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Oh man I wonder what happens if I upload a boomerang output. Oh it was a mov had to convert it to a gif. shenanigans

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$14 for a 1972 PNB issued Western Electric 2500 set in avacado?? How could I resist?

It’s Saturday night! After master Pancake it’s time for some live comedy down at the over in the newly popular east sixth.

Tonight mocks the movie huzzah ! This is one of my favorite comedy shows around town. Downtown Austin fun times.

The electrons are spinning and spinning tonight folks! The Creative Common Valence Electron Show is going on now 🤗🤗 over on I’m riding the bus today so I’m not in com sorry!

Time to go to the butcher shop! I was going to order from Omaha steaks online and a coworker told me about a meat market in town. Grabbed a big frozen gel pack and my thermal bag to ensure the meat survives the bus back home.

The metro rail only runs after 6pm on Friday and Saturday nights. The people going back out to the suburbs are always talkative and intoxicated. Glad there was a car2go car at my stop. Walking that last mile isn’t much fun when I’m sleepy. Huzzah mass transit win!

It’s the in austin and it is Comedy Central tonight! Had some great standup just now.

Woops. Was excited for a movie and showed up the day before it was showing. Guess I’m watching Clueless !

I have this bike at home but it’s got white walls. This is a neat variation.

I’m a member of and on the board of ( ) a local beer brewing in Austin. The brewers have released a wonderful little wooden barrel full of kellerbeir ! It was pretty darn good.

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I just wore my red one to work yesterday! It's impressively durable... I've had it well over ten years and it's still in great shape.

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"So there’s yet another iOS text crash, where just looking at a particular string crashes iOS. Basically, if you put this string in any system text box (and other places), it crashes that process. I’ve been testing it by copy-pasting characters into Spotlight so I don’t end up crashing my browser.
The original sequence is U+0C1C U+0C4D U+0C1E U+200C U+0C3E, which is a sequence of Telugu characters"

I’ve decided that I’m going to just stream my consciousness out on mastodon. I’ll try and keep the buffer low so I’m not tooting all the time but be prepared for an increase in posts from your pal mnw

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I am an amazingly clumsy individual.

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CHAOSNET board out of AI (a DEC KS10) which ran at MIT.

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So FreeBSD added a line prohibiting unsolicited virtual hugs/backrubs/etc. to its Code of Conduct:

A few people I followed up till now don't seem to understand why this would be necessary, which is exactly why it is necessary. This is what you have to do when people are obtuse (intentionally or not) about what constitutes "creepy" behaviour.

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