after party coloring station was a blast! Thank you whoever put that together. It really helped.

Live @faifcast at #seagl2019 with @o0karen0o and Bradley, as they respond to audience questions about why to do free software as a non-profit.

Contending with our culture of Discouragement from Michael Dexter was short and powerful.

If you are looking for hardware that respects your freedoms check out you can find vendors for main boards, Ethernet, WiFi adapters. Wireless router from think penguin and avoid those nasty proprietary blobs amongst other things

#seagl2019 Mako at the helm. "Strategic openness is strategic closedness"

Live @faifcast today at #seagl2019! Bradley and @o0karen0o hope you'll bring them your questions about copyleft enforcement, diversity in free software, and other timely topics.

HAPPENING TODAY: FreedomBox Hackathon

In February 2020, the #FreedomBox project will turn 10 years old. To celebrate, we're having a #hackathon!

Eben Moglen will be delivering a speech at the hackathon!

WHEN: Today
WHERE: Columbia Law School in NYC


Here's an article I wrote for Linux Magazine about the programs you can use to access Mastodon from your desktop, phone or wherever. Hope I didn't forget any!
Ahí va un artículo que escribí para Linux Magazine sobre el Mastodon. Cubre los programas que puedes utilizar para acceder al fediverso, desde tu portátil, desde el teléfono, desde donde sea:

I’ve said high and opened up to multiple people today. I’m proud of myself.

hahaha dam gud cyber chattr is a published headcleaner / red martian song

I’m not 💯 sure it’s cool to share that so don’t get me in trouble. I was able to connect to the network, start my vpn connection, and tor works too :-)

mastodon user exclusive :-) the publicized WiFi doesn’t allow vpn and is kinda slow for me but there’s another network Lisanet the password is on the whiteboard. 64951863 :-)

SeaGL2019 it is so exciting to see people again. Seven years is a great milestone. Prime time! Congratulations

@abbycabs is killing it in the second keynote spot on day one. I dig Mozilla’s short url. Https://

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