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Laugh at the tiny things creeping over the surface of an infinitesimal speck in a common little galaxy in an unimaginable Universe of endless wonder.


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Living in a world of shitty things is not a valid excuse for not doing good things.

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She lives in a tree
sleeps in the winter
wakes in the springtime
sings with my voice

Birds are her children
wild beasts her sons
the sea is her daughter
mother of all

Rain is her house
clouds the roof of it
many her windows
lit by the moon

She walks in the meadows
clad only in wind
sweet rivers pour down
from her mountains

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When people lived real lives, they didn't need an ad to tell them they needed a bucket to fetch water.

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Words are little clamps we put on thoughts to stop the bleeding.

Overmedicated and underslept
I think I know why Jesus wept

Social Sunday was quiet. I was to tired to enjoy a code party so I just folded. Origami, that is. Good thing, too. I needed to bring up some memory, and while I was at it, coming in from a diffferent mental angle, I found the better way to fold the model that I knew was there. One of those brilliant conversations with the paper.

Latest thing in - not awfully exciting, perhaps, but useful for exhibiting little paper toys. The Cozy Corner is also a nice cube illusion when left unfurnished.

" Try one-click dialing

Register Google Voice so it can make calls in your browser when you click a phone number link "

Uh, yeah, I'm sure that will work in Pale Moon.

How to make the dickwads shut TF up . . . .

During my last sleep segment, my knee decided it had punished me enough. I can walk normally now. I choose to walk not quite normally . . . 😬 . . . never trust a body part!


You need gigabit broadband because we need to forcefeed you a mountain of javascript on every page!

My right knee can stop being an asshole ANY TIME NOW.


I really don't get it. The left knee is the one that almost got broke in 90-something (and has taken it plenty of other times). Right knee has no legitimate complaint. So why have I been screaming in pain off and on all day.

It sure is hard to see any difference in my supposedly increased speed, because the whole fucking Internet is getting SLOWER.

We've been hearing the news about Microsoft's persistent issues with Xbox server outages. The real persistent issue is that your console phones home to its overlord to ask if you can play a game in the first place.

Rain is headed this way, so I moved my mobile potting operation back inside. Got quite a few tomatoes into big pots, then Mr. A. Friend came over and adopted a boxful. Also gave him sweet cicely starts and some extra basil seed.

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