Just realized that @actuallysingular is not just making stuff up, but is responding to other bots. 😂 That's neat and I'm a bit slow.

Huh. JSTOR has 377 articles with the topic "eyebrows".

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After a longer hiatus than I really intended, SeeCollections is back online, for those of you interested in library data visualization:


Pretty pleased that I've been blogging since May 2015, and have yet to post a single photo! Maybe I should switch to gopher...

I've been staring at this code for a couple weeks and it's just too painful. I give up. Going to start a complete rewrite tomorrow.

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mastodonians: what toosl support unlocking with a hardware key? (yubikey, librem, etc)

For example: unlock encrypted partition? Log in? ssh agent?

I'll appreciate your suggestions!

I'm the last one to the party but I finally got https set up on most of my subdomains.

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parce que tant de régularité ne s'obtient que par l'absence complète d'indépendance.

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I'm still really naive about this topic, but GraphQL and RDF appeal to me for similar reasons: better communicating relationships between objects.

Learning RDF because I think it will be good for botmaking, and probably relevant for libraryland. So far a steep learning curve, but interesting

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I've been spending a lot of time learning about narrative and I still don't like it. something about insisting that there are events and that those events can be represented and relayed seems very unseemly and suspicious to me

Parfois on se demande pourquoi et il nous faut un bot pour nous offrir des réponses douteuses.


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