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When you speak of "thinking outside the box" you ignore one very important thing: The box is yours. You created it.

In reality, there is no box.

Unicorn Riot: **Amazon Workers Strike On Prime Day in Shakopee**

"Shakopee, MN – Over 100 employees at ‘MSP1’, a large Amazon warehouse in Minnesota, plan a four-hour work stoppage at the peak of business on Amazon’s “Prime Day” sales promotion event. Workers say that demanding quotas and pressure to perform at high speeds causes undue… The post A…"

#anarchism #bot

It is now possible to walk in my basement without boots.

Time for some coffee, with star bees 'n' cream

Friend I was texting with got her Spectrum box blown off by lightning.

The Tillandsias I hung outside are lovin this weather

There's nobody here to talk to.

What's your excuse?

I fixed Crumb to make it stop bleating about its obsolete profile. Not that I want to use the POS, but using it for gmail keeps Google more or less isolated from my other web activities.

[sigh] I got wine back, but still have to deal with the haqt Solitaire not working right. Been there, done that, but every time it's the same round and round shit and I never know what really fixed it when I'm done.

Google Crumb is all upset about the update situation and wanted to send feedback. So I did, and used the opportunity to tell them why I hate it 🤣

Why the hell are such fuxt things (wine 4) ever foisted on us poor users? It gives Linux a damnably eggy face.

Holy chipotle, what a mess I make when I don't remember to avoid certain updates 🙄

Mmm, nice. Pale Moon profiles transplanted into summer computer, feels like home..

Oh dear, I think lunch is about to happen. Too much good food around here.

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