I managed to get an order in to KFC before it vanished back off of Uber Eats into the ether. It felt like the normal days.

J’ai lu 78% de ce livre et je pense que vous pourriez l’apprécier : “Every Grain of Sand: a memoir (English Edition)” écrit par David Wichman, Heather Ebert.

Commencez à le lire gratuitement : amzn.eu/5O6PRA4 📖

Currently reading: Every Grain of Sand: a memoir by David P Wichman 📚 micro.blog/books/9781950385133

I think it’s safe to say as a species we’re just fucked at this point


I was having an issue logging into one of my web apps, I cleared my cache, killed all my cookies, deleted all my history, nada. I then rebooted the server it’s hosted on, turns out I probably should have done that first 😬

When I went out earlier on my Tabac hunt, there were a surprising amount of people out and about. Here I am locked up for days at a time because I’m not a total idiot, and there are about a hundred people knocking about outside missing the point.

The longer everybody does this, the lo... mmn.on.ca/2020/04/04/when-i-we

Avec plus des : Cher Twittosphère, j’ai appelé de nombreux dans la quartier et aucun ne répond, quelqu’un connaît-il un ouvert près de ( 6) par hasard ? Merci !

Cher Twittosphère, J’ai appelé de nombreux tabacs dans la quartier et aucun ne répond, quelqu’un connaît-il un tabac ouvert près de (Paris 6) par hasard ? Merci !

Now connecting to all the WP instances I run to update each bloody one before I get a tonne of emails about outdated software on my accounts

Sitting in bed listening to the radio while on my laptop, literally it’s like being in the 90s but with better sound (and a laptop).

Living vicariously though that time before the lockdown, I got around to uploading some of the pix from Oslo bbs.yt/album/oslo-2020.LmF

I’ve got to the point of listening to literally every reggaeton playlist on spotify. Sorry not sorry neighbours.

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