How to go to work when you work from home make sure your shirt is inside out

I got excited that Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlords was available. I found out it doesn't work on Proton at the moment.

Doom Eternal is pretty good. I git it working with Proton for a while now. I had to use someone's fork to get Doom running.


I also wanted to point out in doom 64 it asks for your besnet account but you can skip it by hitting the cancel button.

Couldn't get Doom Eternal working just yet on proton but Doom 64 works just fine.

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Oh hey the creator of the rotary cell phone posted a super in-depth explainer/build video. I love it

I got a hf radio in my truck, but my truck's engine likes the 20m band.

oh neat I can set up macros for newsboat. I guess mpv is going to be used to open up all audio/video feeds now.

My current project is to get c by ge smart bulb working with Mozilla iot gateway, so far I found it uses bluetooth ble and got it to pair with my raspberry pi but I'm still figuring out how to send commands. I did a packet capture on my phone but it feels like I missing some information. I ended up getting a ble sniffer so I can watch it in real time. Though I'm waiting on the sniffer to be delivered

Going to be redoing some of the radio stuff in my truck. The tyt 9800 plus died so I'm ending up going to replace it with new radios and straighten up the power cables where the radios will be stored.

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