Today I will be mostly installing RHEL on a Dell Poweredge T340

So only been back working for a month and I'm already welcoming a break!! Good thing I'm done for Christmas now 🙌

I know I’ve not been around for a while but, Good Morning

Trying A Overnight Oats Recipe for a working weekday breakfast I can either eat on the train or have quickly at home before leaving for work. This one comes courtesy of MyFitnessPal

Another advantage to cooking from scratch is batch cooking, I now have most of my main meals covered for the week. This helped back in the day, when cooking from scratch during the week wasn’t always achievable due to time.

So I started cooking meals from scratch again this week as part of my get my shit straight life changes. Forgotten how satisfying it is and a little therapeutic at the same time, plus I’ve taken back control of what I’m putting in my body.

So I have been discharged from hospital and been referred to OPAT for two weeks of IV infusion to try and accelerate the healing of my leg. So obligatory Pic. Of my PIC (covered)

@ollyclarkdotorg Ouch. "shin pedal interfaces" Nice way to phrase it.

Good Morning spent the morning at the a Doctors Surgery pulling teeth now

@tpheine o> that was moving offices day at work. It turned into a long day, but we got critical systems up first, so once we got the big displays up we put Cricinfo on the the third one so we could follow the Ashes test :)

So did I say the weather was good today, well perhaps till 15:00 anyway just had a massive thunderstorm with some impressive fork lightning.

Good Morning waiting for the District Nurse then hopefully get out and enjoy this lovely day.

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