I make as many things as possible, and I try to connect with people. If you're starting out, success might take a week. It might take a month. It might take a century. But every idea you put out there is another roll of the dice, and you can learn from however those dice fall.

— Tom Scott

Update: It's working now XD.

P.S. Let's Encrypt certs is comming soon for motd.org's user!

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Update: wow received two emails from @SDF , they are working on it!

Hope it will work soon :D

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When I register at motd.org, it always shows this: "Error establishing a database connection".


Even though giant centralized institutions sometimes abuse our trust, they're also really convenient.

A lot of what we do online is exchange things of value with each other. And since we needed thrid parties to store and verify everything, the internet filled up with huge third parties. The key point here is that value exchange is not just money. It is anything of value. You are not Facebook's customer. You are Facebook's product. We've been effectively paying, all these large behemoths, with our data.

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