If you're at and are having trouble using web based irc you might have better luck using a desktop IRC client. Some folks have been having trouble with these supersized rooms. :D

#LibrePlanet2020 schedule has been updated


My "Fediverse: Decentralized Social Networking and Services" talk is Sunday at 11:35 EDT ( UTC-04:00 )

Oooh, same time as "Free software for minorities in Turkey in their own languages"

Open two browsers, watch them both :)

#FLOSSconf #FLOSSevent #FLOX #CovidChanges #LibrePlanet #Fediverse

OK let's try this online version of

The live page is at <libreplanet.org/2020/live/>, and
the IRC room names are ,
, and -- all on the
Freenode network.


Canadian scientists make COVID-19 research breakthrough, isolating virus

The team, made up of scientists from Sunnybrook Hospital, McMaster University and the University of Toronto, used samples taken from two Canadian COVID-19 patients to replicate the virus in a level three containment facility at the University of Toronto in a matter of weeks.

Mubareka says having access to the virus will allow researchers to start working on potential solutions to the pandemic before the outbreak peaks in Canada.

Meanwhile, Quebec-based biotech Medicago says it has taken the first step towards a vaccine by producing a virus-like particle of the novel coronavirus, which will now undergo testing for safety and efficacy.

#COVID19 #coronavirus #Canada #vaccine

Canadian scientists make COVID-19 research breakthrough, isolating virus

Wanted to also give a shoutout to this blog post that helped me get my headphones working as a sound output. levlaz.org/how-to-use-apple-ai

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“How’s the US handling Coronavirus?”
“Okay so imagine you shut off all the error logging in production”
“That’s it.”
(stolen from elsewhere)

What should be kept in timelines?

1- ability to play videos in timelines.

2- Twitter accounts clickable. Twitter and YouTube to Nitter and invidious links. Peetube videos links in an embedded player.

3- Long press links to open the contextual menu.

4- html tags with media (img) automatically loaded in posts.

The coffee shop I often lurk at when I have time off has closed the dining room. You can get coffee but you must sit outside on the patio or take the drink to go. I think this is a good way to help reduce proximity for COVID-19. A fun side effect was the need to use the bluetooth adapter on my librem 15 laptop. Unfortunately firmeware-atheros is a non-free package, fortunately through apt pinning I can tell debian to only update and track this one package :D serverfault.com/a/580700

Today I went to a small store with the sign anime pop over it. Holy cow! I'm going to spend way too much there. Bought an all might wall hanging a misuko from inuyasha keychain and a manga. It was weird because I am never too open about anime in real life.

Kudos to the @letsencrypt team, which has worked hard to bring the web from 30% encrypted to over 80% encrypted, and is "one of the most transparent, modern certificate authorities in the world" wired.com/story/lets-encrypt-i

Dearest Fediverse, as I am horrible at social media this is my announcement that I'm going to try again. This is probably round 8 or 9 by now but I'll make another go of it!

Status Update on New Year Resolutions
1. Switch personal phone - Done
2. Leave Facebook - Partial ( Deleted the Apps but still using websites )
3. Leave Google ( Partial )
- a. Stop Using Maps - Done
- b. Stop Using Search - Done
- c. Web Mail ( Bought into Fastmail, but still have accounts on webmail )
4. Leave Amazon /// :skull: Still buying lots from them
5. Switch to Gnu Emacs - ( Partial, working through tutorial again )

I'll follow up in another few months and see where I'm at.

My extraction from the matrix has had some setbacks. I installed Maki a Facebook app and fell back into that cycle. Going to try phasing it out

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