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PSA: duckduckgo has !-keywords that redirect searches to other sites
!w - wikipedia
!g - if you want to be a heretic
!aur - the AUR lol
!gh - github
!wa - wolfram alpha

so to search wikipedia for the article on crabs you type
!w crab

if you set ddg as yr default search you can jump to literally all of the webbed site searches with minimal keystrokes :blobcat:

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Aryeh Nirenberg has created an amazing video, which lets you feel the rotation of the earth:

Using a tracking mount aligned with North Star, he kept taking photos every 12 seconds for about 3 hours. The camera is looking at the same portion of the Milky Way.

There's got to be a better way than pyinstaller, right?

Submitted a proposal to the Code4Lib journal, so now I'll do some waiting around with impostor syndrome I guess

what I've learned as an adult: boring stuff is really interesting

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I'm looking for anyone who'd be willing to be interviewed or have a chat about their experiences of using technology in the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s as part of a #DigiPres project to document the growth and change in that time.

Please drop me a reply or DM if you're interested.

Who am I looking for? Software people, gamers, enthusiasts, fellow nerds... anyone who used and/or loved technology around the start of the PC boom and birth of the WWW around the world.

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Mettez à jour votre Firefox MAINTENANT ! En 72.0.1 si vous êtes en stable, en 68.4.1 si vous êtes en ESR.

Une faille de sécurité critique a été découverte dans le moteur Javascript, et il semble que des scripts exploitant cette faille existent déjà.

Source :

Found a cake of ripe that I'd forgotten about. Tea for the weekend!

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malware authors today don't even include ASCII art of laughing skulls in their viruses. where is their respect for the craft

Would love to go to hacker hours this weekend, but my laptop is dead. What should I do with my Sunday?

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Away from my laptop for a few days. I hope my bots don’t say anything horrible 😬

Is celery a good option for coordinating tasks across a handful of virtual machines? Can anyone point me to a useful tutorial on this? I keep looking at the same few docs and stackoverflow questions over and over.

Had a really good idea for a bot in a dream last night, but now can't remember it at all. You all are spared from some of my stupidities I guess.

I'm working on a project that I really dislike, but that my co-workers like, so unfortunately I can't give up on it

so the result is that I abandoned sshing into my Google vms via the browser altogether. It was convenient but really not ok. Got up and running with the Google Cloud SDK instead

It's a bit insane that to use the browser-based SSH in GCE you need to open SSH connections to basically any Google IP. And the default SSH access is Wot?!topi

I just applied for a whole bunch more credits. Will they give them to me? Who knows! 🤷‍♂️

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