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nydel @nydel

if you have a personal web log, please reply with the url!

an attempt to collect everyone’s blogs - so as to not let precious non-commercial content go unread and unnoticed - is likely the only time i’ll ever ask:

please boost this toot.

@nydel Probably SDF only? Otherwise a thousand people will be replying, I think? Or do you actually think that most people no longer have a blog?

@kensanata @nydel tbh most people who have blogs will be advertising them in their bio anyway.

Also... mine's bobstechsite.com

@kensanata if someone has a blog and this finds them then i want to bookmark their site. i kinda yes don’t think people have non-commercial logs anymore but even if i’m wrong i want as large a collection as possible.

@nydel As for your question on the format for presenting the list, I think traditionally people would prepare an OPML file. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OPML
The tricky part is that you need to write a script which visits every URL and extracts the Feed URL from the metadata (called xmlUrl in the OPML spec). Then you feed the OPML file to an aggregator such as Planet Venus and it will aggregate the blog posts from all these posts. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Planet_(

@kensanata thank you so much, you are very thoughtful and kind to help with this. i think i can hack up a commonlisp go-to of mine i usually use to make CSV from remote content by various protocol. i was unaware of OPML spec which should be much closer to what i hoped than a simple url list. i told orgmode to really start chipping at my self-esteem if i haven’t finished by thursday :) thank you again!

@nydel No worries. The reason people like OPML is that sites like Feedly or tools like newsboat allow users to import OPML files and then they are automatically subscribed to all the feeds. It's cool, and somewhat overwhelming, haha.

@nydel I still have a blog, although I haven't been writing for it as much as I used to. It's hosted on SDF and in my profile. Goes back to 2007 or so, although I halfassedly reskinned the HTML and CSS a while back and the old entries are unfortunately hard to get to. I should really fix that.

Google informed me I'm getting punished in search results due to not being mobile-friendly enough. :(

@nydel I was just thinking, it would be nice to find a good RSS reader again to track a few interesting blogs.

@TheGiant exactly! i’m going to totally redo my tinytinyrss and populate it with as much people-who-would-find-mastodon people as possible :)

@nydel @TheGiant

I so wish @blamb checks in on Mastodon once in a while and sees this!


i have one that is sometimes updated: https://i2p.rocks/blog/ mostly release announcements

@nydel I'll let you know when the round tuit that allows me to make my gopher phlog arrives. 😉

@nydel It will make a lot of URL, no? There are dozens of thousands of active accounts in the fediverse and a lot of them have a blog.

@nydel @kensanata It's updated pretty infrequently these days -- mostly when I put new music online (under CC by-SA, usually.)


thoughtsofprogress.wordpress.com/ is mine, though it's pretty specifically my politics blog - I don't really use the blog format for much else, though I should probably start doing more history blogging.

@nydel hi! i've been working on daily posts to my blog at spray.no-leverage.com (which has a crude but functional rss feed); mostly journal/memoir-type stuff.

@nydel Mine is belchion.rsp-blogs.de/ - but it is updated extremely infrequently and most posts are in German.

@nydel owlfolio.org/ and readings.owlfolio.org/ both updated less than once a month; I hope to get back to blogging more often once I graduate

@nydel balthazar.com.ar mostly gamedev, odds and ends

@nydel I have quite a few of them, most of them more or less frozen. The one I updated most recently is the-dm.oook.fr/

@nydel My old content is at undergroundeconomist.tumblr.co (use that domain instead of the custom one because a) https and b) I will eventually re-point the custom one but I will try to copy my old posts once I get my self-hosted blog set up.

I also have a bunch of old content on Facebook but I've gone back and forth with permissions so it's all friends-only now. Eventually I'll painstakingly port the suitable-for-public-consumption ones to a self-hosted blog.

