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Asking here is probably a stretch. But if there's anyone in Norway looking for an apprenticeship position, I'm looking for one: https://537754.webcruiter.no/Main/Recruit/Public/4326699644
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> Google also [redacted] of non-AMP ads by giving them artificial one-second delays in order to give Google AMP a [redacted][…] which Google uses to turn around and denigrate header bidding for being too slow.

So Google's been committing not just treachery, but active sabotage of the Web.

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[ANN] EmacsConf 2020 videos are out!

The EmacsConf 2020 videos are now ready. Thanks to everyone who helped
make it happen!

You can check out emacsconf.org/2020/talks/ to find the videos,
Q&A, links, and notes for each talk.

Read the full announcement on the emacsconf-discuss mailing list archives:

#emacsconf #Emacs

I.ve been trying to recall a really neat list of suggestion for performance improvement but can't find any reference, so hoping someone here will know and kindly share it back. The list started with something like:

1- Don't do it
2- If you must do it, do it only once

Note it's not Michael Jackson's quote discouraging newbies (which seems to be the only reference I can find anywhere). Any help is appreciated!

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Join us for basu development:

- Doesn't require to think too hard
- Just delete large chunks code as long as it compiles
- The code you get to delete is terrible, so you'll sleep better afterwards
- Can be seen as payback for all of the bad code you've written during the day

Some doctors even recommend it!


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That statement was made at a time when "optimization" meant what we today would call micro-optimization, such as rewriting a function in asm to improve perf or doing a branch-less comparison.
99% of what we today call "optimization" was back then simply "how you write software" so the statement lost it's meaning.

Source: ubiquity.acm.org/article.cfm?i

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Emacs Survey

The team is doing a survey on how #Emacs is used. Please participate even if you don't use it. Help to discover how people are using Emacs for everything, from software engineering to academia and journalism and help to make a better software.

Responses will be collected from October 19th 2020 to November 30th 2020.

#foss #gnu


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...also the #pinetab early adopters version can be used with postmarketOS now, and the installation instructions were updated: wiki.postmarketos.org/wiki/PIN

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"Challenged to write about a single Unicode character, I chose the humble asterisk." Fascinating read about its origins, uses, designs, and technological applications.


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The SDF Plan9 Fall Boot Camp begins October 2nd, 2020. A handful of slots are still available. If you'd like to join, send email to sdf.org membership address.

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I have been testing several Linux flavours on my Google Nexus 5 for a while, and have condensed my general thoughts on it in this article, where I also tried to compare it with the more popular "true Linux" smartphones on the market.

tuxphones.com/google-nexus-5-a #linux

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I am looking for a FOSS android calendar app that works with radicale and preferably can resolve .onion addresses (via orbot's VPN mode).

please spread this question.

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