say that he, almost a century ago, thought of modern electric guitar sound.

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How long does it take to do a mail merge for 2800ish emails? Find out at 2000 UTC today on aNONradio by listening to FLUX.

strange, i can't ssh to right now, nor can i visit website.

I have no idea how this thing gives this accurate result without memory overflow. For desktop computers only a few CAS program can do this.

installed lsp-mode on my doom-emacs. it looks promising.

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