OK, Mineclone 2 and 5 look like they should spawn mobs, but my worlds have no mobs? Do I need a second mod, or am I missing something?

One of my daughters recently got into Halo lore. With her sister, they got a co-op Halo Reach campaign started on their computers. Pretty funny watching them try to work together when vehicles are involved.

Got stuck late at work, and made the mistake of grabbing Domino's pizza on the way home. My stomach already says I will regret this decision.

Built a new router using a discarded PC from work, and Opnsense. Download speed is now over 700mb! A great improvement!

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Finally figured out why I cant get higher than 250mb internet connection, despite having a 600mb plan. It was my router all along. Despite having five gigabit ports, it doesn't have the CPU power to support NAT at that speed.

Get into a vehicle at work. By default, the Bluetooth connects to a coworkers phone. Media info starts scrolling across the infotainment screen "PORNHUB - Fat slut gets painful anal pounding"

My change to nouveau drivers isn't helping, since only the Nvidia driver supports OpenCL acceleration.

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I haven't used Darktable in a couple years. Trying to wrap my brain around the newest version. It broke my old workflow, and keyboard shortcuts are different.

Drop a screw one foot. It becomes lost forever. This has happened frequently enough, that I am sure there are some portal physics involved.

Saw a truck carrying tires parked on side of the highway with a flat tire.

My Pixel 3 running Lineage wont provision VOLTE on ATT. My Xiaomi 9T which shouldn't, does . Go figure

I feel dirty. On a whim, decided to try Fortnite. I haven't had this much fun since the days of Unreal Tournament and Quake III.

Watched the pilot of the new Halo series. I had low expectations, and they were met. The negatives are to numerous to mention, but I will say that the live action Halo game trailers and Forward Unto Dawn capture that universe better. Will watch a couple more episodes just to see what the hell they are doing with the storyline.

My Thinkpad screen arrived early! Swapped out the old TN garbage, and fired it up. The new IPS screen is perfect! Brightness control works, and zero dead pixels!

While playing D&D this evening, the topic turned to old campaigns the group was involved in. It turns out that I had played in a campaign nearly 30 years ago with two of the guys from the group. Small world!

I tried the new Coke Starlight, which is "space" flavored. Apparently, space tastes like total ass.

Was busy, and wanted tacos. Taqueria near me closed soon, so I hit Taco Bell instead. Ended up spending within $1 of my usual order from the taqueria, and it was nowhere as good.

The Cubieboard running my Baikal server has frozen again for the third time in a week. I'll have to dig into it after work. Hopefully it's just a memory leak from an update, and not a dying SD card.

Was working on a PC for an elderly aunt.
What a blast from the past! Its got dial up services, flash games, Real Player, and all the crappy programs that used to junk up PCs back when I did dial-up ISP support.

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