I think argparse is more than I usually need. What simpler alternative should I use instead? click?

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I've implemented wtforms a bunch of times and it still confuses me

Tried setting up my pi-hole on debian wheezy but failed. I'm not too surprised or disappointed because it's an unsupported release. Will try again with stretch

I think I found a use for the Pi that has been sitting around my office: pi-hole.net/

Having better luck finding vulnerable dependencies in a timely way with github alerts than I was having with the free version of safety: pypi.org/project/safety/

Ran my collection of toots for @pourquoi bot against a corpus of modern French profanity and got no matches. Maybe I need a corpus of old-timey French profanity?

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I want to learn SPARQL and combine databases with Wikidata. Let's presume I know nothing. Where do I start? ^_^

And the maiki-promise: I'll document the finds!

I think I have to stop making bots with Project Gutenberg texts. You get some really questionable stuff when you poke that corpus.

current status: intrigued by debian stable (thanks to @art 's video)

Me, reacting to gamification:

week 1: Oooh, this is fun!


week 3: What kind of monster have I become!?

week 4: *never uses the site again*

Current strategy: ignore the near deadlines, and work on the fun stuff that's due much further out.

It may not be the best strategy, but I'm going with it.

me: nervously posts about a personal project to twitter

twitter: I'm sorry, but you have not pleased the algorithm!

me: omfg whew!

@hugh I was working on a pull request for ephemetoot and nuked my whole timeline. Oops. Will try to send a PR later today!

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