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Oopsies my frontend server decided to drop off the network, it's back online now though

A few days ago I was in Sunny-ish Barcelona, now I'm back in mid winter Paris...

Finally now that I got the whole crashy HTTPS thing is fixed, my ec.je is being served entirely via the BBS. I'm so early 90s webmaster realness over here

Some port checker / skrypt / whatever keeps on crashing the SSL server on the . So Apache and ProxyPass to the rescue

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I’ve not had much time recently to be able to update some of my tings on the internets. So here we go with a little post. I’ve recently had a look at my banks, I do really like N26, don’t get me wrong it’s never given me any issues. But at the moment with a little job change, I’m able to save a bit of money and the savings options aren’t available in France with them. That makes things a bit complicated, I’ve had a look around with my options, I do hold a Livret A but since I don’t have a mega amount of money and the interest rate is a bit meh, it makes not a lot of use. There is an investment account with my French bank, but that requires me to go in to the branch every time I want to add money, which I ain’t got time for that. But a while back I looked in to opening an account with Bunq, so I finished up the process and had a bit of a poke around. Which was a pretty good idea, since their savings options seem a bit more better and with the automatic rounding of transactions to put the change in the savings account is pretty spot on. I’m not entirely sure that I’ll swap over immediately, but the next few months I’ll be at least giving it a try and seeing how I get on and if the savings rate vs monthly charge is worth it. That’s about it for the moment, so there you go, I did a thing. unsplash-logoJohnson Wang


I keep on forgetting I own toronto.audio as a domain, I got a discounted registration in 2016, then I didn't notice it was a "premium" registration when 200€ came out of my account in 2017.

Now I'm kind of stuck with it, but at least the renewal is down to 17€ since then :/

I sat down to do some work on my website, nothing has changed and I already want to go to bed

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NASA on NBC's TODAY show 1992

"Scotto presents a video press clip from 1992 when NBC's Nationally televised "TODAY" morning show came to NASA to cover this new "trend" called RAVES. There were many funny innocent moments captured by this naive reporter in the early days of America's EDM (electronic dance music) sub-culture that kick started a revolution among teens/youth"


If I gotta go on the I'm going to do it behind a wall of text.

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