Archiving some of my friend's internet shows. Taking some time but youtube-dl got my back

It would be like the time I went to the local creators meetup where people were asking me how to follow me and what not. I said I have a mastodon account, and they were like what.

Co-workers and I are thinking of going to a new hackathon. I feeling it is going to be like that start-up weekend I went to, so I'm going to be explaining mastodon to everyone if I go. I had to give a social media account when I went to that start-up weekend event.

ugh I just need to install the lib32 of the nvidia tools to get steam running instead of removing the .steam dir

I have an recording of the pass if anyone wants it

Missed a pass for the but I got a few more for the event.

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Hey hams, scanner users, short wave listeners, and other radio lovers, there's going to be another #SSTV event with the #ISS this weekend!

This is an awesome event for anyone interested in radio because all you need is a receiver capable of 145.80MHz (even an SDR dongle will do) and some decoding software. No #AmateurRadio license required.

Plus, Slow Scan TV is just plain cool.

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It's coming up on 01h00 UTC on and that means it's nearly time for DJ @snowdusk_ !
About 20 minutes from now (00:41UTC as I write this).
Here is where to listen: or use vlc, whatever.
Here is IRC:
Or get yourself a free shell account and ssh into and then run 'com' and 'g'oto anonradio. It all works!
World clock if you need help using UTC

Found the noise. It was my dashcam and its 12v to usb thing

Well, now I'm on a hunt for what is causing noise in my radio :(

Trying to make an satellite rotor but I'm having some read errors for gpredict easycom

Looks like February 8th to the 10th is ISS SSTV event

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