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Migrating normal operations to my own self-hosted instance…

Will keep @nonlinear for backup

Need a free journal or blog site on the web that isn't riddled with adverts nor monetizes your data? Check out "Message of The Day" at

Join us for the SDF Amateur Radio Club weekly net, starting in approximately 25 minutes.

For you hams, we are on Echolink node 9229, the *TECHLINK* conference, and on the DMR Brandmeister TG 31650.

Everybody can listen on

Occasional reminder that I have moved my main account to:

Migrating normal operations to my own self-hosted instance…

Will keep @nonlinear for backup

My BBC Ideas piece on #SurveillanceCapitalism is now on the main page of BBC News. Tell your friends, spread the word :)

HT @cbowdon

The SDF Amateur Radio Club net starts in 15 minutes at 00:00 UTC on Echolink node 9229 the *TECHLINK* conference. @SDF

I miss having a local space where I could pop in and know there were cats up for a random jam session. Every hackerspace should have an adjoining jammerspace.

Hey all,

I’m curious what might exist to build a general-purpose personal computer around an FPGA. I’m thinking something like a RISC-V descendant of the Project Oberon machine.

I’m interested in building such a thing but figure I shouldn’t reinvent the wheel (not that I mind, it’s fun but inefficient ;) )

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I'm excited for International #RepairDay this Saturday! (disclaimer: I work for a community repair organisation involved in it, but I'd be excited anyway..) Let's go slow and fix things!

Over 120 events worldwide on the map so far

If you want to get involved, you could
- Attend a community repair event
- Support a local repair business
- Fix something yourself
- Share a picture of your repair (successful or not!) or of a memorable repair

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