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A million billion apologies to all of you who have @-ed me about Smog, and I didn't get back to you!

For some weird reason I didn't get any notifications here and I only saw them earlier when I clicked Notifications completely by mistake.

If you ever want to reach me and seem to ignore you here, my email is always open! Things that run in web browsers may lie and malfunction, but mutt doesn't!

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About @littlejohn: programming, electronics and engineering enthusiast. Unix programmer and user since the late '90s/early 00s.

My "following" list is an eclectic mix of , , , , , , , , , , , and enthusiasts. Yeah, I'm a curious person. Curiosity *allegedly* killed the cat but if it did, at least it didn't die stupid.

when i was younger, i was a maintenance worker at a beach club a couple summers. that's where i met a deranged biker Vietnam vet who told me, "when it's hot and sticky, that's no time for dunkin' dicky. when there's frost on the pumpkin, time for dicky dunkin'"

i assume he's dead now

Microsoft anticompetitive behaviors are back, this time changing HTTPS URLs to microsoft-edge:// URIs to force open the link in Edge.

Brave has already added support for the microsoft-edge:// URI, and Firefox support is coming.

Today, Aaron Swartz would've been 35. died too early, and even in death, he was the Internet's child: his tragic, anguished end not only reminded us of things we already knew about the state and private enterprises, but also revealed things many of us did not yet have the strength of mind to fathom: the magnitude of academic institutions' hypocrisy and how lonely we are against foes that shouldn't even be our foes in the first place.

Rest in peace, Aaron. We won't forget you.

Dude gets fired.

Recruiter gets him an interview... with the firm that fired him.

He goes. And interviews.

Delightful.'s super friendly and intuitive UX is *so amazing*. It always searches in the whole doc, so you never miss a term by mistakenly searching forward through only half the doc.

So you're in the "Generic Timer" section of the AArch64 ref manual & you want to see how it generates IRQs. You search for "exception"...


How often do you figure "exception" appears in a 9000-page ref manual?

So glad I'm not using one of those *bloated* apps with *cluttered* interfaces...

My new tiny LCD screen arrived today, and I think you need to know how small a ZX Spectrum is to truly appreciate it. :awesome:

"They don't know how good they have it"

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Oh man I so missed the small web!

Background: I thought I was past my burnout. I was not past my burnout. Took me like a year to figure it out.

Then I went away to a nice place with nice people and palm trees and I think I'm better now :-D.

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