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The saddest part is that I genuinely have friends who are this cool and would totally do this, but they're spread all over the world :/


Last night my friends threw another party where everyone had to prepare a 3 minute lecture on something they were passionate about.

This was my 3rd consecutive win for best presentation


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Go to Google Streetview and enter

1293 Liberty Dr.
Victoria, British Columbia V9C 4H9

You won't regret it 😂

Made someone mad in Call of Duty Modern Warfare because of me using a riot shield and my teammates backing me up.

With all the Hong Kong news, I got thinking about a girl back 2014 asking me the hold sign for support of Hong Kong. I didn't do it since I was in China but I do hope she is safe though.

Heh, google sent my congressman's email to my spam folder.

Looks like I got my blog site set-up for the indieweb. I just don't have web mentions setup.

I was looking into the indieweb stuff. I think I will implement some of it for my blog.

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Really enjoying #dmrconfig

So much easier to use then the windows only software for coding my radio, and much faster!

Thanks to @drtelnet for pointing me to it.

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Can I have suggestions/links of CC music from artists that happen to also be on fedi, please and thank you? :blobaww:

#askfedi #askfediverse #lazyweb #CreativeCommons #music #help

Lunch today was alright...
The conversation with coworkers were over docker, some logging software, and future coding style standard.

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spent the better part of the day theming my phone's home screen...

Currently watching a movie about a group of dudes camping for the winter and a dog showed up and it got weird and burned the whole camp down.

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I got a pager!

I'm hoping that I can swap the crystal and bring it into the 70cm amateur band.

Anyone have any experience with this?
It's a Scope GEO 40A9M and the back says 454-460 MHz

It looks like a 21.4MHz crystal.

#hamRadio #amateurRadio #pager

Working on a admin application for my sister's website. I'm using clojure to make the application. The rest api is done in Java with the javlin framework.

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