Haven't soldered in ages, but managed to repair my keyboard with a keycap my friend @technomancy hooked me up with. 😁 YOU'RE A GOOD FRIEND, PAL! ❤️

The fact that uses push notifications to advertise is obnoxious. Like, I get why you advertise to your folks, but give me a way to opt out! This paradigm shift to vertically integrated advertisements, i.e. advertising one of your apps in another, gets really old, especially when you can't easily tell the app to can it. 😅

I'm celebrating the end of by playing all my old favorite games. I'll miss you bud! 👋😭

"Ah yes, I would love for my neck to hurt at the end of the day and lose more space on my desk to monitors."

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So I've been shopping for dual monitor mounts and it's annoying that most reviews don't mention the maximum height because these mother fuckin' monitor mounts are ALWAYS too low. The reviews seem to accurately reflect manufacturer's intent though if product photos are any reflection of that. Like, WHO WANTS THIS??

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what do you think tony hawk calls "tony hawk's pro skater"? does he just call it "my pro skater"?

@gsantner Hey Gregor! Just wanted to thank you for your work on Markor! :) I use it almost daily and it fits the bill for all of my mobile note-taking needs. I appreciate you!

Did you ever think and could collaborate and make beautiful music? This track is spectacular in regular Nick Franglen fashion.


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software that lets you change critical information such as PINs and passwords by only verifying your date of birth is horrifying. Hell to the no.

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Got my caught in a railcar line and earned my first crash! Grateful it wasn't worse. Plus I have a gnarly, cool-looking bruise, hehe.

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aaaaand that's a wrap folks! Spilljackers by @luckystrike and myself is complete, and the #lispgamejam is over.

the game runs in the browser so give it a try: technomancy.itch.io/spilljacke

you can even edit the code and maps without downloading anything.

Anyone know a good app that's available on ? Or a webapp?

This acquisition has me shook. How many billions of dollars is enough to say "Shit man, maybe we own enough of the private market?" Unlimited growth is an inane and terrible indicator of success for mankind.

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NSA/PRISM surveillance 

If you use a Alexa device, unplug them right now!


Here's some news: Keith Alexander, the man who was the architect of PRISM (the same surveillance program that Ed Snowden revealed to the world all those years ago) has joined the Amazon board. theverge.com/2020/9/9/21429635

@create_potato Welcome friend! I can't wait to switch to Queer Party too! LOTSA FUN OVER THURR

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