Lookin' at my yellowing and thinkin' maybe I oughtta retrobrite it -- then I saw ol' prince Adam on my desk and thought, man, maybe I should retrobrite you too, buddy.

Here's an oldie but a goodie: an anthropoid simian operating a model 15 teletype.

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My wife laughs when I pronounce JSON as `jay-sawn, but... I can't be the only person who does it, right?

Well. I've done it. After a decade of puttering along in poverty as a freelance cartoonist, I have finally taken a full-time character artist job at a local video games company that pays actual money. If I didn't have the two kids and the wife, I'd probably just have continued puttering along because I'm quite comfortable living waaaay under the poverty line. But... kids need stuff. Oh well!

Mastodon being the only social media type thing I use has given me a somewhat skewed sense of global demographics. I just assume that a full third of the people in the world are trans or non-conformant to some degree. Weirdly, this does not correspond to what I see when I'm walking out in the physical world!

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you can make the most beautiful music in the world but if it never repeats itself in any way, everybody will hate it because their brain is just endlessly getting prediction errors

Does anyone know of other with the play mechanics of Time Pilot, Last Mission, etc. -- specifically, overhead-view shooters with 360-degrees of motion where the player's ship moves at a fixed velocity? I really enjoy this style of game, but they're just so darned rare. Might just have to code one!

I've had this playing for a couple hours and... it's just darned good Web surfing : fornaxvoid.bandcamp.com/album/

Been feeling de-motivated because Chrome made a policy change a while back that broke my WebExtension, which means that Mozilla will probably follow suit eventually, so... I have to fix it. And it's one of those security policy changes that has a workaround, you just have to take the time to code it ...and that is just sapping. Ugh. I get their rationale -- it's a security thing. Still. Working around CORS restrictions is 90% of what I hate about Web coding.

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its amazing that a simple billionaire can accomplish so much, armed with nothing more than billions and billions of dollars

Oh man. I was lookin' for 20" bikes for my son, and then I remembered this bike that I had when I was a kid. The Huffy Freestyle Expert. This thing was so late-'80s it hurt. What a beast.

I like to stay up late, after everyone else has gone to bed, and just talk to myself for an hour and a half, and pretend I have someone who actually is interested in what I have to say. Good times.

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Went for a run this morning. Haven't been for a run since last May. The good news: cardiovascular health fine, on account of cycling regularly. The other good news: my legs are toast! Haha. Running muscles went away!

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When she started learning about classes and objects the other day, I was like "oh, congratulations, you've moved from 60s-style programming into 70s-style programming!"

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My wife was required to take a programming course this term and... lordy. It's like she's been sucked into a time warp. Java, UML -- and the instructor was teaching Java in a very C-oriented, procedural style up until two weeks ago. There's been no conceptual framework taught as far as I can tell, it's all been "this code fragment produces behaviour X. Modify this code fragment to produce behaviour Y."

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