@nydel Mine is mostly short-ish informal-ish generally positive-ish book reviews of mostly sci-fi and fantasy books, but with some very occasional more personal stuff mixed in. Dunno if it counts, but, if it does, it's at vlarkinanderson.com.

not shure if that counts as a blog Show more

@nydel I'm at repromancer.me

It's been frozen for a few months, but there's still some interesting stuff at my Artstation until it picks back up. ☺️

@nydel I started and stopped and going to try and start again at wilsoz.com

@nydel shore! it's not often updated but i've been better as of late fardog.io/blog

@nydel srinicame.blogspot.in the content various over many topics. I don't know whether this is the kind u are looking for.


heretothere.trubox.ca Not updated enough, but then not read much either - so it balances out just fine :)

@nydel hey, if you get a good blog list together from this thread, would you consider posting a list of links/rss you get out of it so others can bask in all this indie blogging? :)

@modgethanc absolutely yes :) that's the plan! i am surprised and delighted at the number of replies (and quality of the content, there is priceless stuff here) - i will reply to the thread with some sort of loosely-organized list (will try a url & a feed list) of them all by the end of the week!

@nydel awesome, thank you so much for taking the time to do this! I'm really pleased to see all of these posts coming through :D

@nydel engineersjourney.wordpress.com a bit of software, a bit of miniatures and very rarely some books

@nydel I use (and love) newsboat for rss on linux, btw.

@nydel Looks like you had the same idea i had last week, but you get more replys :)

mine is: copperanarchist.com






(both of these go to the same place nowadays, they used to be two separate blogs). Mostly tech/electronics projects atm (might put some more varied content on there) - although my posts about pagers are surprisingly popular though and folk from FR and HK have contacted me and successfully made use of the info I've posted! 📟

@nydel ansuz.sooke.bc.ca . But I'm not sure about your repeated emphasis on "non-commercial." That's not what I think is important about Web logs. What *is* important is not being on a centralized walled-garden site like Facebook, and many things could claim to be "non-commercial" while failing that test.

@nydel thecorpse.blogspot.com is mine. What I should do is write a blog at my website instead (dasmith.freeshell.org), but I've had this one for 15 years.

@nydel jannaosotya.com points to my blog of mostly the stuff I now post here on mastodon.

@nydel Now I feel guilty that I have a blog I don;'t update

@nydel I write about learning, life, and music here:


I'd love it to be read!

@nydel Will you be archiving this stuff at all or just reading along?

@nydel I host my own- it's mostly just my art for now, I should really be posting longer form text posts on there sometime soon.


Do I have to pick one if the whole website is a weird-formatted personal project space with blogging? Probably, so:

@nydel Not sure if it counts as personal, since I have a pretty well defined topic; nor non-commercial, since I have a Patreon attached to it.

But here's my blog: paperspencils.com/

@nydel not sure what sort of blogs you're tracking but: www.emmamaree.com is my space. I talk about the SFF books I'm reading and writing, and my adventures learning roller derby.


If it isn't too much trouble, write up a quick website that we can bookmark for easy reference with links to the blogs.

@nydel I haven't updated in a while but going to try to get back into blogging this week: jonstoler.me (or alternatively huggable.tech)

blog.tomasino.org - personal blog
labs.tomasino.org - tech blog

@nydel Information art project (my main web thing) is at interi.org, and my personal, messy blog is at maiki.blog. I feel they are about 75%/25% of my digital mind, respectively. Will you be publishing a list? Gonna freak out on your RSS reader? ^_^

My blog is Book of Jen.

You can find it at: bookofjen.net

It has blogs about video games, chronic illness, book reviews, tv and movie reviews, and photos of cockatiels.

It is also home to my "Words of Jen" podcast.


circusfreaks.org/blog is my mine. While it is a professional mouthpiece as the director of a circus, I'm largely the same person there as anywhere else.

@nydel Hmm, not sure if this qualifies as a “blog”, but I continue to write new articles for www.Demonkind.org . There’s two more I will probably be able to finish in the next week or so, and I have a half dozen early drafts to work on as well.


So many people with a blog…

Oh, me too (in French )
http://blog.namok. be

@nydel hacktivis.me/ (RSS/Atom feed will be coming when I’ll have the motivation btw)