Found my old Pocket CHIP a few days back while unpacking. What kind of things can these be used for these days?

I’ve missed that tiny window of when I have enough money to buy all the LEGO I want and the time to actually put them together.

In the new house for a few months now. I’m quite confident not a single door can actually be completely closed.

The child has advanced from DUPLO to LEGO. Time to start sharing sets I suppose.

How is it that I'm already out of space and haven't even unpacked yet?

Man, I really don't understand the rationale behind Mozilla suddenly deciding to ship with autoscrolling disabled by default. The only people in the world with three-button mice are almost certainly the sort of people who will use middle-button in Firefox to engage autoscroll, right? Am I crazy?

It's rather amazing the number of tasks a child will determine must be completed in an attempt to avoid going to sleep.

Reviving my personal homepage, I’m sure *this* time will be different XD

Time to start obsessively watching for the delivery truck. First time doing an all-remote onboarding, so this should be an interesting day.

MetaArray IV "Side B" has arrived .. ssh to help build it.

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