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I'd like to convert this simple .c code file into an arm binary.

arm-none-eabi-gcc 159.6MB

How does that even work, how can something that turns bits of text into a binary be so large. I must find the answer to this, or die trying.

gallows ribaldry (suicide) & uspol 

we did a good demo of "musical roulette" and kind of feel like there's still hope for our album, which had its tour suspended because of trumpland.


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XMPP is such a pain in the tukhas. Is this REALLY the best we can do?

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Lifesaving technology should belong to everyone, but the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) is working day and night to restrict access, even during a global pandemic: u.fsf.org/33y

beautiful & necessary piece of anti-trump propaganda video from

i can dig it: go to hell, donald trump.

content warning would be appropriate but, y’know, i’ve got a couple f’ck-it’s saved up i dare say & i’ll use one on this.

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i sing for the same reason i drink.
not sure what either one is.

that whole democratic republic thing we’d going was so freaking cool

great advice for stressed out witches all: curses are like emails, they need to be opened in order to infect. and read email in a terminal, y’know, like any freaking self-respecting witch would do.

more insane experimental music, this one an , featuring tragic japanese-language horror story voice-over, preluding a manic for piano(s).


another demo, eventually to be from our new record. this one an antifascist piece called "imperfect storm" for the moment.


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