My wife will tell you that my cucumber/lime marmalade is an abomination, but she's wrong. It's a delightful toast-topper!

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茅場町JCAギャラリーで行われる「電気のないおんがく」展で同時開催されるLopshop展は予定どおり開催致します。ご興味のある方は是非会場へ足を運んでみてください。19-22 March

Hey, @SDF -- the fundraiser store is still officially open, right? There's a thread on BBOARD/GENERAL by a user (baguette) who ordered a pen a month ago and still hasn't received it, or even an order confirmation or anything.

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Catch it, bin it, kill it, and unionise to keep the world safe, comrade

If you took a Facebook and mated it with a Tumblr, the sterile half-wit offspring would be an Instagram.

My penmanship seems to have leveled-off, and I’m barely practicing with traditional media anymore, so it’s time to take some action on that front. To the Library Of Congress Flickr feed, Boy Wonder! Incidentally, drawing this has made me really want to build a crystal set or foxhole radio or something.

Black Batman? Heck yeah! Also, in my Batman fantasy world, Alfred is a spooky Edgar Allen Poe type instead of a Jeeves/Watson type.

I sure am good at drawing stuff in a 30-year-old style!

A commenter on DeviantART said they mistook one of my previous Wonder Woman drawings as Rule 63. I had to look that up, 'cause I'm old and out of touch or something. Was I insulted? Heck no! Challenge accepted! The notes are just notes -- no clear thesis here. Every drag performer has had to think about this stuff way more than I have.

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Baking all of your own bread is kind-of a chore, especially when you've got a very bread-hungry family. But, the payoff is that you get fucking amazing-tasting bread, and it costs almost nothing. 20lb of flour can be had for ~$10, and that makes a lot of bread; the yeast and bacteria are happy to join the party for free.

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Just did a dozen drawings of Wonder Woman for a magazine piece (evolution of the costume sort-of thing), but I did this one for myself. Should I tag this ? Or is this just my dad-brain thinking, gee, it sure would be nice if my daughter could dress-up as Wonder Woman some day and not have to wear a corset.

New album purchased, downloaded, unzipped ... commencing brain explosion now ...

Looks like the sound on my laptop just died. COOL. Good thing I've got a USB audio interface for the time being.

Of course we discourage our small children pointing and making remarks about peoples' appearance, but when when my 2-year-old daughter pointed at a dark Indian fella today and said with an excited smile, "chocolate head!" -- that was some of the cutest shit you've ever seen.

What's that, Thunderbird? You'll save me 70GB of disk space by compacting all of my email folders?! Wow! I only have about 6GB of email, and this computer only has a 64GB SSD, but... sure! That sounds amazing!

Here's an MP3 of the program in that screen-grab, running through ZynDistortion and Calf Reverb.

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