Because my email set-up is somewhat complex, the renaming is now done :

Outbound MTA (US)
Network Relay (FR)
In House Mail Server (FR)
BBS Machine (FR)

I’ve also renamed all my internal machines under the domain, and in hindsight I should have probably moved my there too (here’s to hoping nobody is requesting the SSL cert for right now - sorry !)

It’s pride week, so I re-registered and decided to rename the computer the BBS is hosted on. Forever in your email headers :

Received: from ( [])

Blast from the past, Durand’s CommunityWare, one of the things I used in the 90s for a rather OK online community

wcOnline bonked out last night, so just restarted the BBS. Should be A-OK now.

Got a leafnode server setup for the BBS, so it can collect it’s usual fayre and to try and link it to a public facing NNTP server. Not really sure what I’m going to do here, but the idea is to have a webboard of kinds.

Just pushing a small change out to, so locked the VM entirely between regenerating everything and uploading until the end of time

So of course Uber still refuses to refund the full amount of the missing item and thanks me for my feedback.

Uber just received 1 data deletion request by DM and Email, plus I initiated a charge back with my bank.

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Had a little poke around the gopher server, trying to map out how I want to make it better since I’ve not done too many updates. Still have the BBS newsletter to write as well, but my brain she dead.

So Ubereats decided that providing an unacceptable service is fine, and ripping me off for a missing item was OK. This is a story of how to lose a customer over 99 cents and having to deal with a GDPR deletion request, and of course the charge back I’m about to lodge 👍

My birthday it is not, like not even close, and @fitbit has been spamming me in English and in French about some fathers day offer, discounted delivery or something, rather obnoxious. It really is just like a crazy ex filling your mailbox with REMEMBER I’M HERE.

No wait, postfix is killing itself now 🙄

I’m having a battle of wills with CipherMail, but at least it’s running

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