Just confirm that waving hands for 10 minutes makes my shoulder sore.

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Episode number 2500 of the Dubious Goals Committee starts in 45 minutes! Please tune into anonradio.net for this LANDMARK in aNONradio HISTORY!!

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"Student athletes in Florida have to agree to have their period tracked in order to be eligible to play.

The state bans abortion after 15 weeks, no exceptions for rape or incest && parents of a minor have to be notified and give consent.[...]"

This is being administered by a company called Aktivate. They describe themselves as "Modern Software to Manage Athletic Departments".


It just so happens they're hiring a new Chief of Staff (Remote). If you have strong feelings about the weaponization of women's bodies and reproductive health and you have even a marginally related skillset it would be pretty neat to apply for that position. You could potentially get an interview in which you can talk about the dangers to women as a result of their data collection! Even better, you could actually get the job and shut that shit down.

Unfortunately I don't see any tech hirings where you could sabotage the data itself from the inside.

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Write C.BASIC program for linear differential equations on a non CAS calculator.

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It is the coolest calculator program I have even seen: a SPICE like program fully in TI-BASIC, and it can do symbolic calculation that is impossible with SPICE.

using Z3 to test out the assembly program I just write. here unsat means a good thing: z3 cannot find counter example to my assertions.

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Your child will be a indifferent owner. Your finances will become good in the next several hours. Good weather is in the air. Tomorrow food would be a good thing to ponder. You'll eventually be ill. 12 is your lucky number.

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I have no idea how this thing gives this accurate result without memory overflow. For desktop computers only a few CAS program can do this.

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