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I wish I was consistent. I can’t seem to regularly do things for more than six months ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I received an email on my Sdf email and interrupted happy hour to share how exciting it was. They were not impressed.

To all GNU project members past and present. I want to hear from you. Please email me.

#security #flaw in #dell #supportassist - unistalled in april, downloaded the new version but never installed... it's probably a good thing to never install it again

Electronic sheep jumped around in my dreams and so now it’s time to put the images into the word processor. even powers coffee mugs ! My caffeinated heart sings 🥳🤩.



[with object]
1 Repeal or do away with (a law, right, or formal agreement)
2 Evade (a responsibility or duty)

Early 16th century from Latin abrogat- ‘repealed’, from the verb abrogare, from ab- ‘away, from’ + rogare ‘propose a law’.


It is far too late
A slur, to abrogate,
The moment it is said.

Withhold harsh words,
Even you nerds.
Or friendship will have fled.

The chance to love
Close like a glove,


Next talk was good too. Allie Barnes and Ell Marquez confessions of a sys admin. The slides and details are at

MySQL 8 talk has me pretty excited. Great talk by David Stoke

Thomas Cameron is giving the 2019 keynote and I thought this was a great message to share. What do you think? Diversity is inviting people to the dance and inclusion is asking those people to dance.

Episode 0x68 of Free as in Freedom has: Moly De Blanc's keynote from first annual #CopyleftConf on 2019-02-04 & then an *exclusive* interview w/ Molly about her intersectional activist approach to software freedom. bkuhn & @o0karen0o give their frank opinions too, of course.

So frustrated. Didn't think that CentOS and virtualbox on my vps would be such a big fail.

Just cracked open the boxes of tshirts for Texas Linux Fest to take a peek.

They're very cool.

If you're nearby, come for the tshirt, stay for all the interesting talks.

#txlf #texas #linux

When I'm feeling out of sorts, and I realize it's because I haven't eaten, I refer to the morsel I consume as a snackrifice.

The Free Software Foundation Latin America team has released GNU Linux-libre 5.1-gnu as their sanitized kernel. See the announcement from FSFLA here:

@SDF I guess doesn't have a mastodon account so to speak. Anyway yay for free & open source and yay for alternative operating systems!

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