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There are three hard problems in computer science: standardizing on a single chat application with your friends and off by one errors

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I accidentally put my phone in ekranoplan mode and it took off across the lake using ground effect to achieve great fuel efficiency

I made myself a little tool for doing black-and-white error-diffusion of images a few years ago. It runs in a Web browser, of course. If that's useful to anyone, here you go: laemeur.sdf.org/dither-tool

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Ditherpunk " The article I wish I had about monochrome image dithering " surma.dev surma.dev/things/ditherpunk/

I don't really know how useful git is for version control -- I'm sure it's great, but I'm sort-of a CHARGE AHEAD; NEVER LOOK BACK type when working on coding projects, so... y'know.

However, git, when coupled with a nice Web front-end that gives you all kinds of stats and graphs and crap, is a wonderful motivational tool! I feel so terribly productive when my "Recent Commits" stats go up, and my activity bar graph starts climbing!

Thought for a second that it said "NINJA RAMEN", and my inner nine-year-old got really excited. Alas.

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Jupiter and Saturn taken with iPhone through my child’s 12.7 cm Newtonian. Conjunction!

Here's the story of how I blew it with my first professional gig, along with all the unpublished pages: laemeur.com/SHOOT

The progressive white screenwriters are really doing black people justice by discarding the trope of the only black team member being a cool badass in favor of the trope of the only black team member being a scrupulous tech/science wizard. They've been upgraded from Raphael to Donatello! Woohoo! It would be nice, though, if there were more than one black character so that, y'know, kids could see more than one black stereotype per decade.

I always do the mark of Zorro when I bake a boule, but the lines rarely come out this sharp and evenly-spaced after . Snazzy!

Why are children like this? I'm doing an all-nighter because I have a deadline, and my son wakes up at 5:00am. You couldn't sleep 'til 7:00, dude? Really?

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Unicode, once the code "for all the world's languages", now a dumping-ground for miscellaneous symbols and graphic bric-a-brac.

I wanted an arrow. I found many arrows. Many redundant, inexplicably inconsistent arrows. Some, like BLACK RIGHTWARDS ARROW (U+27A1) have corresponding leftwards versions that are hard to find because they're LEFTWARDS BLACK, rather than BLACK LEFTWARDS, and in a different block. And thus are not necessarily sourced from the same font so they don't match. UNICODE.

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Q: Which member of the animal kingdom supports TCP?

A: The acks-a-lotl

Also, firing-off espeak from the other end of the house and having the computer say "DIDN'T YOUR DAD TELL YOU TO HANG-UP YOUR COAT?"

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The obvious upside to having sshd running on the kids' media devices is this: there's nothing more satisfying than telling a small child "if you don't turn those cartoons off, I will use my magic and turn it off" -- then you snap your fingers with one hand, and tap enter on the ssh console running on your phone with the other hand -- where they can't see it -- and poof! Process killed. Cartoons terminated. Children confused.

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Zach Whalen generated a comic book using a neural net & an EC Comics archive, and it is a treasure. Imagine being stoned and running across a physical copy of this. zachwhalen.net/pg/horrrrr/book

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I don't know how melodies work so I just don't have any, and it seems to have worked just fine, in that by making no money from my music, I am not making any less than the average actually-talented musician.

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