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I think I've found a laptop to take with me to Starbucks when it's safe again

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is serious business! Take him seriously! Because costumed vigilantes are not silly, they're very serious subjects for dramatic film!

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Bad nerd joke 

Them: How do you pronounce 'sudo'? Like "sue due" or like "sue doh"?

Me: Huh? Like all good hearted people, I pronounce it like: youtube.com/watch?v=r0qBaBb1Y-

(Inspired by all the wrong responses to this poll: fosstodon.org/@hakerdefo/10681)

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how many cubic metres of physical volume does it require for 1 human to live? at 'modern' standards? including all the space taken up by wheat, warehouses, the interior of their home, roads, the insides of pipes, the height and width and length of all space taken up by the electricity pylons, etc.

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Current view from bedroom. Nature is just amazing in Arizona, everything is like an Instagram filter.

As some of my fellow owners may know, the keyboard membranes on XL-series computers deteriorate over time and malfunction. For a decade, I have been patching and mending my keyboard membrane with foil tape and conductive paint and all sorts of other crap, and it works... for a while. Until another key stops working 6 months later. :(

So, finally ordered one of these: best-electronics-ca.com/New%20 -- and holy crap. It works. And I don't have this ridiculous patchwork crap in my 800XL anymore!

The idea of a $1000 Stratocaster is so outrageous to me. The fuckin' things were designed *for* mass production. Guitar people drive me crazy. No guitar company would dare take the advertising tack of saying "our guitars are all built by robots and they're cheap, amazing, and exactly the same because our manufacturing technology is the best!" -- but they should!

My son... is so obnoxious. I mean, seven-year-old boys tend towards obnoxiousness anyway, but this little dude ...holy crap.

Curse you FedEx! I really wanted to be working on my Atari/drum machine interface this weekend, but they lost my DigiKey package. Fiends!

Midnight bike rides are great ...on the streets. The bike trails are just plain deadly at my usual riding speed after dark.


I just learned that you can get POKEY voices 2 and 4 through the Atari's joystick port. Holy smackers! Huge implications for my Atari synthesizer tomfoolery.

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I must say that if you go to the web site of @rek + @neauoire then order some of their stickers, you are going to receive what I can only call a work of art on what appears to be a homemade envelope made from reused paper with wonderful handwriting and a hand drawn image of their vessel, Pino. My stickers were wrapped with a page from an old water heater manual, sealed with a red sticker and another little heart warming note. I almost felt like I shouldn't open it. Order one and be blessed too.

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Must read by the creator of dogecoin 👇👇👇
RT @ummjackson
I am often asked if I will “return to cryptocurrency” or begin regularly sharing my thoughts on the topic again. My answer is a wholehearted “no”, but to avoid repeating myself I figure it might be worthwhile briefly explaining why here…

Something is wrong with my kids. They don't like toast. They don't like toasted bread, they don't like their English muffins toasted, they don't like their hamburger buns toasted. WTH. How can I call these little toast-haters my children? I may just have to replace them.

Now I just have to figure out how to get this window manager to deal with Unicode in the title-bar.

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Here's another fun trick: if you're using an old window manager that doesn't do full-screen windows properly, you can F11 in Firefox or Chromium to hide your tabs and address bar as you would see in full-screen, but the window stays the same size. Nice, chrome-free browsing window!

Didn't realize until last night that Xft does allow you to use bitmap fonts, fontconfig just disables them by default. Also, X.org seems to ship with PCF versions of the core fonts that you have to unzip into your fontconfig path, but then can use in GTK apps, etc.

In my spare time tonight: found a 19-year-old window manager that I kinda liked. Changed some old X11R6 paths and got it to compile. It works! Now I'm... modifying it... because that's just what you do, right?

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