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Words are little clamps we put on thoughts to stop the bleeding.

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Winning at Solitaire is like having your faith in humanity restored. It only lasts until the next deal.

MtM Lessons of Solitaire

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When you speak of "thinking outside the box" you ignore one very important thing: The box is yours. You created it.

In reality, there is no box.

I am definitely going to clean up this tusk and use it as an tool! 😎

My aunt found an old pig skull in the neighbor's yard when I was a kid. I wonder if this boar tusk that the workfellas dug up belonged to it.

The guys digging around the old garage next door are unearthing interesting odds and ends from around the turn of the previous century.

of the day: Wildflower

I had a conversation with a pentagon and this is what we agreed on.

Oh my sweet lolz, I was in my neighbor's foresty back yard to socialize with my friend the workperson, and I spotted a mass of oyster mushrooms on a stump!!!

I stole all the good ones.

I got up a couple hours ago because somebody nibbled my nose and I had to pee. Otherwise I might have slept another half hour.

Would you replace your existing internet provider with a community-based ISP, assuming that you'd (at the very least) keep the same speed? If so/not, why?


10 years ago I started using ad blockers because I thought ads were annoying. Now I think that's the _least_ important reason to use them.

I think we should call them "browser firewalls." That more accurately describes their purpose.

Had a hard time with a simple diagram from a new pack of paper. First I had to scan it and GIMP it into an image with readable contrast. Then I had to figure out that the two models shown were folded from diagonal half-sheets. That had me puzzled for a bit. 🤣 I suppose the explicit directions are in the Japanese text. 🤣

I'm rather dense with diagrams, but I try to keep in practice.

The Hello World Collection ... the largest collection of Hello World programs on the Internet, also one of the few remaining cookie-free tracker-free ad-free registration-free EULA-free sites, maintained by me since 1999. #helloworld #programming #software

Infoshop: **76 anti-ICE protesters arrested during sit-in at Microsoft store in New York**

"Seventy-six protesters were arrested Saturday afternoon for blocking traffic in Manhattan, a New York Police Department spokesman said. The post 76 anti-ICE protesters arrested during sit-in at Microsoft store in New York app…"

#anarchism #bot

I hang on because there was this moment when I saw love in his eyes and it was real.

The crane on the left came in the package of paper. The crane on the right is my traditional crane-test of new paper. They look happy together.

ruh-roh, ho followers are starting to show up

AAAHHHHRRRRGGGHHHH IrfanView is suddenly giving me batch convert problems. I tried XNConvert, but, frankly, to an old IrfanView user, it SUCKS. [sigh]

I'll get it figured out. Meanwhile, I can at least do one at a time, as long as I'm not grinding out a big web gallery.

If it comes to that, I can copy a whole bunch somewhere nd do some command-line shit. I just like my conveniences. 🙄

Not just vegetables today - I bought some art. The deliciously fractal trees are burned into the wood with an electric arc. Looking for a good place to hang it.

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