I should say, the last time I had one of the guys in the yard cut lumber for me he was not only fast, but uncannily precise. I was hoping I'd get that guy again.

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Asked the guy at the hardware store to cut some lumber that I was buying, because I don't have much in the way of power-tools at home. I needed four one-foot lengths out of a board - guy proceeds to cut four 15" lengths. Then all of the other cuts, he's giving himself a PRETTY GENEROUS margin of error; checking the lengths at home, he's off by as much as 1/8" on some. Gosh, I sure am glad I get to trim all of these with a hand saw now!

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one day we will all be maxicomputing in microspace .. at least until 2038

Play-dates. I hate everything about them. I don't want to watch other peoples' kids. I don't want to hang out with other kids' parents. And I especially hate being asked if I can set one up five times a day. WHY CAN'T MY KID BE A SELF-ABSORBED INTROVERT LIKE HIS MOM AND DAD?

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Holy smoke, I actually got one non-techy person to stop messaging me with Faceboogle products and use Jami instead. It's a miracle!

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Reunited and it feels so good... after a decade apart, I've got the DR-55 talking to the Atari 800XL again, this time with my newer sequencing software. Woohoo! This is just a quick goof with the two.

Finally ...um, "repaired" my DR-55. The stop/play switches have been broken for ages. I tried swapping them out with some switches I had laying around from an old Atari paddle controller which really looked like they'd work as drop-in replacement, but they didn't work for some reason. So now, via an incredibly ugly kludge, I'm probably the only guy around with Cherry microswitches on his old Dr. Rhythm. .

Drat! This, unfortunately does not function in exactly the same way as booting with OPTION pressed, so... I have to fix that damned key again. For the 50th time.

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Had an "oh crap, I'm really old!" moment today. Started working on an old project; thought to myself "finally, it's good to get back to this -- it's been a few years" ... then realized it's been 11 years. 11 YEARS!

OPTION key is broken on Atari. Can't bypass BASIC without being able to hold OPTION during boot. Need to bypass BASIC. Solution: who needs BASIC?! ROM chip removed!

I was gonna do a short run of prints with ol' here, but the screens did not flash correctly and the originals were, of course, destroyed in the process, so... yep. Thank goodness I scanned 'em first! Maybe some kind of digital postcard print is in order instead.

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pro tip: when you tie a part of reality to a social construct (like tying life to money, or violence to law, or technical decisions to industry hype) you risk huge ramifications unless the 'real' portion is the primary driver. social constructs are too floaty.

We all know @smj has got the Kraftwerk magic locked-in, but how about the rest of the @SDF musicians community? Anybody up to doing some covers? I'll take a stab at something when I get some free time tonight. Maybe we can do a little Florian Schneider tribute compo or something.

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@smj aNONradio.net will be playing nonstop for the next 72 hours

Ran 5k today. Finished in 30:30. Not too bad -- my goal was 30:00. Next month's target: 28:00. That should be doable.

Not a real band – BUT THEY SHOULD BE.

Yeah, my gags are a bit niche, but somebody's gotta be out there makin' doodles for @SDF types.

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