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So this posted this morning. Huge thanks to @SarahTtheWriter for an amazing chat and for taking so much care with my story.

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Sometimes I just like to let my buildworld play on repeat in a corner of one of my many screens. It relaxes me and gives me something interesting to take my mind somewhere else on occasion fraubsd.org/dl/video/buildworl

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Disgusting intrusive surveillance.

Remote working is a flexibility and trust. The office gives managers the illusion of control - but to every manager considering this software: if you’ve hired staff you can’t trust, that’s on you. twitter.com/lindamciver/status

Sure, sometimes when billing clients by the hour, you need to have some idea of how many hours to bill (and I don't have a good low-stress solution for that), but for "performance tracking", they're completely the wrong approach my opinion.

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When it comes to office work, it can be too neurologically intensive to focus on every minute of the day, and social time with colleagues is also important.

Time tracking tools are the enemy of productivity. I get super stressed when using them.

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Sometimes you need you take a break from what you're doing for a few minutes to switch from focussed to diffuse thinking modes. Sometimes you'll have ideas during your lunch break while you're "off the clock".

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This isn't how working works. Expecting office workers to work every minute of their 8 hour day, regardless of if they're in the office or remote, is an exercise in futility and naivety, and this approach demonstrates lack of trust, and will *reduce* productivity.
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holy moly. ethics, anyone??

These programs monitor your every keystroke as you work from home — and report back to your boss

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Yeah nah, fuck this. Do Twitter actually honestly believe that someone saying fuck is worse than someone calmly and politely advocating for genocide or something, or do they just have their heads so far up their own arses they have no idea how their platform is used? twitter.com/dhh/status/1263634

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So we accidently ran an experiment where we did the most any individual can do to reduce carbon emissions and it’s not enough. twitter.com/mckinleaf/status/1

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iOS 13.5 for iPhone now has COVID-19 Exposure Notification API functionality built in. Interestingly, iPadOS 13.5 doesn’t seem to have it.

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Hey @ABCTV, Hey ABC TV + iview, it’s great you’re showcasing all the comedians from the big three management companies. This commitment to gatekeeping in the arts is really coming along in this mean-spited parody PSA. twitter.com/abctv/status/12630

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it’s important to label your friends appropriately

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I put together a massive Road to Riches run in Elite: Dangerous. It’s so long it’ll several days to complete.

I wanted to work out what stations I could dock at during the run.

I may have just imported the system list into PostGIS.


oh nevermind it just crashed, and then took its time, and the tabs eventually appeared on my desktop, surprising the hell out of me after i'd copied them over manually

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I have 40 tabs open on @FirefoxPreview on Android. Normally when it got this out of hand I'd send them all to my desktop and sort them there. This feature appears not to have been fully implemented yet on Preview. I think I've made a mistake :)

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happy birthday to Allie Brosh, who hasn't been online for years, but who has probably contributed more to internet parlance than any other living person

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