pet health 

My trusty canine companion Archie has been super-anxious since we moved a few months back. We've been trying a medication, but it hasn't helped. So we're trying another one once the current med's half-life has expired. Also, his liver function is slightly impaired, so he's starting two meds and a supplement for that. And he's also starting gabapentin for arthritis.

Getting old is for shit, even for dogs. Suffice it to say I have stocked up on Pill Pockets.

Prepping Giant Steps episode 58 for this week, remembering the great Pharoah Sanders who passed last week, just after I featured "The Creator Has A Master Plan" on my last show. This week I'll be devoting the hour to more Pharoah. Tune in at 0000 UTC Friday on aNONradio and tilderadio

From @npr on Twitter: “We have a text-only version of our website for anyone who needs to stay up-to-date on Hurricane Ian and keep their battery and data usage to a minimum:”

Reposting here because it might be interesting/useful to this audience beyond hurricane season (assuming it’s still live.)

Just hours after featuring the Trinity of free jazz on Giant Steps, the last of the three has passed. RIP, Pharoah.

Do you remember? 

The twenty-first night of September?

Here's a really awesome Humble Bundle of Linux books from No-Starch Press. It's pay-what-you-want and supports the EFF and Let's Encrypt.

Seems like a good time to repost my handy, two-question "Are You A Pirate" test.

1) Are you a criminal?
2) Are your criminal activities maritime in nature?

If either or both are untrue, you are not a pirate.

Giant Steps will be back live this week with the Father (Trane), the Son (Pharoah), and the Holy Ghost (Ayler.) Yep, we're going free this week. Tune in at 0000 UTC Friday on aNONradio or tilde radio for primo squawk.

The covids 

Got third COVID booster (Pfizer bivalent) a little over 24h ago. Feeling the after effects now, where I didn’t before. Sluggish, chills, etc. Still better than, y’know, actually getting COVID.

No live Giant Steps tonight. Been a hell of a week, I've had no time to prepare. Back next week, hopefully.

celebrities, Liz Windsor in the London office 

I still look at Twitter often, because I have friends there whom I won't ever convince to come here. Certain of them seem to be obsessed with whether the recently-deceased queen died thinking one celebrity had spit on another celebrity, as if this is something a queen, or any of us, should care about.

(I don't know, and I don't care, about said alleged spitting incident. I am annoyed that I even know what these friends are talking about.)

My day:
- 12pm load drums into stadium
- 2pm welcome local and traveling fans to our tailgate
- 5pm march back to the stadium
- 6pm watch US women's national soccer team win 2-1, play drums for about 75 of the 90 minutes
- Postgame: witness signing of CBAs that ensure equal pay for men's and women's US national soccer teams
- Now: bed

Co-hosted a party tonight that attracted a big crowd, including a few VIPs. Proud of my group for putting it on. But also very much in need of introvert recovery time, which probably won’t come until Wednesday.

Change in plans means I am now free to do a live Giant Steps this week after all. Tune in on and at 0000 UTC Friday for more jazz!

Giant Steps is live now on and with Freddie Hubbard's "Straight Life", from the album of the same name, released on Creed Taylor's CTI label. Taylor died this week, age 93, after a long career as a producer in which he introduced the world to The Girl From Ipanema, founded the seminal Impulse label, and much more. Rest easy, Mr. Taylor.

Playlist for tonight's Giant Steps rerun, originally aired May 13 of this year:
- Cannonball Adderley - Fun
- Grant Green - Django
- Archie Shepp - Naima
- Roland Kirk - From Bechet, Byas and Fats
- Andrew Hill - Black Fire
- Jackie McLean - Melody For Melonae
- Modern Jazz Quartet - Dilemma

Currently (0010 UTC) airing on

No live Giant Steps show tonight as the rest of my life has basically exhausted me. Hope to be back next week!

us healthcare 

is such an unfixable mess that, rather than try to fix it, my plan just has "care coordinators" that you can call to sort out the complicated denied-coverage situations that they themselves created with their arcane and convoluted policies. Capitalism at its finest.

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