Awwww -- got to the cafe to find that I left my sketchbook at home. Curse you, cruel fate!

Probably hanging out of the scanner or something.

The better solution of course is to mandate that all childcare expenses, from birth to age of majority, shall be provided by the state. How quickly would we see people scramble to get the birth rate down then?

Alright, let's criminalize absentee fathers and see how fast abortion rights return.

Adol Christin from the first Ancient Book of Ys anime. I love the fantasy armor in late-'80s/early-'90s anime.

Somebody out there in the fediverse has seen the ad/catalog photo that I ref'd this from, I'll bet.

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us politics, Supreme Court upcoming cases, 2024 election 

This is a chilling thread by Thom Hartmann detailing exactly how the 2024 presidential election will be stolen:

It's basically 1/2 the plots that didn't quite work for Trump in 2020, and 1/2 an upcoming decision by a captured, rogue Supreme Court.

Boosts appreciated.

Also, it'll be DeSantis, and he is far worse than Trump.

Going to bed now -- mostly because I'm looking forward to having a coffee in the morning.

I need a T-shirt that says "True-Heart Romantic" on the front, and "CHUMP" in block caps on the back.

It's funny how one singer's version of a song can be better than another's simply because the song leans heavily on a particular vowel sound, and that vowel sound resonates much more richly in the "better" singer's vocal tract.

There's a guy across from me at the cafe who is this amazing, uncanny 50-50 split between A.C. Slater and Screech -- he looks like he could call someone "preppy" and then have his voice crack a few words later in the same sentence.

I just can't believe what qualifies as 'usable' lag on Android drawing apps. I had a fucking Palm OS device with a Coldfire CPU and a few megabytes of RAM about 20 years ago that was more responsive than any recent phone I've ever used. Where is the bottleneck? What the hell is going on? Am I crazy? It's really bad, isn't it?

Is it just me, or are people over-using 'affect' these days, and using it incorrectly in place of 'effect' quite a lot?

An NFT guy told me that NFTs are "great for collectors". No they're not. They're great for TRADERS. I collect stuff. I collect stuff that has value to me aesthetically and sentimentally. I don't give a shit about whether I can flip it for a profit later. Let's not conflate collecting (a pursuit of interest) with trading (an economic activity).

You spend 23 hours psyching yourself up to be strong, then she shows up and you turn to putty.

Hm. In-between the swells of violent rage, I'm doing some okay sketching today.

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I like these 40-50km bike rides, but I always need a nap later in the day. :D

I would not say that that interview was a slam-dunk, but I did not leave the call thinking that I completely blew it either, so... success!?

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