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Words are little clamps we put on thoughts to stop the bleeding.

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Winning at Solitaire is like having your faith in humanity restored. It only lasts until the next deal.

MtM Lessons of Solitaire

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When you speak of "thinking outside the box" you ignore one very important thing: The box is yours. You created it.

In reality, there is no box.

Does anyone have a list of all Android Camera apps that are vulnerable to the recently discovered CVE-2019-2234?

Asking for a friend.

(Only Google and Samsung have pushed updates, what about all the other phone makers?)

Cleaning and loading my worker laptop for the next shootout at the NWTC Corral.

8:00. I'm crawling out of bed after a spotty night's sleep. He walks in with a rock on his shoulder.

"Where do you want Grandmother?"

Gwahhhhh...lemme get my shoes on...

Here πŸ‘‰

My house is not "smart" - it's wise. πŸ˜‰


QI New report
Privacy Included: Rethinking the Smart Home
November 2019
#privacy #IOT
Reminds me of seeing talk about the Internet of Unsafe Things at the Sydney Writer's Festival a few years ago!


As a reward for my strenuous effort to organize--and dispose of excess--origami, two packages of delicious paper from Japan landed in my mailbox.

Happy fingers πŸ˜‹

LOL I just afdvised a witch to try a restraining order instead of a curse.

Today's task: Epic sorting out of bags and boxes of haphazardly mixed origami that threatens to bury me alive. Most of it is giveaway or tossaway.

And I had just finished getting this together.

Hans Werner-Guth's Jump sitting on my Palantir Stand.

This is to remind me to do more with curves πŸ˜ƒ

Hoka-hey! It is a good day to fold! I ordered a second package of a cheap but excellent print assortment so I could send some along with the exhibit. But the new package freaked me out.

I open the package, and :Waitaminnit...this looks different -- OYFG it's printed on both sides!!!!!!!

This is going to be a lot of fun.

LOL headline of the day: "The Mandalorian is driving people back to torrenting".

Ha ha ha, no, it's just that no one has the money to pay for all those freaking streaming services.

Easy prediction of the day: it's going to be a bloodbath pretty soon. Keep an eye on Netflix (US$ 12 billion in long term debt).

Celery and Windows have a lot in common. Ubiquitous, unnecessary, and (over)used by default by people who don't think for themselves.

Shoddy packaging strikes again. I wanted a bit of black paint, and the shitty tube lost its head.

Paint was transferred to a jar with minimum loss, but We are not amused.

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