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Haven’t been on much tbh. Just been dealing with life a little low-tech lately. Trying to appreciate the simple things as much as possible. I find screen time makes that a little harder. Having one of those comfy sad but content moments right now. Thank you to my cat for making me feel a little better. She lives a simple life that sometimes I envy tbh. Thanks for reading my blogpost friends

no i can't swim nor ride a bike but AT LEAST i'm gay.,

@buriedlove I was scared until I realised I wanted to kiss them
And then I was still scared but it's more fun now

*slow folk flute music in the background*

*man walks constantly into table, causing everything on it to vibrate*



>The fan only turns on if I’m doing something intensive like compiling go or scrolling in Slack.


Shoutout to everyone tired today from the effort of doing nothing

@igeljaeger @matrix unfollowing a person because you don't like the content they post is a pussy move now?

@waifu Looks like the memes got too spicy.
Everyone has a breaking point. I haven't discovered mine yet.

when i told you to "get fucked" i meant it in a nice, supportive way

>Available to request the links in the Discord Only Channel

Guess I wont be downloading the new JoJo opening then.

I'm just a
🔲 Man
🔲 Woman
☑️ Lump of flesh
Looking for a
🔲 Man
🔲 Woman
☑️ Person who makes me feel safe

i want to have a temporary memory loss so i can watch ouran high school host club for the first time again
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