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When you speak of "thinking outside the box" you ignore one very important thing: The box is yours. You created it.

In reality, there is no box.

Today's slightly annoying gremlin: Windows not sure of which workspace they're supposed to be in.

Baby Bowiea volubilis starting its second year of independent growth.

Is Pastebin the busiest place on Earth? Sure looks like it.

I've been there a few times today to

1. Reclaim my account 'cuz I lost my password 😶

2. Delete old junk 💥

3. Paste some scripts 🤓

A proper Wisconsin breakfast: ginseng in my oatmeal.

Martin Luther King Jr. National Park Reopens For Holiday, Thanks To A Private Grant

If the Twitter interface was this flexible, I might have seen it once or twice in the past two months.😈

AND got the columns back in their original order so I don't have to get used to something new that doesn't have to be new.

AhHA. Got my lost column re-pinned.

Most of the time I'm glad I do poke everything.

Ahh, found the pachyderm's hotkey list. Muuuuch better now.

Some productive day. Messed up my Mastodon and then perverted a Powder Toy script into a modification that I call Langton's Ent. Because it grows gnarly random trees.

aurrghhh how do I un-unpin a column?

There re moments when I wish I didn't poke everything

I went back to that godsbefeathered survey. It works in Firefux. But at the end it wanted me to sign in. I used Farcebork, because that's shitpoison already and I'm too lazy to create a burner email addy today. In a month or two I can revoke it.


The words of a true native AMERICAN Hero and Vietnam Vet, Nathan Philips after dozens of bigoted Covington Catholic high school students mocked him in MAGA hats.

Listen to this man’s words. Particularly those who hide their bigotry behind MAGA hats


Cuppa hot tea sounds good. Mounting expedition to frozen wastes of the kitchen.

ATM, I'd rather be a woolly mammoth than a mastodon.

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