Looks like the sound on my laptop just died. COOL. Good thing I've got a USB audio interface for the time being.

Of course we discourage our small children pointing and making remarks about peoples' appearance, but when when my 2-year-old daughter pointed at a dark Indian fella today and said with an excited smile, "chocolate head!" -- that was some of the cutest shit you've ever seen.

What's that, Thunderbird? You'll save me 70GB of disk space by compacting all of my email folders?! Wow! I only have about 6GB of email, and this computer only has a 64GB SSD, but... sure! That sounds amazing!

Here's an MP3 of the program in that screen-grab, running through ZynDistortion and Calf Reverb.

Okay, my drum machine turned into more of a groove-box. Still adding stuff, but I'm pretty happy with it so far. Needs keyboard bindings badly, though -- too much to do with the mouse!

Not happy with the analog-style drum machine options in Linux. What do I decide to do? Program my own in Pd, of course!

Beaubourg is such a good album. It is literally 39 minutes of Vangelis just fuckin' around on a Yamaha CS-80, and it's absolutely one of his best records.

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I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

The lesson here: strong female characters are cool, as long as the rest of the cast is male, as usual.

James Cameron turns Ellen Ripley the survivor into Ellen Ripley the take-charge alien-fighter: sci-fi/action fandom calls it a classic. James Cameron turns Sarah Connor the survivor into Sarah Connor the take-charge terminator fighter: again, a classic. James Cameron brings back Sarah Connor and introduces a female super-soldier and they try to protect a female character: millions of fragile man-babies cry out in the YouTube comments: "this is a 'woke' PC Hollywood man-hating agenda movie!"

I'm coding a flat-shaded retro-style 3D asteroids game -- something I've wanted to do for ...what, 20 years? I always liked the asteroid shooting stage in LineWars, and wished that there was a whole game of just that.

Here's an oldie, but a goodie: This was commissioned in 2013 for Vworp! Vworp! magazine. Pertwee didn't get a story during his run as The Doctor, so I put him in one. He was always tinkering, and he absolutely would have cracked one of those guys open on his workbench. Now available as a print, here: gum.co/Yzipb

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Here's a clip from the video game I've been working on, where you explore an island... but all is not as it seems.

#gamedev #pixelart #creativetoots #mastoart

A few years ago, Entertainment Weekly had me do a riff on Roy Lichtenstein's "Oh, Jeff...", with Anna Faris as the girl on the phone. Faris liked it, so they licensed the from me this year to use it as the official artwork for her podcast. I mentioned it on my website when the EW piece came out, and it's worth restating: Abruzzo's original panel is way better than Lichtenstein's -- or mine, certainly!

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Wife says I chew like an old man. "Not because you're old! *laughter* You've just always chewed like an old man!"

It's tough when your 5-year-old comes home from kindergarten saying "that's gay!" and your first instinct is to scold and say "we don't say that!", etc.. Then you have to take a breath and tell 'im that his pre-school/after-school teacher that he loves is gay; the midwife that delivered his sister is gay; his old babysitter is gay; the nice neighbours up the street with the garden he likes are gay—and we don't say that because when you do it's an insult to all of those people you care about.

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We need more extremely cheap movies. We need more movies where you and your friends shoot the footage on your phone & then cook frozen ravioli or eat peanut butter sandwiches after the shoot. When you do the effects yourself, instead of laughing at it, you can be proud of it, because you did it with dollar store catsup and the big movie did it with million dollar CG and it's more than one one-millionth as good as the big movie's effect.

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