The fact that the duct tape industry is thriving when we have marmite is beyond me.

I started using ProtonMail recently, and I notice that Gmail puts a big warning for emails originating from there. This is really insidious because it's teaching the users that any email that doesn't come from a Google approved source is sketchy.

Thank god for the fucking `reflog` command. The amount of times I fat finger `git reset HEAD~21` instead of `git reset HEAD~1` is a little ridiculous.

Starting watching . Fucking LOVE these characters. I 'bout busted a gut when I heard the Doctor say "Sticks and stones won't break my bones, so you can imagine how I feel about being called names." Ugh, so good.

The amount of binding and magic that happens behind hooks is probably nuts, but it's a really fucking cool feature. team did a nice job!!

Using for the first time. It's really cool shit! Just wish I didn't suck so hard at it. 😆

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*Gets text message*

"Fun! Someone is reaching out!"

*Reads text message and realizes it 2FA for something you literally just signed in for.*


"I love to do data science while I'm keyboard typing and butt sitting, listening to sound music."

Every time my fucking 5Ghz radio goes down it reminds me of how little I know about routers and networking. is super cool software and I love using it, but sometimes I just want my internet to work. 😆

Might be a silly question, but I'm running on my router and I have a radio that's unused. Is there any practical use for it other than providing more silly and fucked up access point names in my neighborhood?

I'm really fortunate to have received a promotion at work. It couldn't have come have at a more ironic time considering that I'm struggling to even pee straight.

Bottom surgery, as happy and as privileged as I am to have it, is pretty brutal to recover from. Respect to folks who are on the other side; some of it just plain sucks. 😩

So we all know DRM is shit, but Netflix has all the Star Trek I want. 😬 Is it worse to use Google Chrome JUST for Netflix? Or install all the plugins and enable DRM for Firefox? Feels like the second since anything Google is pretty intrusive..

2018 was the year I concluded that any system whose purpose is to measure, capture, and monetize human attention is immoral and inevitably leads to the erosion of the commons and society itself. In 2019 I'm committed to helping dismantle these systems by all possible means.
Concretely this means supporting nonprofit alternatives like mastodon, blocking all ad tracking (sorry, people whose livelihoods have been captured by that industry), and doing whatever most damages the attention industry.

Every time I use {x,y} in bash, it feels like magic.

`git mv some/deep/ass/directory/that/you/hate/typin/twice/{derp,face}`

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Ugh.. "We didn't start the fire" has been stuck in my head for almost two days..

It's a blessing. That song fucking rules.

If you have the luxury of using a gym, put your fucking equipment away! It builds goodwill with your peers and helps shave off time when people are looking for shit they need. Don't be a dick!

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