‪Just learned Box.com iOS app will present as formatted. Cool!‬

Realizing just how terrible I am at playing it cool.

The week between Christmas and New Year can be such a waste!

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Waking up thinking it’s Friday sucks when it’s Thursday.

Running a Microsoft product on Ubuntu just seems wrong. Works fine, but won't displace for me.

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Chinese state hackers are mostly likely responsible for the Marriott data breach. The information of about 500 million customers worldwide was exposed.

I'm using more and more as my primary text creation platform, converting with and polishing as necessary. I fear I'm at risk of going full Stallman.

Ben Franklin said is proof God wants us to be happy. I say, as a corollary, is proof God wants us to get shit done.

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👏St👏op saying👏white👏p👏eo👏ple don't 👏have👏👏 rhythm


I hate when a project is driven by a tool, rather than the best tool for the project be selected and adapted.

There is some construction near my office. I'm not sure what they are using, but it sounds like I'm at the airport waiting for my flight.

I hate airports.

I hate having to come up with new passwords. Thanks, Quora.

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