So a shopping cart showed up in my front yard yesterday. I'd take it back to a store, but it's for a chain of Chicago and Indiana grocery stores. Going to try sticking a "FREE!! Take me!" sign on it.

Me: "ASMR videos are stupid."

Also me: *watches an hour of watch restoration videos* "OOOOH! Its ticking again!"

Picked up a Bandai Gunpla kit. It was on sale, and I haven't built a model since I was a kid.

Nobody tells you that this shit is a trap.

Day 1) "Hmm! This is fun!"
Day 2) "I need more Xacto knives and better nippers"
Day 3) "Its done! Now I should 3D print an action stand..."
Day 4) "Just need to add the decals... or maybe I should buy some paints and make it look awesome."

I've been reading a bit about the Steam Deck.

Of course, I started thinking... What if someone created a small device with a Zen2 chip, and LPDDR5 RAM like the Steam Deck. But instead of built in storage, they gave you an M.2 slot? Unless Valve was subsidizing the cost of the Steam Deck, you would think a device like that could be made less expensively than the Steam Deck.

I could replace my desktop PC with something like that.

Watched A Quiet Place part 2. It's obvious nobody in the story has played Monster Hunter, or any other RPG.

The obvious thing to do after they dropped the first couple creatures would be to craft a sweet armor set.

For long term photo archival: Buy hard drives and box them up. Or Blu-ray discs?

Found my login credentials for my 20+ year old ICQ account. Blows my mind that it still works!

Dealing with the US coin shortage at work today made me think of a way the Fed will roll out the digital Dollar: Coins will be first to go.

POS software could be updated to offer an option of receiving coin or printing a voucher. The voucher could be scanned by their phone and the spare change deposited in a bank account/Venmo/Paypal/whatever.

The elderly will push against this, of course, but I have a feeling something like this would catch on fairly quickly.

Was trying to make some coffee, and suddenly the bottom of my foot felt like I had stepped on a nail. I lifted my foot up, and found a hornet. I appreciate the work they do with pests, but damn... stripey little assholes.

Anyone have experience with adding a GDROM emu board to their Dreamcast? If so, which did you use?

One of the biggest dissapointments in life is buying and air freshener for your car, only to have it smell incredibly offensive after the first day in the sun.

Finished the final chapter of Attack on Titan manga tonight. I thought it was satisfying, but bittersweet. Especially when you look at the last few pages, and then go back to the nap under the tree in chapter 1.

Trying to play through Phantasy Star IV. Going to have to find a cheat cheat for techniques and skills, because the names make no damn sense. I had forgotten about the days when everyone had printed game guides.

Is there a QT tool that is similar to GNOME Boxes when it comes to managing a number of SSH connections?

So bizarre that its easy to get an inexpensive voice/sms/data plan. But data only plans cost much more, and have a lower cap than the general phone plans. (In the US)

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