who wears the plants in your relationship

*Someone suggests an app to me*
I’m not downloading that spyware you gullible boomer.

*Some refuses to download an app I suggest*
Download the spyware you paranoid boomer

You know all them images of anime girls holding big ass syringes. I want one of those but with a tiny ass insulin needle

You ever have a strange dream that messes with your whole fucking day

You just wake up like wtf

“born on a mountain raised in a cave trucking and fucking is all that i crave” - bigfoot

oi mate, am avin a pint at the Dick and Balls

Man cave nah fuck that its a cum dungeon.

Study. Study my ass theirs only one thing that is "studied" in the cum dungeon

Knew that amazon prime subscription would come in handy eventually

You can't wear that its made from animal fur

You can't eat that its made from animal or animal milk

You can't build that its made of wood so your killing a tree

You can't eat that you just killed a plant

Guess i'll die then


fathers day, family 

Roll bus roll take me off

A rolled up sweatshirt makes the window soft

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