me, at my performance review: I'm really proud of these open source contributions

my boss: that's not your job


My latest enthusiasm: watching youtube videos of people drinking tea

Trying to improve an old interface built with jquery-ui. Please save me.

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> Firefox Private Network is a desktop extension that helps secure and protect your connection everywhere you use Firefox.

VPN From Mozilla

Since I quit drinking coffee, I've been drinking ~2L of tea per day. Seems normal, right?

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oops, I accidentally burned through my AWS credits

Already looking forward to Ubuntu 20.04. I'm not really sure why, but new OSes make me very happy...

Reminder: don't commit credentials, even in the early non-public stages of a project. You risk forgetting about them in your git history and then accidentally making them public later

Me: how’s work going?

My friend Yann, who works in the elevator factory: you know, it goes up, it goes down.

There's a giant bee in my office, which I think means it's time to go home

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because he seldom got drunk, and always drove cattle _slowly_.

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