The essential phone lives! I finally got the image flashed and everything working!! I'll install my apps tomorrow morning and then I'll officially be detached from the matrix

Slack-a-mole (n.)

The act of visiting channels and reading messages until your work day is completely wasted.

Slack yak (n.)

A person who is in too many Slack channels and comments and/or emoji reacts to everything, even if it's not relevant to their job.

just putting the word out again that my company is hiring for Sr. Front End and Sr. Dev Ops folks.

happy to answer questions.

The tracking numbers indicate both my PH-1 phone and it's screen protector should be in my mailbox this evening. Very excited to flash it and try out the /e/ GoogleFree android experience.

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Exciting update. The Essential Phone I ordered from eBay shipped from Dallas, and so is expected to be delivered before Saturday. Quite exciting because that means I'll have an extra full day to try out /e/ formerly eelo

Trying to plan my trip. Does anybody know where the event is being held? I'm trying to determine which hotel I can afford that is closest to the venue.

OK everybody, we have just 2 days to raise $17k. We have no marketing or campaigns staff @conservancy so we count on you to spread the word. Please help!!

RCMP continue to brutalize Wet'Suwet'en defending their unceded land. RCMP have erected an "exclusion zone" the same way they did a little over a year ago. Trudeau's government is continuing to aid Coastal Gaslink in giving them access to land that doesn't belong to them.

Time for Ebay to help make my google free dream a reality. Just ordered a refurbished essential ph-1 which should have an unlocked bootloader and is supported by the and also that's right two google free options. ETA is Saturday

It's bullshit but I found out via Samsung support chat that the S9 I bought happens to be a US version and all Samsung US products have their bootloaders permanently locked. At least I know I can stop thinking I'm doing something wrong.

Microsoft says Skype audio is now reviewed in ‘secure facilities’ after a worrying report - Which highlights again centralised services can be intercepted

Omg this manga is too wholesome and heartwarming!

Ojisama to Neko (Title) - MangaDex

The heartwarming tale of a cat who wants nothing more than to be loved and the old man who adopts him. 2nd place of Tsugi Manga Awards, Category Webmanga Polish / Polski: Poruszająca historia o kocie, który pragnął tylko odrobinę miłości i jego właścicielu.

Sigh. DRM is difficult to fight against, but it's the knot that needs to unravel for the cause of software freedom.

Most people don't care & end up supporting it. If we pay to see what everyone's talking about, we get counted as supporting it. If we don't pay & instead "pirate" it, worse they'll turn around and say "see, this is why we need DRM!".

What we really need to do is support artists to say "see, DRM is totally unnecessary to make a profit" by supporting indie artists.


fun fact, anyone can talk about magic the gathering by just making up a bunch of bullshit. there's too many,,, no one can prove you're bluffing

the problem with goblin aggro in the current micro extended format is the curving on multicolor commitments and how badly it's countered by tempo in the meta

see? it's impossible to prove whether *i* don't know what im talking about or *you* don't

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