I didn’t believe the yee haw attitude of quarantine protocols in Promethius and Alien Covenant. But Covid happened and it makes sense now

Speak of the devil and she’ll materialise to have a 💩

I live in an apartment that is just shy of 30m2 and yet somehow I’ve lost my cat in here. She has this ability to vanish and the intelligence to get away with a murder

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Working on the BBS today, and also starting to mirror out my journal to FTP / the BBS file area

Before I go to bed (which I should have done hours ago), I’m considering a mailing list as a comment / discussion medium for redacted.id 👍👎?

The Import Begins Today - Reliving your traumatic youth through publically available blog posts 👍 redacted.id/7cd58a93

If you haven’t seen Alf’s Room you should, unless your Japanese is good enough a translation in your browser might be OKish. I really like his style and what he’s created, this is something I’ve been trying to do since the MMN days gurl.oh.mg/r84w5

I like picking up flags of places I’ve been, but I think on this occasion I may have gone a touch overboard. It’s quite huge

Returning to Paris from the airport is always a vexing experience, and today was no different

Last day in 🇳🇴 obvs gonna go up a mountain to see a troll

Made some casual changes to OH.MG to drop the images and go full text, it’s droped the overall size of the site to about 21k so not bad. Still got to work out if I want to move the pure HTML site over to a webhost & if so how gurl.oh.mg/1984

It’s been a bit of a wild ride this week, but here I am about to go out just as it’s getting dark in Oslo 😅

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