hackers are much more equipped for romantic cronjob scripting than commonly believed

everyone i don’t really feel like talking to is busy today :)

i would love to know how you do fellow minimalists. as for me,

1. AP for news
2. NPR for if i don't know why something is news
3. NotFox to see what's happening on the proprietary social media cable mirrors (fox cnn nbc abc)
4. ycombinator to keep up with the more hackery stories
5. & of course gopher (& tilde https) for news about friends!

please share with us your own unordered lists / methods of news consumption!

when testing a or other mastodon apps, we should be mindful of our local timeline, to spam neither our own instance nor the federation

2/ as for @SDF and i want to suggest something.

first, see this script and its output. the password is the name of our bbs program.


right now the script only gathers logins from one day, but a few nested loops will grab every login back to 2005 and this includes norge, faeroes, iceland and sdf (but not ma).

i believe this is most probably how we've been targeted.

could webstats be modified to always include "kickme" logins for abusive collectors?

in pursuit of , i try to think like one of these people that try to gather addresses for unethical purposes e.g. spam, fishing, blackmail, blue whale etc.

i located a server that held (or could access) a giant database of active email addresses. during idiot-testing (doing stuff that won't work unless an idiot set up the server) i came across this interesting trap to combat attacks involving webcrawler instructions (robots.txt) being read maliciously:


a sample mp3 of an original composition i just put together playing the "you have one hour" game with myself:


a little interactive experiment that could be a bit of fun!

you begin to encounter, in your daily life, a young, inexperienced hacker; after they notice that you too are a hacker - one from whom they could learn a lot - they approach you.

how do you go about deciding whether or not this person is worthy of, built for, sincere about, ethically sound enough for (etc) your attention & mentoring?

i've a feeling this is a question many of us could answer precisely yet a topic that rarely comes up.

notable recent @SDF occurrences:

- acted as primary test pubnix for 8 kernel development

- added numbers & improved service

- commissioned dedicated server for freeing the meta-array & improving connectivity for local public radio disc jockeys and listeners alike

- expanded system resources including massive storage space increase

- stabilized sip/telephony services to professional level

- failed to ask me for money even once!


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free will is the higgs boson of philosophy (marijuana is legal in my state).

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