Stuff you don't think about before you start cycle-commuting: the effects of wind speed on travel time.

Man, I am LOVING this whole spend-30%-more-on-groceries-but-make-the-same-amount-of-money thing we've got going on. Awesome!

Having way too much fun (and taking way too long) researching/designing my History of Illustration class. :)

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Fun fact: The rise of ASCII-based markup languages (like Markdown, reStructuredText, and friends) indicates that the promise of WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) was a false one. It's not actually easier with WYSIWYG. It is harder. It is harder for software to process. It is harder to embed in other spaces. And even when the goal is simple document creation, it is harder because it hides so much that is important to authors: it hides the semantics, the very reason things look like they do.

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increasingly thinking the idea of “burnout” exists to shift blame from employers to workers

“burnout” sounds like “she didn’t pace herself correctly, worked too hard, and burned out”, rather than “years of being mistreated by employers made it physically hurt to get things done”

Thank god Org-Mode has good time-tracking features. Trying to work from home and bill by the hour with two small kids interrupting you every 10 minutes is such a pain in the ass.

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Last year, I wrote the worst text-editor imaginable, in assembly.

A little over a year later of daily use, it has become the most fun and most beautiful text editor I could have never dreamed of.

"I am Zarathustra the godless! I cook every chance in MY pot. And only when it hath been quite cooked do I welcome it as MY food."

Nobody ever talks about what a corker Nietzsche was.

I commented on something my wife posted about the recent story of Meta giving a woman's data to law enforcement so they could nail her and her mom for the purchase of abortion pills. I started to make the point that we have a corporate communication infrastructure that empowers repressive states and she shut me down, saying that I missed the point and that I was doing a tell-me-you're-a-man-without-telling-me-you're-a-man thing. And... yeah, I see her point. But I'm irked. Is my point not valid?

We don't want the government in our Internet!

Instead, we'll let the Internet be owned and operated by corporations that transmit and store our data in unencrypted repositories (because we don't want the government in our Internet and there's no legislation mandating user privacy) and log our activity, and who are always compliant with law enforcement.

That's really stickin' it to the man, man!

Flipping through this old (1981) issue of Microcomputing and I see a picture of an H-89, and I thought hey, my dad had an H-89 when I was a kid -- then I see the byline and I realize, oh, my dad wrote this article :D

Agreed to table at the local comic-con in six weeks. Have no wares to peddle. Bad move? PROBABLY.

Time to get scramblin'!

I think it's fair for me to say that Wacom hasn't innovated a whole lot in the past decade. So I have an innovation for them to take to market first:

Have an LED on the stylus that glows/blinks more intensely the further from the tablet it gets. Maybe have it emit an annoying beep after five minutes if it's more than a meter away.

I want this feature so that it doesn't take me as long to find my stylus after I've absent-mindedly left it on a weird surface in the kitchen or bathroom, etc..

Accepted a job offer that I've been negotiating for a little while. In October I'll be teaching the illustration program at Edison College Canada (formerly Victoria College of Art). Developing curriculum for the new program over the remainder of the summer. Pretty excited! Nervous, too! This will be my first rodeo as a teacher, but I'm going to do my damnedest to make this a killer program.

Hey, people! I've created a room on the SDF Matrix server for sharing/discussing art – traditional, digital, audio-visual – you can post stuff you make or stuff that you love. It's public and open to guests at the moment, so give it a shot:

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Since the last video was much too bling, and not enough spreadsheet. Here's some boring modals, boring error windows and other boring things.

I've been learning a LOT these past few days working on this. Building an OS has been one of my all time dream since I've started learning to code.

I wonder if making operating systems is to programmers, what making a MMORPG is to a game designer. That kind of foolish impossible idea that eventually you put in a drawer in your head and forget.

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I've been subsisting on freelance illustration for over a decade. In the past six weeks I've had one family member refer to a warehouse job that I had for a couple months as a "real job", and another family member refer to a teaching job that I'll be starting in the fall as a "grown-up job".

What a supportive and empowering culture we have for artists. :|

Well, I may not be able to handle drinking coffee after midnight too much anymore, but that's sure as hell not going to stop me from drinking it at 10:00pm!

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