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What hand do you write with?

Pls boost for sample size

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@ultr4CdS I have a solokey and it set up as my main auth then it uses the android app for otp. I also have sms set up as well.

I do have a backup solokey just in case I lose my main one.

I wonder if I'm going to regret setting up security keys on most of my accounts.

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I can't hype this video enough.

Veronica Explains: Linux on a Wyse Terminal in 2021


I have been sick since Sunday and I found out today that one of my co-workers has it. I will find out if I have it or not will be this afternoon.

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Could you plz help me out with my health? 

Hi, fedi!

It's that time of the month again! :gonk:

I need 60 for my ADHD meds, 15 for my anti-depressive + 50 to manage a bunch of Multiple Sclerosis symptoms.

I also need physiotherapy for my back & knee, which are really bad. Each session is 30€.

If you could chip in, it'd be very welcome & appreciated! Any cent counts! :ablobcathappypaws:

Thank you so much for helping! :blobcatheart:


#MutualAid @mutualaid

Facebook did this to me about google+ back when it was a thing.. I think that is why I'm still shadow banned (or people don't like my content)

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8pm (UTC -4) tonight

Surprise watch party at!!!!

What will we be watching?

Why, Hackers(1995) of course!

Boost it!

I been playing with plan 9 on my local vm and I got everything working except for drawterm starting rio. It looks like when it start rio on my vm window instead of the drawterm window.

I'm using all 9front stuff.

This the finish product of my wallet repair.

The rings is the solar system and the ring with the circle is Earth.

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hi all, anyone have recommendations for articles about running tildeverse servers/pubnixes? I'm looking for manifestos, theoretical approaches, historical reports and personal accounts as much as I'm looking for practical advice and technical information

(I am aware of Paul Ford's medium post)

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