Saw my local supermarket had both Impossible Burger, and Beyond Burger in stock. Was going to try one for science... However its like $5 for two patties. Kind of hard to convince anyone other than vegans to pony up for that, when grass fed beef costs less.

My WOW BFA theory: They don't kill Sylvanas at the end, but rather restore her and Nathanos to life. She loses her position as Forsaken ruler, as she is no longer undead.

Well, this GOT season has been particularly bad. I guess its fitting that they went full retard tonight.

My daughter's cat has taken to stealing flash drives off my desk. I can't wait to check under every couch in the house next time I need one.

How do animals lick their own buttholes without getting E. Coli?

Swedish Fish flavored jelly beans taste like two chemical tankers collided in your mouth.

The default icons for Gnome 3.32 are pretty gross. I don't care for this iOS/Material fusion.

In the rural midwest, owning a full sized truck magically turns you into an asshole driver. This phenomenon can also be observed with new BMW drivers in urban settings.

You see kids... back in my day, Tumblr was only used for porn.

Haven't been able to make my xmpp server connect to other servers in months. Decided to look over the settings again last night and found an extra "1" in firewall port forward address. I swear, I checked that exact thing a dozen times and never saw the error.

The lack of error details when ninja bombs out during compile is frustrating.

On top of that, I replaced the battery years ago, and only had to remove a couple screws. After dealing broken screen nightmares on an Sony Xperia, I have come to appreciate devices that are easily repaired.

Found my old Nokia Lumia 920 on my desk. Weight aside, that phone had a great size, and feels wonderful in your hand. I never worried about using a case on that polycarb body.

I have yet to find a raspberry beret in a secondhand store.

Was stuck waiting for a very long freight train to pass. Luckily, there was some really good graffiti on most of the cars, which made it fun.

Figures. I need to work on my car, and the second I get off, it starts raining. With rain/snow predicted for the whole weekend.

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