I got a bit frustrated with my Pi, so I installed on a spare amd64 machine with an SSD. Building Go programs is fast! Everything is fast!

This will make a great cpu server. the pi will make a great terminal.

Managed to get drawterm to connect to my cpu server, although my configuration is certainly a bit janky. I still have a lot more reading to do.

Just updated my guide from acme over sshfs. So much harmonious facility in .

There were some peculiarities with setting up 9front on the Raspberry Pi, which were not covered in the (otherwise great) 9front FQAs, so I wrote up my notes in setting up on a Pi 3 B+.


Let me know if there are any mistakes or misconceptions there, I'm still feeling my way around here.

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@climagic@mastodon.social and the creators of SCSI intended it to be pronounced “sexy” and were dismayed that it caught on as “scuzzy”.

It doesn’t matter what the creators intend, just what people do.

Well, that was easier than I’d imagined it might be. For the users here, are you running your root FS on the sdcard? Or a USB device?

Which flavours are people using on the Raspberry Pi, and which Pi models? I see people talking about both 9front, 9legacy, and vanilla. Any other options I’m not seeing? Also why’d you choose what you chose?

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