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When you speak of "thinking outside the box" you ignore one very important thing: The box is yours. You created it.

In reality, there is no box.

After all the fun middle of the night happenings, do I want to eat something or just get horizontal again?

Consensus seems to be horizontal.

I must be getting good at that.

I never trusted that vintage table that Mr. Fixit set up in the basement. But why did it have to choose 2:15am to kneel under its load? 🙄

I'm tempted to read the directions for my new sump pump switch, but that could lead to dangerous activity. Must remain in vegetative state.

Something's going right. No fever and I've been able to sit up and watch two movies (not consecutively). Still sore though.

I do NOT understand what's going on with the econofoods website. Every time I think it's settled into some kind of sanity, on the next visit it's like the dumb cousin has been turned loose on it.

A moment ago I took a look, out of idle curiosity. Maybe they have a weekly ad pdf download again? no weekly ad.

Not that I'm going shopping today, but hey, it is senior citizen discount day, and other ancient insomniacs might like to know.

Time to sit up a while, eat a small portion of guacamole, and install updates.

A dab of coconut milk after a good day's sleep - that's what Ms. Body likes.

Whew. It's nice to be semi-functional again. I really hate pain. Especially blinding pain that makes my nose run like Barry Allen.

Tietze syndrome? I'm not being hypochondriacal, just weighing the possibilities. Whatever it is, it's pain. A lot of pain. It's been naggingly around for a few days, and today it exploded.

I should try an icepack. The worst it can do is hurt more ha ha ha ha ha ha

And then the pain went from dull ache on inhaling to constant pounding excruciating shit. I'm just treading water now, head barely above the sea of pain.

Should not have been out rolling big log sections yesterday.

Told me so.

Maybe next time I'll listen.

Three conclusions to draw from #Google denying #Huawei access to software & the importance #FreeSoftware has for technology users, public bodies, and businesses alike:

Causes of costrochondritis may include:


History of an illness that causes a lot of coughing

Heavy lifting or strenuous exercise, involving the upper extremities and chest wall

Carrying heavy bags, such as a heavy backpack on one side or the other

Having large breasts

History of chest injuries or chest infections


Can't do much about no.4 without doing more of no.2.

This breathing pain is a real buttworm. I think it's just costochondritis. Had that a few years ago, in a slightly different location, after some strenuous coughing. This time heavy lifting could be the trigger.

Problem is, I can't just stop doing what needs to be done. 🤬

You know you're more into plants than bad food when squushed mulberries over ice cream looks like some kind of weird root in overwatered potting soil.

Hop bines are shooting up through the hoss manure with a whoop and holler. Good thing I got a start on the supports.

If the title of a Youtube video starts with a number, it is vacuous clickbait.

(Matera the Mad's Laws of the Internet)

Sun is peeping through the clouds. Time to get going!

I guess one of the good things about being sickish and not able to fast is having cinnamon red-hot oatmeal with my coffee.

Don't jump to conclusions - it doesn't mean I put ratpoison candy in my oatmeal. Just lots of cinnamon and a couple shakes of cayenne pepper. Sweetening is a few raisins and a jot of stevia extract.

I discovereded it accidentally many years ago when I had cinnamon and cayenne in very similar containers. Oooops. Oh well, waste not.... Hey, that's GOOD!

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