Watching videos of the local police trying to capture a runaway kangaroo is the comic relief I needed today.

The New York Thanksgiving day parade is hilarious. The lipsyncing acts performing for empty streets send my sides into orbit.

My state just used the emergency message system to remind everyone that they had better be washing their hands and masking up. Refreshing, as they normally use it for mundane stuff like tornado and flood warnings or missing children alerts.

Hello, SDF friends! Good to see the timeline issue isn't just me.

Picked up a SFF desktop pc to use as a media server. Installed Fedora server. Now to figure out how to use containers, and set up Jellyfin. And encode discs.... lots of discs....

Got lucky, and scored a work-from-home project. The alternative would be sanitizing and cleaning terminals in the field.

Still distraught that I broke my pizza stone yesterday. RIP little buddy, I'll never forget the good times we had!

Here is a breakdown of what happens when I am working on projects at home: 5% grabbing food and drinks 15% Actually working 80% Trying to find tools that I just saw like 15 minutes ago @$#%@#%!@

Accidentally discovered that Gnome Scan will scan multiple pages into a PDF. Wish this would have rolled out years ago :P

When the quarantine started, I began limiting myself to 30 seconds once a day in Farcebuch. My stream there is 90% brain melting shit.

Side effect of quarantine: No in-laws dropping by unexpectedly (and without knocking).

Observing what gets downloaded from a machine serving up lots of music. AC/DC and U2 make up about 80% of downloads. Its mind boggling.

*A shadowy figure in flannel approaches the screen* With a smirk, they say "It's hard to lose faith in humanity when it was never there to begin with."

RealPlayer briefly begins buffering, then WinSock proclaims your dial up connection has terminated.

Staring at Truck Nutz in traffic can make you gay.

Sometimes my job is really dumb. Like tonight, I drove 3 hours round trip to unjam a 19 cent voucher from a cash redemption machine.

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