Artists have the right to make a living from their art, if they wish to.

But, to paraphrase, those who give up human rights (freedom of speech, privacy) to gain from intellectual property, deserve neither.

#Article13 #SaveYourInternet #CopyrightDirective

Bitter sweet. Ran down to Clover to get my last breakfast before going home. My batteries are full and I’m ready

Okay, maybe offering rewards for translations was a bad idea. Looks like someone submitted a bunch of machine translations, overriding good ones, just to get a reward.

But like, how would I know, for languages I don't speak? I don't see a way to delegate any kind of approval process to specific trusted speakers in the weblate system.

Sorry for incentivizing a mess

Found the SDF exhibit at VCF PNW. Was pretty cool to see the hardware, and there were some great talks today.

Going through and selecting speakers for Texas Linux Fest this year. Gonna take a little bit of work before I can send out notices to everyone, but I can say that I'm excited about this year's program!

#TXLF #Dallas #Texas #Linux

Ken Thompson is speaking at Vintage Compter Festival East in May

Ken invented UNIX with Dennis Ritchie at Bell Labs and wrote the B computer language preceding Ritchies C language

Interview will be from Brian Kernighan, the K to Ritchie's R for the K&R book

#LibrePlanet mention


What a wonderful experience I just had at , the bar before the salsa spot :) ! A man sitting near me at the bar asked why I was in town and when I mentioned libre planet and free software he actually got excited. My neighbor had just learned about free software recently while learning and using some python code. I told him all about the conference and took his email. He lives in Philadelphia and I’m sure there are some folks I can put him in touch with. So exciting!

Congratulations to our Director of Community Operations @freedeb for receiving this year's Award for the Advancement of Free Software at #LibrePlanet this weekend!

Bar hopping around on my last evening in the Boston area. The salsa at this bar is way better than I expected.

As an errata of sorts to my #LibrePlanet2019 talk---I think I said "GNU/Linux running on the proprietary Windows kernel", when Linux isn't involved---it's GNU/kWindows. Microsoft wrote a compatibility layer that translates Linux syscalls, so programs compiled _for_ GNU/Linux run atop of the Windows kernel. See for more information.

I also forgot to mention for the 2FA password manager example that storing long-term secrets using asymmetric ciphers isn't a good idea; you should use symmetric keys for that. Fortunately, pass{words,phrases} (as I demonstrated in the talk) aren't long-term secrets---they're easily changed. But you can easily do _both_ asymmetric for 2FA with a smartcard and symmetric by adding another GPG invocation to the pipeline.

More to come (including repository of the source code for the slides, as well as notes) within the next day or so. Slides are at Thanks to all those who attended and watched online. Feedback/criticism welcome. I simplified my talk a lot in case the audience wasn't technical but I also didn't want to simplify it too much in case the audience was full of hackers. The intent was to just provide some exposure to the concepts for further research by attendees.

I love Galleria Umberto in Boston! Their food is so good and a cash only business makes my wallet happy as well as my stomach.

@mnw Thanks so much! What a great reception to a difficult topic - WOOT! here are the Resource Links for the LibrePlanet 2019 Closing Keynote:

"Personal power comes from knowing who you are and acting on your ethics." #LibrePlanet

@FreeScholar is kicking butt in this keynote at "Update minds as well as the code."

The talks will be posted on I'm not sure how soon after but bookmark it, that's what I'm doing so I don't forget :-)

@baconandcoconut is speaking at and in this talk on "Free Software/Utopia" she said "We can't imagine people, we have to go talk to them. " and that really resonates with me. talks are so great here this year!

LOOK AT US -- on the screen of a 3B2 screen at the Vintage Computer Festival Pacific NW -- chatting away on COM MODE ! hahaha Thanks to Yoshamano for sharing the photo!!

the VCF PNW is happening right now in Seattle -- from 10-5PM at the Living Computers Museum... drop by and say HI to @smj at the @SDF exhibit!!! 👍👍👍😝

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