I just want Samba media server and Dropbox-style file server (Nextcloud) with reliable/secure file storage (protected against drive loss, corruption, accidental deletions, with disk encryption) on trusted hardware.
Is that so much to ask without a bunch of hoop jumping?

5 years ago I enjoyed setting up new servers, getting them how I wanted them, with backups, redundancy, encryption, and all my desired services etc.
Now I'm just filled with 'ugh.'

Well, 3 years to the week since drive 1/4 failed in my home server's RAID10, drive 3/4 has just failed, and my server's dead. I have backups from this week, so no data loss. Just the kick I needed to migrate to the replacement under my desk.
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What do people use for animation instead of Adobe Flash these days? I was discussing animation with a friend just now and it occurs to me I have no idea what the current options are. (I'm thinking making short animated videos with custom characters.)

Got my quarterly sexual health check and PrEP prescription today. The doctor was a little rough during my blood test and I have a nice bruise now, but it was otherwise pretty painless! Regular checkups for some of… instagram.com/p/B1DmAPOHrXV/?i

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Idk who needs to hear this but you can be feminine af AND an excellent programmer 💅✨

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I am at a info session as a gov sponsor. I am both impressed & proud of where subsequent leadership has taken it. Well done everyone! Anyone wanting to participate in a great hackathon by & for hackers (in the good sense!) register now @GovHackAU@twitter.com govhack.org

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Thinking about the boundaries of a sex worker/client relationship this morning, and what it feels like when a client is indicating they are developing feelings for their worker.

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Bad: "Why are you here?"
Better: "What are you interested in?"

Bad: "Are you a speaker?"
Better: "What are you speaking about?"

Bad: "Are you in marketing?"
Better: "What sort of work do you do?"

Bad: "Are you here with your boyfriend?"
Better: [Shut mouth, walk away] twitter.com/IanColdwater/statu

Download and upload speeds before and after switching to NBN. Slower downloads, but significantly more consistent. I guess I'm relatively satisfied with this.

This one's gonna hurt tomorrow! Probably pushed myself a bit far even though my pace was fairly slow. Oh well, guess we'll see! ift.tt/2KJkBGr

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Ok, @Qantas@twitter.com, how the fuck are you supposed to enter your details “exactly as they appear on the passport that will be used for your trip” if you don’t even list all the possible values for gender on a passport.
Fix your shit.

Hey, @TilerSupport@twitter.com, these dollar amounts don't appear to add up :P
(This is from the "Your Tile Order Has Shipped!" email I just received. Gather it's just something weird with the email template.)

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Hey team! I'm looking for remote work at the moment in the realms of composition, sound design and audio implementation, or anything related to that knowledge.
Hit me up if you get any of that going, or you want a chat :)
Sharing appreciated.

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Googling whether it is illegal to be gay in any of the places I will be visiting on this trip. The news is not good in re: Singapore!

This thread is a great story.
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A ghost who lives in your house but all they do is rearrange your fridge magnets to spell out self care and helpful messages

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