Really enjoyed the Al Alcorn interview on Vintage COMP! w/ @jasmaz (and @smj). Lotsa fun trivia for an nerd like myself. Keep up the good work, guys!

Installed Cinnamon on my laptop the other night. I... don't hate it! It's fine.

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in the future we'll all live underwater and instead of using a computer we'll use a scubuter

Okay, this thing's available as a print now! In two versions: with and without Catra.

Without ->
...and with ->

Go get one! Or not! If you like the art, just boost it instead. Thanks, all ye dudes!

And a couple more...

I wasn't going to have Catra in the picture, initially, but I guess that by the end of season 5 she's more-or-less the official fourth member of the Best Friends Squad, isn't she? Although if I were writing a season 6, I would have her be friendly-but-apart, like I am with my partner's friends. Anyhoo!

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First time connecting to the shared environment! Woop woop!

Courtesy of the gridstart script here:

Do Fediverse people know the verb 'to plonk', in the Usenet sense? I just plonked someone, and I was going to reply "plonked" to them, but thought it wouldn't carry the intended meaning.

My 2-year-old daughter can dress herself. My 6-year-old son cannot. I know every child has strengths and weaknesses, but WHAT THE HELL, MY DUDE?

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My friend James (@cerealgeek on birdsite and author of the definitive He-Man/She-Ra cartoon guide: ) and I have been working on an unofficial, old-school He-Man fan-comic, called Masters Of The Universe '85. James has been putting out the pages on birdsite and FB, which is not an ideal distribution strategy for me since I use neither, so I'm gonna repost 'em here for fediverse fans. Here are the cover and first page. Enjoy!

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Lost classic from Geometry of Sadness, off of their 1981 C30 release, Tundra.

(Okay, I lie. I made this.)

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I dub thee Atari Force One! Plus, new pedals today! (Blew out the bearings in the cheapo pedals that came with the bike.)

Next planned acquisition: a matching rear brake, and some old-school safety brake levers.

Remarkable how with all the advancements in recording technology over the last 50 years, the sound of live recordings of rock bands just continues to get worse and worse.

My 6-year-old's chief dance inspiration is Ru Paul's Drag Race, so there's a lot of posing and attempts at death-drops and stuff ...BUT, 1: he's six, so all of his movements are sped-up, and 2: the kid has no sense of rhythm. At all. So I'm always just sorta staring stupefied at him when he's doing this random spastic convulsion thing to Beastie Boys or whatever. Sometimes hilarious, usually just bizarre. But A+ for expressing himself!

Took my first fixed-gear ride today. Very interesting experience. I'll flip back to freewheel before my next ride as this is my everyday bike, but it was a fun experiment -- and a successful bit of troubleshooting (I've got a clickety-clonk while pedaling and I've now isolated the freewheel hub as the trouble source).

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