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Wow, I like Mastodon's light theme so much better than the default. (Click the gear icon, bottom of the Preferences page!)

it's been such a humbling privilege to watch and participate in the arrival of to its current state - from successfully guiding individual technological seekers, to successfully providing with a relevant system on which to create its most stable kernel and release to date, and so many other things -- gopher, http/s, irc, bbs, voip, ham radio, -- all constantly thriving and evolving. to all who have played part in crafting & maintaining our humble $HOME: thank you kindly!

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SDF is seeking reliable and DJs to have their own show on aNONradio.net Do you wanna do it? send 'subscribe anonradio-l' in a message to majordomo@sdf.org and tell us about your ALL GENRES WELCOME

pretty typical funny day as interpreted by the notfox.com headline comparator

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Happy - All SDF members who have VHOST memberships now have a Let's Encrypt certificate for their site(s) that auto-renews. Enjoy!

If you are happy with this, please like us on fecebook.com and re-twerk it to all your friend! (J/K, LoLz)

watermelon is delicious and i have no idea how old i am but it's different from whatever it was yesterday

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Tired: Novelty Gopher versions of web things.
Wired: Well written, engaging Gopher content.

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This was part of my morning.

i’ve been playing this mobile game called “Identity V” a lot... it’s quite a bit of fun.

i don't play but my steam client sure updates it extremely frequently

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If you're not an SDF member and you would like to become one, just ssh into sdf.org as user "new"! You'll be able to set up an account and join us on com, bboard, and the SDF gopher space!

ssh new@sdf.org

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PSA: if a user habitually boosts stuff you don't want to see, you can turn off boosts just for them without unfollowing them

view their profile in the regular masto UI and you'll see a "Hide boosts from X" in the hamburger menu

this can make the whole experience a lot less annoying, but it's not well-known!

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I'm curious about your laptop styles. Everyone, take a picture of your laptop lid and share. Are you a sticker person or not? Boost like crazy

taking my daily moment to appreciate that as we have a better eponymous movie than every other group of people

as for -

i never deleted my account. my thinking was "i have to go to facebook in order to issue the command to delete my account, and facebook decides what 'delete' (and 'account') means" ... also, in turn, i have not informed them of my intention to leave; rather i simply went for a pack of cigarettes a few years ago. is there reason to actually or does the way i'm doing it suffice but simply would make for too long a hashtag?