"zingers were shared among Soviets of the time, although why a list of them was prepared for the deputy director of the CIA isn't 100% clear." https://www.crikey.com.au/2018/09/21/cia-declassifies-soviet-era-jokes/

Cracking a new book while the pizza cooks...

Sweet! I've been featured on the Rothney Astrophysical Observatory's spotlight on research blog! evl.link/ec

That thing where you keep reading about a new hobby and you know you shouldn't dive in because you don't have the time/space/money but you keep reading, knowing you're going to dive in and then tell your self "why did you dive in"

Periodic reminder to clear out old software packages installed on your machine.

I ran `brew cleanup` and freed about ~20GB from my hard drive.

DJ @hairylarry now playing awesome tunes on aNONradio.net ! "Something Blue" with @hairylarry livestreams every Friday 20:00-21:00 UTC/GMT / 4-5PM EDT / 1-2PM PDT. Here's how to tune in 👉 anonradio.net/listen 🎷🎶

It's time for #FollowFriday 🍹 🍸 🌴

@dev Microblog.pub: Self-hosted single-user blog federated through #ActivityPub (see also github.com/tsileo/microblog.pu )

@read_as Read.as: Open source alternative to #Feedly, federated using ActivityPub, under development

@p2play P2Play: A #PeerTube app for Android, under development

@fediversecast FediverseCast: A podcast about the #Fediverse

@TommyWiseau Tommy Wiseau: official account for the actor/director

Previous #FF / #FFed posts:

ActivityPub should be a RFC with a lot of votes.
OK, it might need some tweaking, but this is an idea who's time has come for sure.

I wonder if we'd get much buy in trying to start a weekly meetup of SDF phone enthusiasts on one of the OpenVoIP blocks, like a phone nerd equivalent of the SDFARC weekly net

If Moore's law is dead, then we can get back to the art of conserving memory, hardware access and bandwidth. What a wonderful day!

Hi @uaa

@gemlog pointed my your way, and I thought I would give a follow. OpenBSD, Ham, Pokemon Go (lvl 33), Photography. Interested in all of it.

I see you are on DMR now, do you monitor any particular TGs?

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