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KAPOW! It's Free Comic Book Day tomorrow! Walk in to many comics shop, and you'll get free comics, with some signings and costumes likely thrown in. Here's what you need to know:

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...That sinking feeling when trying to reinstall perl uninstalls Apache, mySQL...

Anyone aware of a cross-platform bookmark syncing service. Open source(ish) is nice. Needs to work on Linux, Windows, and iOS, and with, well, all browsers (Chrome, Safari, IE, Firefox…).

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Amnesty International: "If it's not a YES, it's a NO ✋
If it's not a YES, it's a NO ✋
If it's not a YES, it's a NO ✋
If it's not a YES, it's a NO ✋
If it's not a YES, it's a NO ✋

Sex without consent is rape. Got that?"

[#humanrights #news #bot]

I've come to accept that two or three times a year I'll fall off the wagon and have to reboot my whole system. Not a totally bad thing: it serves for me to reevaluate how it's set up.

Just a data point: when I was at the gym, there were TVs on multiple stations, local and national. CNN and the locals had coverage of the NZ attack pretty much solid while I ran 5K on a treadmill. Fox didn't, but spent about half that time covering 10 people crossing the boarder "illegally."

I always felt OS X was the best desktop UNIX, and miss it.

But I got and price out a MacBook, upgrade to the storage I want, then factor in the dongles I need for everything else I use, my refurb HP Omen with Ubuntu (and a Windows partition) seems just fine.

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Scientists say they've finally found a mysterious type of killer whale — one they've been searching for since 1955.

Happy National Oreo Day!!!*

*Formerly National Hydrox Day

Wow. It's been over a month, back when I was whining about a biz trip. Sorry, peeps.

Dear Coworker: I really don't care what your travel plans are. I booked my stuff independently in part for that very reason. kthxbai.

PS: Don't ask for a ride from the airport. It's out of my way, and, again, I'm really avoiding EVERYONE.

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