And while I was there I started to sync the content of my gopher and two gemini servers over to DreamObject in case I screw something up again in the future. It was pure luck I had copied the yes stuff to GitHub earlier

Sweet baby jésus, well I finally did it correctly. My DreamCompute Instance has more than enough space now, I seperated the /home directory to an external volume. Job done all good just waiting for new IP addresses to propagate on the interwebs

Ugh, I screwed up the DreamCompute Instance for the new Gemini server. So I had to delete it and restart the process

Speaking of still being awake, the fat one was slinking on the bed frame until she misstep. Dropping claws first right in to what I assume was a kidney

The one over at DreamCompute isn’t meant to replace my home one though, I’m running a separate project on it and seeing how it survives in production

I’m also fully aware it’s 3h30 du mat, but it’s 2020 and time doesn’t matter any more

I’ve started another Gemini server on a DreamCompute instance. I have a feeling my stability issues are down to my home based VM not exactly enjoying life

Tikka Masala was a success, but it needed some fresh chilli. Learned for next time

If any of my neighbours stuck around they’d be vexed

Just downloaded a video game that recreates the festival experience we won’t be able to have until 2029

I’ve spent the past week or so watching Earth Final Conflict and you can certainly tell who was 1990s hot and probably not so 2020 hot.

And the hair, oh my 90s hair.

I’m going to work on that tonight so it’s probably going to have some weird knock on effects on email for a bit to the board

I’ve finally found out how to get mailcow to properly relay mail to without causing all kinds of havok. Next step is figure out how IP filtering works on Freebox and we’re there!

I’m sat here watching a scifi series from the 90s and remembering the good old days when the internet was creative and not consumptive. Seeing as I’m going back to being technically funemployed next week, I should probably invest some time on being creative and not doom scrolling

Has anybody out in the vast cyberspace had any dealings with finding a webhost that can handle an IDN TLD ? The standard Google has not helped much. For reference the name is 雾.香港 😅

I play games to escape reality, like I can get exploited in real life for less

Everytime I play Animal Crossing I learn to hate that capitalist trash panda Tom Nook and his shitty family even more

That was a surprisingly un-2020 turn of events… Not going to complain though

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