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Wow. I clicked on this video just because of the look of this vintage WWII Ludwig drum kit. Because it was war time, it has very little metal on it, and lots of wood. How cool is this kit?


Ugggghhh. Haven't had to pull an all-nighter like this in months. Thank god there was some flex on the deadline.

Finally saw Alien: Covenant last night. I'm a bit puzzled about why the reviews are so leukwarm for the movie, considering it felt overall less clunky than Prometheus to me.

Sure is a lot of Canadian oil sittin' on the rails these days.

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so apparently froggyme was talking to Leonard Tramiel, Jack Tramiel's son. His father Jack founded Commodore Intl and later Atari Corp! He was trying to get Leonard to get an SDF account! 😝 froggyme is SDF's representative at the Vintage Computer Festival West happening right now at the Computer History Museum, Mountain View, CA


Okay, Canada. Today's the day! Send me that passport request and let's get this flippin' process over with already.

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The Starship Troopers 'Would You Like To Know More' pattern represents an interesting & common failure mode in hypertext: semantically-meaningless totally linear link trails that only serve to increase 'engagement'/'interactivity'/ad impressions. Very commonly made by people who don't understand hypertext enough to know what the point of it is.

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The existence of Adderall implies the existence of Subtracterall

Like this? Try the 2.5D version here: alph.laemeur.com/img/J/7B/ — it's a prototype; this images doesn't handle portrait-mode screens at the moment, but I'm gettin' there.

Ten people on this bus. Three of them are guys in tie-dye shirts, all sitting apart. What year is this?!

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"I’m using Linux. A library that emacs uses to communicate with Intel hardware."

Why can't you just hold my pocket knife at the front desk? Why do I have to leave it outside of the building, you dickheads? Result: stashed pocket knife stolen. And I guarantee you it was "confiscated" by whomever was monitoring the ample CCTV coverage around the building.

Any wizards out there? Particularly those familiar with hid-multitouch? I'm trying to figure out whether the pen input on my Asus convertible is lousy at the firmware/hardware level, or if it really is a driver thing.

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Maybe some of you younger people can chime-in on this. E-mail, to me, seems legitimate, customary, professional, etc., but when people contact me about work via DeviantArt, Instagram, Tumblr, or some other proprietary messaging platform, my first impression is that that is a tacky, amateurish, informal way to reach me about anything you want me to take seriously. It's not like I make it hard to find my email address! Am I old fashioned in thinking this way?

I just saw the license plate DRTHWKR. My first thought was "Darth Wanker" probably not what they were going for, though.

Man, I am having to do a lot of research and tweaking to get decent response out of a Wacom Bamboo active stylus and this little ASUS notebook I picked-up a month ago. I know that I should not expect the same responsiveness from this setup as I've become accustomed-to over ~18 years of of Wacom Intuos/Pro gear, but the out-of-the-box performance of this pen/digitizer on Debian is nowhere near acceptable for my variety of illustration work.

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"You can't change GIMP's name, it's got 20 years of branding behind it!"

...I know. 20 years of TERRIBLE branding. I love free software and I love , but I have always hated telling people outside of the profession that the software I use for illustration is called GIMP. I'm sure Kimball and Mattis thought it was funny when they were in college, but the fact that the name hasn't changed since then astounds me.

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