Funeral service was short and sweet, and had a great turnout. Dad must've touched many lives.

Here's a picture of him with our free range rabbit that someone dropped off to our farm.

saying my final goodbyes to Dad now. :-(

Saturday, Dad hit his head, collapsing in the driveway and we were on the way to take him to the ER for breathing issues. he got the wind knocked out of him. shortly after that, his heart stopped. they restarted it at the hospital but i fear it was too late. today he's showing no signs of brain activity. i know we have to wait but i am fearing the worst. i don't want to lose him. :-(

I'm liking the snow flurries, and no accumulation :-)

Took a week off of work and it's going by too fast. :'(

Tday, Black Friday and Cyber Monday done. Now on to yule tides and egg nogging.

Bought a ton at this estate sale, anyone want an ancient typewriter font ball? lol

Phew, it's def been a long week. Now let's go to some estate sales :-)

Ugh, doing a roll back this afternoon. Wish me luck.

I've been on mastodon.sdf for a while but didn't find a good app to use on my mobile device. I'm back again to give it another try. Here are some of my interests

Happy Veterans Day. Thank you vets for your service!

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