Anybody know what happens when you call out a company for blatantly lying on a data access request ?

Because I'm about to find out

Good times until Whiney Windows 10 decides to pop up an irrelevant box and crash the game I was playing for over an hour.

My detestable psycho neighbour has returned from a two week absence (totally not missed, hoped she died).

I know this because Kaja growled as soon as she heard her walking down the stairs before I heard her smash through doors talking shit to the guy she'll be fighting with in the next hour.

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I'm starting to finally put a bunch of games on the BBS that I've got from Abandonware France. Annoyingly I can't run in , but and , hell yeah !

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Today I spent a long time dealing with Windows on Allen's PC. I don't like Windows.

Waiting for the ticking clock to start my bread in the oven, don't judge me for the aluminium foil, I don't have any parchment paper.

Protest about the climate change outside, every so often a roll of Oléeeeeeee roars outside. Miss Kaja woken from her slumber in confusion

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I have literally kept this on as background tv, and now I've gone in to deep to stop. Dear god, what have I done ?

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Mark Zuckerberg should take acting lessons from Brent Spiner so he can learn to act like a robot capable of passing a Turing test.

Ugh, I hate to say it, but my group page might have accidentally become the defacto website for the bbs.

I'm uploading clients to the file areas to connect, adding bulletins from the system and generally making it far more informational than I expected. The danger of this, is of course people confuse this as the BBS...

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I'm going crazy on, importing my mailman lists on setting it up as a mirror of the BBS Conferences. It seems like a useful way to bridge the gap since my BBS no longer has a web front end.

I'm not sure why only now have I discovered shamazing

If there is anybody out there with a modem and a spare few minutes, I've reconfigured my modem here to hopefully connect at 2400 (which seems to be at the top end of Vonage's capabilities), could you let me know if you can dial in successfully and how it looks ? I'm hoping it's better than previously - (416) 548-4117

And following on for this, I just did find a tool - gpg-mailgate. Tomorrow I install this to the postfix server, and work it all out. If it's successful this could be interesting.

Now I need to see if there is some way I can get to and deliver the message to the so the contents aren't left in plain text, should an intrusion actually take place. If I can do that, then I might just bring everything back in house. Quite literally in this case.

I think it's time to have a look what can be done.

And since the ports aren't open to the wild, and wcSMTP is locked down like mad for the randomly numbered port the system needs to receive in from the MXes it's not likely to cause a mega issue. Since my PC <=> BBS plain text connection is on my own network or externally VPNing in to my Freebox, I shouldn't run in to many issues. With the latest freebox update, there is also a guest wifi limiting access to internal IPs.

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