It only ever ran on two computers: One PDP-11/45 at MIT, and another in Canada.

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"Birth of Emacs" demo featuring PDP-6 TECO, ITS TECO, RMODE, and ITS EMACS from 1976 and 1981.

Working on bringing up the "Small ITS" timesharing system for the PDP-11/45.
It's like ITS but tiny, squee!

The last PDP-10 running ITS, MIT-AI KS10 #4627, is still up and running: ssh

43 years ago, the MIT AI lab PDP-10 magic switch was removed. Photo by Guy L. Steele Jr., Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike 3.0 license.

Where did UNIX come from? A successful operating system called Multics. Here is a demo of Multics in 1972.

Good news! MIT professor Gerald Sussman has found a fan-fold listing of ITS version 138. That's for running on the PDP-6, which is super ancient!

How to get this scanned, though?!?

SDF is upgrading to an XKL darkstar which contains a pair of TOAD-2s running TOPS-20. 36bits forever.

I had fun live coding PDP-10 the other day, so here's a new video with live debugging. Writing hello entirely in DDT.

Munching squares. HAKMEM item 146 recoded for PDP-10 and output to a simulated DEC 340 display.

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