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When you speak of "thinking outside the box" you ignore one very important thing: The box is yours. You created it.

In reality, there is no box.

Ordered some 8-ft. bamboo poles. Let the damn plants grow now!

I really do feel sorry for people who depend on tiny pocket pests for everything.

But most of them would be just as small-minded and limited on real computers.

NASA scrapped the first all female spacewalk because they didn't have the right-sized spacesuit ready to go. It was not one small step for women.

Q. What is the difference between Windows and Android?




A. Your master's name.

*checks fewn*

*twiddles thumbs while shit updates...

...or doesn't update...*

I hate fewns.

lol fixed the missing buttons by installing a new theme. I guess something bad happened to some part of Pale Moon's default theme.

I'm not a big button user, but sometimes they're convenient.

I wrote a nice review of the shopping cart I bought on eBay a few days ago. I am a good netizen. It's a good cart.

A new report argues that it's essential we change our eating habits to protect the planet and ensure we are able to feed the growing global population.

Impatiens and mini tomato seeds under tents join the botanical insanity of the tropical zone

Now here's something sexy! (whichever sex it wants to be at the moment)

Started video screencap of a PowderToy thing. Walked off to do something...did other things...took a big trump...came back to 32GB of video.

I'm so easily distracted 🙄 🤣
Good thing I believe in big hard drives.

Cheesey shroomy noodley soup

Cheesey shroomy noodley soup

Cheesey shroomy noodley soup


I feel much better naoooowwwww....

Any good dick pics on the fedline?

Nah, just tits and ass.

Crap, what's a dirty old woman to do these days?

In the last few months:
- Tumblr purged adult content (and a bunch of stuff it misindentified).
- Flickr purged free storage above a limit of 1000 photos/account.
- Myspace deleted 12 years' worth of music.

And Google+ only has two weeks left before Google pulls its plug.

Back up your accounts!

And if you can, consider donating to the Internet Archive.

I am stressed out.

If one more thing falls on the floor, the screams will be heard in Michigan. Maybe farther.

You have been warned.

Advertising encourages hacking.

Make. My. Day.

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