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She lives in a tree
sleeps in the winter
wakes in the springtime
sings with my voice

Birds are her children
wild beasts her sons
the sea is her daughter
mother of all

Rain is her house
clouds the roof of it
many her windows
lit by the moon

She walks in the meadows
clad only in wind
sweet rivers pour down
from her mountains

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When people lived real lives, they didn't need an ad to tell them they needed a bucket to fetch water.

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Words are little clamps we put on thoughts to stop the bleeding.

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Winning at Solitaire is like having your faith in humanity restored. It only lasts until the next deal.

MtM Lessons of Solitaire

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When you speak of "thinking outside the box" you ignore one very important thing: The box is yours. You created it.

In reality, there is no box.

Mission accomplished.

I haven't used the hulking old electric stove in years, but it was still plugged in. Not only a potential hazard, but it has a clock that was getting noisier all the time.

I could never figure out how to disconnect if at the old fuse boxes. Have to shift one end and unplug. Damn thing's heavy even without all the stuff stored in and on it. So I fetch in an angle iron.


Could have used a guy, but it's more fun to do it myself. 😎

I was in the middle of crating an email filter so I wouldn't have to delete a common type of spam manually, and this came knocking on the door. The basement door.

The phrase "chickenshit bastards" comes to mind.

Rob Portman, Lamar Alexander, Ben Sasse, Roy Blunt, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, John Cornyn, John Thune, Mitt Romney, Mike Braun, Todd Young, Tim Scott, Rick Scott, Marco Rubio, Chuck Grassley, Richard Burr, Pat Toomey, Martha McSally, Jerry Moran, Pat Roberts, and Richard Shelby


Though I hate being up too early, these hours of slack time sometimes offer great opportunities for creativity in

My mind is open to anything; the paper suggests and I follow.

There's a little tuck inside that isn't the easiest (my fingers would like to be a mite younger for this), but it gives the model great strength and stability. I am partial to containers that can hold up to use and handling.

Closer to 5 hours this round. Not bearlike enough. 4-something is not a good time to be up. Can't do much so early. When it IS light enough to do something, I'll probably be groggy.

A split sleep schedule wouldn't be so annoying if the second part was as predictable as the first. For a while last year, that was almost a thing.

On the good side, I guess, no job to get to. My time is my own to nap out in. I have only myself to amuse, no one to be disturbed by noise.

One humongus hunk of superstretchy bread dough starting its last rise. Gonna be a great week for slicing.

I bet I sleep like a bear tonight. Nothing like fresh bread to knock a body out.

The season of filthy leaf blowers is hardly over and I am besieged on all sides by insane light pollution.

Potting frenzy paused, while I take care of bread starter and other details. This time of year there usually aren't too many desperate little green folks crying out for more rootspace, but I'd noticed pleading looks from every direction lately. Just don't get around to the foliage crowd for too long.

Was just thinking about the UFO I saw back around 1960 from the back yard of my mother's house in Green Bay.

Steady red light moving in a straight line. I thought it was odd, because airplanes always blinked, so I kept watching. It made a 90-degree turn, went on a bit, and then vanished. 🤷

Not much of a story.

I /think/ I found all the files I drag-and-oopsed a few minutes ago 😬 🙄 😊

Need a browser add-on that makes a slamming door sound when a tab is closed because of stupid pop-ups

When kitties want to play. You better damn well play with them, ya hear?

I call this as an absolute win (for the Fediverse).

Hopefully this will push people (and more importantly content producers) into look for alternatives. Time to strike. Tell your Youtuber friends about PeerTube. Or at least complain about the ads and ask them to remove the ads 😉

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