@roka @nepfag you mean heros removing misogyny, transphobia and white supremacy
oi @nepfag, you heard about a tumblrina removing RMS in five days with help of millennial new media?

"And I will appreciate bad dyas like this becuase they give me a point of reference"

"I sign your paychecks"

And this gives you power over me

You ever find that song you been thinking about for 6 years but couldn't remember the title so your like 😀

I successfully made one (1) candle tonight reusing the remains of old candles! Hoorah, hoorah :blobmiou: number two will have to be tomorrow night.

OMG I got the regular Qt file browser but it's ant-sized because HiDPI display but not re-scaled.
Try to fucking tap on buttons that are the size of ants I dare you.

On one hand: People are good and they deserve hugs and good fortune and the world too

On the other:
Burn it all down. nothing is redeemable. Fuck it. Things are horrible now lets see how bad it can get

@netscaler if I see someone I haven't seen for a long time I always go for the hug.
what if we lived in a universe where instead of making obnoxiously complex cpus (like x86-64) we just used really fast multicore 6502 derivatives and everyone knew how to do assembly

Last hug I got from someone who wasn't family was like 2 years ago and I still think about it sometimes

Hey so if you see someone just give them a hug (after asking permission) 9 times out of 10 they and you will feel better.

Please tell me to stop feeling guilty for calling in to work because I have a cold and feel shitty

I for one look forward to our regressed society in the future where we rarely use electricity, don't have running water, grow our own food, and work places that don't require a car to get too.

This will of course be after billions of people have died and we actually do something about our problems

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