Hobby: writing reviews of books that don't exist.

Yeah I stole a joke, but at least some people were laughing as I awkwardly tried to run away

I have a second piece of paper (in my back pocket) with some other word on it, just to make sure I'm never lost.

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I stopped writing shopping lists. I don't need them. I just carry a piece of paper with "the usual" written on it. I can go to a store and buy the same things I usually buy without having to remember anything, because I have it on paper.

It also helps when someone asks me what did I have for breakfast.

If I could go back in time I would prevent this toot from being written

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True fact: this scene from a 1971 Polish superhero comedy film 'Hydrozagadka' is a reference to ed, the standard text editor.

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"Our electron brain turned out to be useless. After the data entry it displayed a big question mark."

My favorite vegetable is carrot because it's red and my least favourite vegetable is tomato.

if I had to write down a list of people I hate, I'd start with the guy who came up with the idea of selling AAA* batteries in 4+1 packs

"No matter how loud you scream, it won't change the fact that there's only one correct order of operations", she said, writing 230-220*0.5=5 on the blackboard.

The algorithm is optimized for cases when divisor is equal to base minus one


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I won't go into details but the main idea goes like this: let's say you have 5192/7. You can write 5192 as 5000+100+90+2 but you can also do it like this: 7(555)+7(11)+7(9)+2 but you that's obviously less than 5192 so you can add respective complements 1115 23 27 (finding them is trivial). 1115 = 7(111)+223+7(11)+23+7(1)+5 and so on

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True fact about me: I was kicked out of university for coming up with a groundbreaking method for dividing integers

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Yelp is an extortion racket. They remove bad reviews for a price which means poor owned businesses get lower star ratings. They hold your reputation and livlihood for ransom. And now they get to decide if youre racist or not.

I don't remember if I told you that but I have a perfect memory.

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