I want to get a gigantic CRT that'll do 1920x1440. Haha. My wife would love having that in the living room.

I mitigate the sin of writing spaghetti code by writing well-documented spaghetti code.

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brain skill - increase your brain
volume 2 .

- do whats difficult
- do what is hard.
- easy peasy does it. dont sweat the details.
- SMART Goals: Specific. Mart. Art. RT those memes. Testosterone
- learn piano
- stop
- don't give up
- detail focused. detail oriented
- stop
- start drinking water. stop doing everything else
- never stop. keep going
- remember to take a break to drink more water

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Okay, this is a little bit of a fake. Yes, I did draw the picture, program the star effect and the scroller and the music playback routine, and I wrote the music – if you wanna call it that – and it does all run on an Atari 800XL – but I never finished putting the graphics and the music together in the same program, so ... video editing to the rescue!

It's always been on my to-do list to do an intro or music-disk, and this is as close as I ever got, but I never finished it. Some day!

I love butter beans. Butter beans and onions and carrots and a lot of butter. LOVE 'em. But these damned kids of mine won't eat 'em. Curse you, wretched brood!

Two strong beers in, and I'm playing bass like a fucking meth addict because it looks to me like the pumpkin-faced fuckwad is actually going to take this thing again.

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Yes. Yes, I did make a 5-foot 1974 Dodge Monaco (-ish) police cruiser out of cardboard for my kid's costume.

'Cause he's a SOUL MAAAAAN...

Here's a T-shirt that I thought the world needed. Go buy one from my shop ($16 -cheap!). But don't buy too many, because I don't actually have enough money in my account to cover the up-front print/ship costs of more than, like, a dozen of 'em.


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probably the greatest fear of technologists from the 2010s, onwards, given the profound impact that the online world now has in our lives, is that computers would one day learn how to walk, using their USB and/or HDMI cables as kind of "legs", which would be "really creepy and spooky", according to an 'outlier-risk quantification study' released this week by the Machines Might Go Haywire Like Some Kind Of Zombie Movie Except With Computers Instead Research Institute

Gotta have that wire C string, dudes.

(Side note: the "Normalize" plugin in kdenlive sounds more like a Dyson compressor to me? LOUD. )

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I've probably done twice as much drawing this year as I did last year -- and I've made about ... 10% as much money as last year. Woo, freelance illustration career.

I voted. But I didn't get a sticker, because I voted electronically. They did send me a nice email, though.

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Feeling a strange urge to watch Garbage Pail Kids: The Movie tonight.

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Ugh. Talking to my six-year-old is exhausting. He's an arrogant, ignorant, interrupting, know-nothing/know-it-all ... It's basically like talking to Donald Trump, except I can take his TV privileges away and send him to his room.

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