@xmanmonk @cosullivan @gemlog i've never lived anywhere very long. My last stint in PA was the longest single stretch at 7 years. Most places have been ~2 years.

There are some people that are really good at being friends when you are in-sight and top-of-mind, but completely fail when you're away. I try to treasure those friendships in their time and not let them be spoiled by the now.

There are others that surprise me. Some people who were only acquaintences in person but have gone on to be lifelong companions because they're better at putting in the effort to stay in touch.

I guess with all this I'm trying to suggest you not take it as a personal slight against you. If one or two stick around that's fantastic.

Snowdusk is on.


I need say nothing more!

So... how do I accept follow requests if I dont automatically allow them... the link in my email just goes back to my web interface :S 😢

Want to feel the beet without getting dirt on your feet? Tune into the first new Creative Commons Valence Electron show in a few years. This episode is live on and I'm hoping to get going on again soon.

Tune in at 0:00 UTC; that's in just about an hour from now ( 1900 Austin Texas Time )


I'm just trying to chase my broadcasting hero @snowdusk@tilde.zone who has his show at 01:00 UTC.

My heart hurts and my brain hurts. Has anyone out there used an online counseling service before? I have trouble trusting counselors in person, but I'm thinking maybe online it'll work. Work has something called Sanvello app for android and ios

If you're at and are having trouble using web based irc you might have better luck using a desktop IRC client. Some folks have been having trouble with these supersized rooms. :D

#LibrePlanet2020 schedule has been updated


My "Fediverse: Decentralized Social Networking and Services" talk is Sunday at 11:35 EDT ( UTC-04:00 )

Oooh, same time as "Free software for minorities in Turkey in their own languages"

Open two browsers, watch them both :)

#FLOSSconf #FLOSSevent #FLOX #CovidChanges #LibrePlanet #Fediverse

Wanted to also give a shoutout to this blog post that helped me get my headphones working as a sound output. levlaz.org/how-to-use-apple-ai

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“How’s the US handling Coronavirus?”
“Okay so imagine you shut off all the error logging in production”
“That’s it.”
(stolen from elsewhere)

The coffee shop I often lurk at when I have time off has closed the dining room. You can get coffee but you must sit outside on the patio or take the drink to go. I think this is a good way to help reduce proximity for COVID-19. A fun side effect was the need to use the bluetooth adapter on my librem 15 laptop. Unfortunately firmeware-atheros is a non-free package, fortunately through apt pinning I can tell debian to only update and track this one package :D serverfault.com/a/580700

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