On another "social" media site, my feed is flooded with poorly conceived and barely understandable "yelling at cat" memes. A sure sign that it jumped the shark long ago, and needs to be put down.

Stopped at a gas station to put air in my tires. Air pump was down. Drove across town to another station. Pump worked, but realized I had left the valve stem cap at the other station. Hung up the hose, and saw a cap that someone had forgotten on the sidewalk.

Bought green matcha Pocky for my weeb kids. They almost spewed. I thought they were over reacting until I tried one.

So with Tumblr being acquired by Automattic, does that mean it will be for pr0n again?

"Hydro Flask": Marketing weasel speak for overpriced water bottle.

Confession: When I was young and at a Cub Scout event, we were roasting marshmallows over a campfire. I stuck my roasted marshmallow on the stump this kid I didn't like was about to sit on. He sat on it. Nobody knew it was me... Until now.

Went down the YouTube rabbit hole watching Warhammer 40k lore videos. The amount of lore for that series is mind numbing. I had no idea.

Saw my local supermarket had both Impossible Burger, and Beyond Burger in stock. Was going to try one for science... However its like $5 for two patties. Kind of hard to convince anyone other than vegans to pony up for that, when grass fed beef costs less.

My WOW BFA theory: They don't kill Sylvanas at the end, but rather restore her and Nathanos to life. She loses her position as Forsaken ruler, as she is no longer undead.

Well, this GOT season has been particularly bad. I guess its fitting that they went full retard tonight.

My daughter's cat has taken to stealing flash drives off my desk. I can't wait to check under every couch in the house next time I need one.

How do animals lick their own buttholes without getting E. Coli?

Swedish Fish flavored jelly beans taste like two chemical tankers collided in your mouth.

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