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I learned that some people don't know that Social.Coop is accepting registrations. We are, so feel free to register or tell others they can.


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I, of course, did all my work in an all night frenzy that lasted until I passed out at 6h. You can really tell what parts got closer to that hour 😅

I’m waiting for my host to install the domain cert (manual job) so if you’re visiting www.om.gay from within Europe you’ll get errors, everywhere else, you’ll get file errors until I rebuild entirely from the archive

Last night I decided to fully redevelop my site from the ground up. I’ve gone full hog, change to the structure, colour theme, and more importantly, I’ve adapted the GeoDNS to use the CDN only when necessary / provide different content in certain countries

UK politics at this point is a tragically hilarious shuffle of out of touch posh clowns

The Worldle 

#195 1/6 (100%)

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Incidentally, Total Energies who not long ago emailed me to say that my tariff was no longer commercially viable are now reporting record profits

If you didn’t think it was time to eat the billionaire class, it is, the energy companies are ripping us off, the landlords are spiking up rents because they can, and multimillion euro companies are destroying the planet

Because I fell asleep on the sofa all day, I’m now getting around to moving OH.MG over to Ouvaton.coop – La Coopérative d’hébergement numérique omg.singles/ouvaton

I’ve been in the office all week and the cats have been stuck inside for a while. This weekend’s home project so they can frollick outside is moving what I can on OH.MG to cooperative run services (web hosting / email)

For the last couple days I’ve been having this weird obsessive dream about a domain name (it’s already taken) and I genuinely can’t explain why it’s woken me up at 5h30 this morning

They’re doing their own thing and yes, Jarod is sleeping in their toy box

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