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When people lived real lives, they didn't need an ad to tell them they needed a bucket to fetch water.

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Words are little clamps we put on thoughts to stop the bleeding.

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Winning at Solitaire is like having your faith in humanity restored. It only lasts until the next deal.

MtM Lessons of Solitaire

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When you speak of "thinking outside the box" you ignore one very important thing: The box is yours. You created it.

In reality, there is no box.

**Coronavirus: Comparing COVID-19, SARS and MERS**

"A comparison of COVID-19 data to similar recent diseases with global impact caused by the coronavirus."

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Dammit. All those words, and one fatfinger typo at the end.

If you are compelled to rid the world of a nuisance, please be careful. I highly recommend a gun or other projectile weapon, at a distance of ten feet or more.

Blood spatter can carry a horrific variety of diseases. Particularly in these troubled times, it is wise to avoid use of knives, blunt instruments, axes, or chainsaws.

Of course, if you are attacked, do what you must, disinfect yourself, and burn the body.

Kill safe, my frifends.

BTW, orange juice is a lousy source of vitamin C; it is only popular because of advertising. Selling you more of something yiou don't need is the only purpose of advertising.

Drinking a lot of any sweet fruit juice can lower your immune response because of the high sugar content.

The snailman left three packs of origami paper today. Lotsa new patterns and colors. Folding frenzy. My desk looks like the aftermath of a papernado.

#Portland, antifascist + #mutualaid groups have formed a coalition to mass produce + distribute thousands of bottles of free hand sanitizer to folks on the street, domestic violence shelters, bus drivers, Meals on Wheels, and even a local firehouse.

Should get some jars ready and plan a batch of kraut-chi. I have everything I need to make a shitload. 😋

**Wisconsin governor suspends in-person voting for Tuesday primary**

"The Wisconsin vote is seen as a national test case in a broader fight over voter access in the age of coronavirus."

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DuckDuckGo is lame ATM. I must have worn out the poor bird yesterday.

Crease pattern of Spinning Square envelope. Central square is of arbitrary size. I'm working on proportions for a cool box lid made from this diagonal pattern.

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