Some of you are all right. Don't go outside tomorrow

I went to a Libertarian conference yesterday. Too many speakers were Ayn Rand type people, kind of buzzkills to me... Socializing afterwards was nice though.

Home Depot is bullshit because if you go into that store and say "Hello, i would like to purchase one home", they look at you like *you're* the asshole

ya wanna know how i got these jars?

ac moore was having a sale actually

@netscaler I’m old enough to own two and the mechanical one (no electric motor) has exactly that romantic feel to it.

@netscaler I have a feeling we’ll see Big Tech suffer some sort of backlash but not for any reason we can foresee right now. Sadly, I do agree with you: Cambridge Analytica ultimately had little effect on Facebook, for instance. Mentored a student last year and I learned pretty much what you Tooted:

I know I don't need a typewriter but dammit I want one.

I need it to live out my fantasies of living out of cheap rooms and writing things that no one will ever read but me

my life is a little too defined by knowing the bare minimum to competently do something and no more

You will seek out your family who you haven't seen in ten years and you're kinda worried how the whole thing's gonna go
And you show up at the door and they say God
It's good to see you
In your Mountain Goats shirt

welcome to Grace After Dark, where it's all computing shitposts all the time

You ever get 13 hours of sleep but still feel tired

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