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A thread on hackernews about Delta Chat -- nice to see it's quite well-informed. news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2

Hey @fedex thanks for making me wait at home all day because “you didn’t have my door code”, apparently in 2021 there is no possible way to contact anybody by telephone, if only there was some kind of magical way to call using a small handheld device when not at a phonebox 🤷‍♂️

I’m probably more vexed by this considering I know how it’s going to go, the driver is going to end their shift put some bullshit about me not being home, while being nowhere near the arrondissement I live in, and then I have to waste another day and slog up to their depot.

The definition of end of day is questionable at best, but clearly 18h was not only the promised time but it’s clearly the end of the day for some people

Well lol, if you can’t make it on time, just change the goal posts :
Scheduled delivery: Monday, January 18, 2021 by end of day

Scheduled delivery: Monday, January 18, 2021 by 18:00

Stayed in all day, curfew is about to start, and I’m somewhat vexed that the delivery has still not bothered to show up while I’ve been sat in my flat all day.

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I think we can also confirm that yet again my sleeping patterns are back to April 2020 style “time doth not matter”

I also spent about an hour talking myself out of buying a new domain, so at least there is progress in my 2h du mat compulsive purchases. Except that time I bought a load of gopher themed domains, hem, last night at the same time gopher.lgbt/

The lj.gl server needed to reboot for some updates, plus it was going slow as shit so I figured two problems solved here

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cops can ID a BLM protester by tracking down their etsy purchase but need the public's help to ID white domestic terrorists who make no effort to hide who they are? lmfao fuck outta here. go into the locker room at your precincts and look around.

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love staring into my nightmare rectangle to watch society collapse in real time

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Fitbit support I find is a bit “have you tried contacting somebody else about a problem that stems from our buggy product?”, practically the Uber way of customer care, wear them down until they give up

When I changed Freeboxes I lost some of my file areas, but thanks to the Internet Archive I was able to recover the Commodore Free mirror. So check it out !

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