Seeing some confused headlines in the past week, "NetBSD adds support for Commodore Amiga"!

We added support for the amiga in 1994.
We added support for amd64 in 2004.
We added support for aarch64 in 2018 (and Apple M1 in 2021).
We improved support for X11 on the Amiga in 2021.


Flawless upgrade from 9.2 to 9.3!

Thanks to all the programmers, that was truly painless... 🤓

So we can for sure play an entire game of Magic: The Gathering with Cockatrice on NetBSD. Both client and server work well! And it was fun playing MTG for the first time in literally 20 years. My friend was very patient with me while I re-learned everything, heh. It's in pkgsrc-wip!

Hardware support policies 

There isn't a policy that every device has to have a specific maintainer since that would be unfeasible for our project. Developers can work on any area of the system they choose, as long as they listen to feedback.

There's some exceptions - a recent example is support for very old non-Ethernet wired networking tech, where we were fairly sure no networks existed any more for testing. This had to go so the networking stack could improve, but not without discussion.

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Hardware support policies 

Our hardware support policy for our kernel has attracted the interest of some people making embedded hardware recently... that policy being, once hardware works, it's supported until it becomes unfeasible to do so, e.g. support is removed from the compiler. Maybe a good policy against e-waste? 🤯

When steps were taken to make the kernel work well on multi CPUs, it was done step-by-step allowing many old device drivers to co-exist in the non-multiprocessing world.

In case anyone is interested, I realised on the weekend that #NetBSD can run a Minecraft server too :')

I'm mostly a #FreeBSD user now (and Linux, tbh), but I *love* when I can fit #NetBSD in somewhere.

Hehe I rather like the Atari ST font being the wscons console font for my NetBSD/amd64 machine

I'll share how I did this later, I am tired and hungry rn

Ideas for safe self-isolation activities:

- get vaccinated, wear a mask indoors
- grow some plants next to a window
- go for a walk in a park
- install NetBSD on that old disused laptop or raspberry pi you have lying around

Started to play the OrangPiZero with . Seems the wireless doesn’t get support yet? Ethernet works well though.

I was recently pointed to eMWM [1], the Enhanced Motif Window Manager. As a fan of traditional stacking wms, I decided to package it for . It's available in wip. Really lovely.
RoboNuggie made a nice review [2] of EMWM running on FreeBSD.


Public Annual General Meeting: Saturday, May 21 2022, at 14:00 UTC, in the -agm channel on There will be various presentations about NetBSD, and a moderated Q&A session.

See you there 👋

Finally found a decent way how to package Frogatto and Friends into pkgsrc. One step closer to making it as easy as 'pkgin install frogatto'.

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