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seems a bit cumbersome for my purposes as a command line diction tool. are there alternatives?

when Glover left in a fragile state unsure of his decision but with a burning suspicion that he could do more elsewhere (it's pretty difficult to do better than what Dan Harmon tells you to do in front of a camera in terms of having a positive influence on the world) i hoped he was right but doubted it would come together.

happily proven wrong. because of this work i'm now constantly laughing and crying on the inside. woo! i'm so pretty / etc...

kore wa amerika desu yo.

i avoid talking much yet about by Donald "Childish Gambino" Glover.

for now i just want to express my gratitude. the hysterical & poignant piece will undoubtedly be featured in music theory and sound engineering academics 50 years from now. i play it on loop over and over. the composition should not work but i am close to proving why it is a mathematical exception to several bach (four-voice chorale-derived) standards.

the video is as good as the music:


if i understand correctly, the "incels" are people who watch Adventure Time and think "you know, that Ice King is on to something."

apple is such a dick. it tells me icloud storage is near full and tries to get me to pay for more. after struggling to find a way to click thru without buying anything i see that all these pre-installed apple apps that i deleted store a bunch of shit on icloud, which i use only for device backups - & by the by, should i be responsible for the size of my device backups? either let me compress them properly myself, or fuck off with your panhandling, apple!

i accidentally fell in love with the game sunset ... is anyone else playing?

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"A writer must refuse to allow himself to be transformed into an institution, even if it takes place in the most honourable form."

Jean-Paul Sartre on his rejecting the Nobel prize.

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Good day everyone! Today I'd like about community! What makes a community welcoming to you? How do you improve your community? What does it mean to bring others into your community when they are involved in their own?

tracy morgan extended interview on last night's the daily show with trevor noah is a gem

new/revived & ongoing theme:

making '(the beautiful world of computers we know of as software & hardware hackers) much more easily accessible to all willing users regardless of how savvy.

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My point is (and has been, for weeks) that we are ignoring the users.

We used to care about users. We wanted users to adopt hardware and software. We wanted users to be productive and secure.

Vendors cared about the user experience.

Now, everything is user hostile. Everything is trying to screw you, or spy on you, or just isn't engineered with your safety in mind.

if you say "semantic satiation" over and over, you have too much free time.

"poor" is an interesting word. i hear from idiots in video game forums "linux is the poor man's OS" and i think "that poor ms-/apple- subjugated man..." - and also shouldn't they say "linux is the poor man's macos" or whatever they're using, isn't that how the expression works? it's poor idiomatic language.

something comforting about reading


first thing in the morning.

take the stand take the swing take the bite just go on in

listening to new LP released today entitled ... yay!