Some people in Korea are marrying body pillows with faces on them. It's their choice, but to me it sounds weird and hard to accept. I mean it's like making your girlfriend wear a mask when you're with her. If you really love your pillow you don't need anyone's face on it.

There is growing evidence that postoperative pain is actually caused by operating systems.

Careful with that RGB LEDs, kiddo. You're gonna break our epileptic curve cryptography!

For the first few weeks after the 's' key stopped working I used to open random files or programs to copy s character so I can paste it whenever I need it. Then I learned that my dyslexic friend who is a programmer does this with words and phrases.

I kid you not, he keeps a map of different files inside his head so he can find a word he needs to use. Like a dictionary.

I'm an amateur.

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You can't be the best without putting at least some effort and believe me, I put a lot of effort into being lazy. In fact, I put more effort into avoiding work than it would take to just do it.

Few years ago the keyboard on my laptop broke. Some keys - e.g. 's' - no longer work. I refused to replace the keyboard. Instead, I learned how to reassign F2 to s on every OS I use.

I F2till uF2e that laptop.

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I think I'm one of the laziest people on Earth (hyperbole) and I could even explain why, but maybe tomorrow

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...U+200D Zero Width Joiner U+2626 Orthodox Cross (just to make sure we're not talking about some dirty hipster)

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Is replacing icons with emoji a good idea? Let's face it pals, Christ Pantokrator is just U+1F9D4 Bearded Person U+1F3FB Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-1-2 U+200D Zero Width Joiner U+2642 Male Sign U+FE0F Variation Selector-16!

I feel like anything that comes from Google and isn't a hot piece of garbage is just a foot in the door to prevent people like me from sending it all to hell. But guess what: it's NOT ENOUGH

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Fuck google. Most spam I get comes from gmail accounts. This could be filtered out easily, but they don't care.

My dear late boyfriend loved this song. He died in his ✈️ flying in 1993. I still think of him whenever I heard his favourite songs. When she was diagnosed with cancer and could not sleep I would put our CDs of Kenny G in our disc player and hold her until she would fall asleep. He and I would lay in bed for hours listening to Craw. I lost her Dec 2nd 2009. It still hurts to this day it still seems like it was yesterday. RIP Dan. I will always you.

There's no future and arguing that there is is a waste of time.

The stupidity is already here -- it's just not very evenly distributed.

small brain: i don't understand logarithms
big brain: log is a terrible notation because it doesn't reflect the relationship between exponentation, roots & logarithms
galaxy brain: log means it's a tree

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