I thought this paper sucked, but it came back with "minor revisions". I guess I have no idea what makes a good paper...

Typed :wq in Outlook. Not sure what I was expecting to happen

I was offline for eight days. It was nice, but I'm glad to be back.

ok, the patch has arrived. Waiting was the right choice.

so far my approach has been to take it offline and wait

What do you do when a project has a vulnerable dependency and a fix is not forthcoming? Not sure what my options are...

I'd be glad to follow the rate limit rules of your API; just tell me what the they are ffs.

tfw you venture a ways into python and start to worry about things like evil pickle

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parce que le néant de la vie vous apparaît terrible, parce qu'on en vient à se dire: «Pourquoi aimer, s'il faut se quitter tout à l'heure?

Weekend goals: try to run some distributed computations using dask


Amusing that the retire.js browser plugin flags a vulnerable version of jquery on... the retire.js website.

Set aside 3 hours this afternoon to solve a problem that's been bugging me for a while. Though when I sat down to fix it, I realized I had already solved it in a previous commit

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I know that this might not be a popular opinion on my particular instance, but I would urge @SDF to block their domains when moves to Mastodon.

It's simply not a good community. I'd really not like to look at my feed and have to deal with blocking a new wave of antisemitism and white supremacists.

I've been building a tool that my co-worker depends on, so an overwhelming fear of failure has motivated me to finally learn unit testing 🤨

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