@laemeur We have such a nice solution with stuff like GNU Social and such, why would anyone wanna use that garbage?

@laemeur It's sad that they don't all just join mastodon/gnusocial it would probably improve there lives.

@laemeur @sledge Partly because the man covered in shit scenario also applies to open source platform. If you haven't seen it; First En Kompis En Kompis  and then Gargamel have poisoned the well for this platform. There is also a huge problem with gargantuan ammounts of Lolicon and other lewd material from Pawoo. With hope@sealion.club gone, Robek, Moonman and Nepfag are basically the only game in town to most people.

Social proof also plays a large role here: When Twitter has cucked out, most of the Altright and Krauts moved to Gab.ai which has developed some paid features the alternative media people like to use.
Like a battered spouse going back to their abuser

@laemeur Nice drawing. I just left Vero for this very reason (and the CEO history...).

@lain Subscription-based (freemium? we don't know, because they haven't actually decided on a subscription plan yet), but currently free-for-life for all early adopters.

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