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Five years ago, we released Tutanota. With your help we've achieved a lot so far: tutanota.com/blog/posts/encryp
✅ Rebuilt email client to achieve great speed and design
✅ Published an F-Droid app
✅ Made Tutanota completely Google-free
✅ Published desktop clients
✅ Turned Tutanota into a green email service
✅ Added an encrypted search feature
✅ Added an encrypted calendar
Much more is to come in the future, stay tuned. 😃🎉

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I dug through all my domains and threw up a bunch of not very used ones on to FreeDNS.afraid.org.

Check out the goods :

Working from home, this is the risk I take.

Her favourite thing to do is crash video meetings and flashing her back side

Er mer gerd.

Lately, my BBS has been reachable at bbs.ec.je, but by some stroke of luck bbs.ec was available.

The small success of the day

I somehow successfully got mailpile installed on a locally hosted vm server. Mix it in with mailbox.org's encrypt all incoming mail and we've got a decent setup.

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Do you have an abundance of 2.5" 300GB SAS hard drives? Could you spare 8 of them? Could you also ship them to Scotland?

I've got a Sun Enterprise T5120 for the #HamBSD project but no hard drives. I'd like to use this as a sparc64 build machine, and perhaps also other project related things.

Boosts welcome.

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Verizon bought Yahoo under the corporate cryptonym “Oath”. And they are living up to the Orwellian tenor of that name by deleting over two decades of Yahoo groups with barely a murmur.

Yahoo groups is a resource of history for ordinary people: everything from community messaging to obscure DIY solutions.

But it is “old” social media, with low monetization (surveillance) value. That’s the real catch, isn’t it?

A library of Alexandria up in smoke. Poof. With a flick of a corporate switch.

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After the long ordeal of setting up a remote VPS with a workable VPN to proxy incoming web / outbound emails to the BBS, I get this :


Now my Freebox could have done it all along ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No loss, front-end is still there, but I've now got a new server Geomyidae running a Gopher server :D

My website ec.je went down because my laptop server crashed :/

I might have to figure out another way to do this

I put a time limiter on my social media apps, genuinely the best thing I've ever done.

Had 6 hours between my flight and getting kicked out at checkout from the apartment, so I went to . I got some decent pix.

Oops, had to upgrade my Tresorit account. I think it's safe to say I'm a digital hoarder

Ah an efficient and speedy reply to my driving licence exchange

A week after le vendredi noire, closes the RER B early from the airport. I've just been cramped in a bus, and had to jump a gate (titre déjà validé ) and now I'm 90% sure I'm sat in piss.

Welcome back to Paris.

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7h flight on a sunday morning, 4h55 train to the airport after a 40 minute bus ride (thnx RATP), topped off with a last minute drama at 21h lasting 3 hours.

A lot of terrible life decisions were made today. And the 6 cups of coffee totally just kicked in

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