A term I coined on the fly ended up in an online publication! Nice one, @GeorgieWolf@twitter.com (@artofthehookup@twitter.com)!
A great article about how societal norms hinder enthusiastic consent!

A term I coined on the fly ended up in an online publication! Nice one, @GeorgieWolf@twitter.com!
A great article about how societal norms hinder enthusiastic consent!
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"If my situation sounds familiar, perhaps you're on the escalator too...@GeorgieWolf@twitter.comd be ruining your love life."


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I want to talk a little bit about jealousy in polyamory, since it's such a common question – and shouldn't be. A thread. 👇🏼

Alert! Wholesome thread ahead!
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Some nice GDC stories:

- Ash came all the way from Egypt and found another Egyptian developer he didn’t know and now they’re good buddies.

- A stranger tweeted that a guy was creeping on her and a group of tough beautiful men showed up and put themselves between them.

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Make it part of the acceptance criteria, and definition of done.

The harder part is training people to think about implications, consequences and unforeseen impacts in the first place. twitter.com/3AInstitute/status

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Every time he gets his favorite food. 🐶

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When Job Network staff are sick and don't show up people get cut off and can't get food or pay bills.

@Centrelink@twitter.com why do you outsource "auditing services" you deem so necessary? twitter.com/Arkady2009/status/

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Endlessh: an SSH Tarpit

“Endlessh exploits a little paragraph in RFC 4253, the SSH protocol specification.”


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“What happened to me doesn’t change the fact that PrEP is still the most powerful HIV preventative we have ever had” | Good to see some sensitive and informative reporting on PrEP!


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Fundamentally, if Facebook fixed what you hate about it, you'd spend LESS time on there, so they never will.

Here's why.


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This is awesome, I didn’t know it ended up being recorded and a lot of people were asking for it. Here it is! twitter.com/AnonJr/status/1108

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@Asher_Wolf@twitter.com Where's the spec? Where's the open and transparent collaboration on standards? Where's the public discourse? Where's the ? Where's the controls? Where's the layer? How will the work?

The fragmentation of tech policy at a federal level is staggering.

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The Coalition’s MyGovID will cost $67 million for digital identity and require you to trust the government with uploading and storing all your major proof of identity documents governmentnews.com.au/67-milli

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Anyone else refer to a condom as a cumbrella?

Well *this* is an interesting thread!
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Just discovered the most INSANE thing. The ORDER OF THE EPISODES for Netflix's new series Love Death & Robots changes based on whether Netflix thinks you're gay or straight.

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