The Free Software Foundation Latin America team has released GNU Linux-libre 5.1-gnu as their sanitized kernel. See the announcement from FSFLA here:

@SDF I guess doesn't have a mastodon account so to speak. Anyway yay for free & open source and yay for alternative operating systems!

Hey, music fans. My kid DJ Music Squirrel's pirate radio show is on today at 2200 UTC, 6pm New York time. Please tune in! If you don't, you're just a bad, bad person.

wow! @smj @mnw and froggyme just sang along with RMS on aNONradio OpenMic LOL

Richard Stallman - "Free Software

This quarter’s #2600 has some fun tricks and hacks in it. My favorite periodical to subscribe to for sure. For fun here’s one of the articles published that was really interesting. Decompiling your dialer for codes :)

Just bought a router and configured openvpn in a snap. Their instruction sheet was just the right amount of direction! I'm super excited. As a bonus the USB port on my router has enough juice to power it, so no additional plug into the power outlet! :D

EFF applauds WhatsApp fixing a group chat bug:

I get it, a lot of people use WhatsApp. But this doesn't deserve applause---WhatsApp deserves condemnation. It is a proprietary, centralized service. There are better ways to go about your communication with others where you don't have to put up with company inaction by completely relinquishing control of your communications to a third party.

I wrote about this and more back in February in response to the GHCQ Ghost proposal:

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Hit a road bump on my phone adventure. The galaxy s3 with lacks wireless support so I have ordered a mini usb n wireless adapter and an otg cable. Once they come in I will need to figure out mounting options. The phone came with an extra large battery and case and I think I could mount the adapter inside of it. I’m not 100% but we will find out when the adapter arrives.

as i often find myself awake during the night, i keep a mobile terminal on the maple nightstand next to the bed. and i like to read one person's for hours then. it is different from daytime gopher coffee-reading of mostly new entries. it's much more personal. the attached video, though unrelated, to me embodies the atmospheres born through the types who create deeps of original gopher content now. if you number among these people: i see you, & i thank you.

Installing on my off an old flash drive and feeling very happy to have a freedom respecting portable computer that is under 10 pounds.

The Funniest Person in Austin contest takes a month and has over 200 contestants. It starts tomorrow and is every Sunday Monday and Tuesday. It’s stand up comedy on overdrive and I love it. If you’re in Austin definitely a fun way to spend some time. Locally people call it FPIA

We're on Mastodon! A big thanks to Fosstodon for the help! We'll be posting updates and news about LibreOffice, along with tips and tricks for using the software.

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