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matthew (NB0X)

@craigmaloney I've been really nostalgic for Turbo Pascal lately, and in part because of the manuals.

We need Free Pascal manuals done in that style.

🍕 Pizza forecast: thick crust, Oaxaca cheese and dill with a chance of shiitake

ahh something definitely fucked up my USB drivers, using GEX through CDC/ACM works great. Thanks, Arch

@cwebber expert systems come back from the grave

or were they ever really dead

a political metaphor from material science Show more

Additional context for Theo's talk at BSDCan:

FreeBSD holds a dev summit before/during BSDCan. During the tutorial days, folks higher up in FreeBSD were talking about some mistake with NDA handling and that they didn't want to be seen as embargo breakers "like OpenBSD is." To be clear, they weren't saying that OpenBSD is perceived as embargo breakers. They were saying OpenBSD *are* embargo breakers.

It's been this scurrilous rumor following OpenBSD since the Krack Attack nonsense.


Wow. It only took 20 years, but PowerPC's are finally going to happen with the new Power9 CPU from IBM.

Hi all! My 2018 aspirations have gone well so far, lets review them and see what else we need to accomplish!
1. Meet an awesome :
2. Make a :
3. Make a :
4. Get status:
Not yet!
5. Utilize all of SDF's features:

I have much more to do than just the above, but I feel in SDF's case that's what is most important for me right now. SDF has really made a difference in my life, so I hope to spread the word about it to others!

Thank you SO MUCH for adding Delete And Redraft!


We are part star dust and part big bang smithereens.

Je viens de retomber par hasard sur cette magnifique série de posters, je les adore vraiment.
J'en achèterais bien un ou deux ou trois, mais je sais pas lesquels (et j'ai pas le budget pour l'instant). '-'

#Space #Art