I also had to fix the hood on my bike after I fell. The wheels seem to be fine

It was a nice day for a bike ride minus the dog that chased me off tge road and causing me fall off my bike. No injuries.

I just learned about systemd-socket-proxyd and with that knowledge I made an on demand terraria server container.

I desgined the flower on blender. I used carbide create to make the gcode, and milled it out on my longmill cnc

It might be late in the season but I got my pumpkins finally planted

I'm not sure.

I have freecad 0.19 set default settings.

I just design the the joints using the part designer.

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Name for male cat.

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I was part of the unreal engine github pull request email storm.

I been making a matrix bot using node red which I had pointing my discord bridge. One guy in the discord server hates but everone else in the discord server loves it.

I used a timer interrupt to handle the blinking light based off the state of the machine that the button changes

Doing some baremetal arm programming. Though I couldn't figure out how to use interrupts for stm32f4 using libopencm3.

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@rgegriff yeah, I'm not interested in the "x is millions times more powerful than moon lander"

sorry, but the Apollo 11 computer is more powerful because of what it did with so little

great, you got a pocket computer with some apps, cool

some teens repaired an old laptop to run their community garden automated irrigation system? now that's powerful

my flipper zero has arrived. The sticker inside said to Hack the Planet.

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