I have to do a presentation in two weeks, so I'm totally useless at work now

Got really stuck with a vue.js problem last night. The frustrating part was that I was clearly asking the wrong questions.

Or maybe I'll get burned when I get the bill

Taking a look at amazon's compute optimized ec2s. Compute is cheap now, I guess?

Before: not enough projects to work on. Now: TOO MANY projects. Can we average this out to a normal number of projects please?

I need to spend this year brainstorming so that I have a good idea for next November

Building a faceted display as a way to learn vue.js -- and it has made clear how difficult this would be without a js framework

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Solution to getting bored by chapters on scope? Skip past them to more interesting stuff on higher order functions

1. switch over to French (Canada) keyboard
2. forget that I've switched
3. wonder for quite a while about why none of my passwords work
4. feel dumb and switch it back

Letting my laptop churn away on some data analysis while I get other stuff done this Friday afternoon

Sometimes I see someone on the train who looks like Eugen, and I think: omg is that Eugen? But it never is.

The worst was not being able to maintain it. It made its existence even more agonizing. Good riddance

Some embarrassing code that I wrote five years ago was finally taken offline. I’m very happy about this

Did some sentiment analysis of ~5 years worth of tweets about my college. Made some charts. Used textblob, pandas and matplotlib. It was kinda fun. Hopefully the committee of data nerds will be happy.

I’m going to put version numbers on a project so that I can pretend that it’s real

I have been at the reference desk for >2 hours and have only seen one costume so far 😞

I was thinking of having a muting amnesty, where I unmute all of the people I've muted

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