five little muricans sat crossed on the floor
one dug up an olden tweet and then there were four

four little muricans so longed to be free
enlisted to the reserves, and then there were three

three little muricans knew not what to do
fentanyl took one away and then there were two

two little muricans stared straight at the sun
ice's found one kinda tan and then there was one

one little murican prayed: ghost, father, son:
save ye the republic please! and then there were none.

ten little muricans were feelin' just fine
one visited a gay nightclub and then there were nine

nine little muricans surrounded by hate
one sucked off a shotgun good and then there were eight

eight little muricans did strive to find heaven
one scaled everest and then there were seven

seven little muricans were parched on the styx
one drank of the river deep and then there were six

six little muricans craved to remain alive
all but one suspected one and then there were five

used to be anytime there was a violent senseless american tragedy i’d mix myself a stiff cocktail and have a cigarette out on the porch. by now well, i simply couldn’t drink that much. truly i can’t.

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‪come visit our booth at the Vintage Computer Festival west this weekend @ComputerHistory @vcfederation and celebrate SDF32 and - froggyme 🐸 will be streaming live

i gonna tell you what i really think i like about mondays!

aw. i was gonna link to a fetch of NOFX's "thank god it's monday" but...

goodbye hooktube, i loved you!

a bunch of great video files from notably including John Sullivan's - titled "Just Don't Buy It" - a talk on freedom & consumer choices in software.

i wonder if anyone’s ever taken a vow of whispering (that’s right, i smoke weed for insomnia and it doesn’t always work right away)

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Every few months, someone orders 20 print copies of #savagedbysystemd. :flan_book:

I fear that one day, I'll discover why. :flan_worried:

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Star Trek TNG S07E08 “Attached” 

one of my extra fun psychological motivation programs accepts only a total lack thereof as an argument.

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i think a ruth ginsburg machine would be the opposite of a rube goldberg machine

i think maybe each person is one of a giant collection of merge requests to one giant open source version-control-system repository.

i'd prefer not to see entries pinned to the top when browsing user profiles. i don't see a toggle for this as of mastodon v2.9.2.

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