Hook my radio up to our horse fence. 40m and 80m was great on it.

Listening to some scouts. They are too far down in the noise for me.

This Italian station is sending some digital modes now.

SSTV from ISS on the weekend of October 27th

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At chiptune show, so far it seems good. Hasn't started yet

Thinking of putting on my laptop ( not my main rig ). Though I don't know about state of html5 since I use dnd beyond for my dnd night or if fldigi works on it, but willing to get my hands dirty either way.

Terrible idea but it would be funny. Twitch plays radio communication.

I will be doing overtime at work because the ceos are making me example for late projects :/

So I looked up how to get the commercial license for my drone, well I got to know cw. I guess I need to get a paddle and some trainers to learn it.

The ham fest I went closed up early since most the guys packed up their stuff and left. I literally drove an hour just to turn back home

I think, I made a game breaking grandma infinity pie maker for my world

Wonder if I should do a blog post about my 2 years of Online dating

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