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@enkiv2 New Who is a big step down for me. I watched Old Who when I was a child and it was on PBS. And I liked it best when it was WEIRD.

(Probably one reason McCoy is my favorite doctor.)

And so as I got older I really liked the various non-TV media. Some of the books, many of the recordings, and the ones I liked were WEIRD. There were lots of WEIRD ONES TO LIKE.

And New Who is just such a letdown because of how NORMAL it is.

(Also I kind of want to defenestrate Russell the Davies for making it some maudlin romance-soaked soap opera.)

The most insulting part of it is that some of the non-TV media STOPPED being /weird/ because they were no longer catering for the fans of the old show who liked /weird/ things. They were wanting to pick up the much BIGGER market of the new show who liked sloppy sentimental things and Moffat style 'Write clever on a post-it and stick it to the story while not actually bothering to be clever' writing.

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unix50.org lets you spin up and destroy many hysterical systems. Would you like to write some tutorials?

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Do you like at SDF? How about (toobnix.org)? Would you like to SDF to continue to develop its participation? Now you can here: sdf.org/?subscribe

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Sometimes one's home country does something one can actually feel good about. Finland's decade-old policy for helping the homeless works, and homelessness in my home city of Helsinki is seems to be rather unusual now.


The Alto mouse, in case anyone is curious, feels pretty deluxe. The buttons all have a nice click to them, and the ball is a big steel bearing, I think. Which looks neat, but is actually a design flaw, because it's very smooth and just glides over everything without actually rolling, so the mouse tracking is terrible.

I had one of the @livingcomputers staff load the Smalltalk 76 disk pak on the Alto. They didn't know how to get it running, but I figured it out. The manual's on the table, so I read the manual. So. Flippin'. Cool. ...If only I could have remembered how to do anything interesting in ! Hello, @SDF

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You think you're cool, but you're not goth girl with a raven on the subway cool.

At the LCM+L ( @livingcomputers ), editing a text file from MULTICS that I originally created via a remote login from Canada. Weehoo! @SDF

At the LCM+L ( @livingcomputers ), editing a text file from MULTICS that I originally created via a remote login from Canada. Weehoo! @SDF

In today's newspaper comics section: 37 white people, 11 animals (8 with dialogue), and 2 people of color uttering a combined total of 12 words. Amazing.

Got a new machine today. One of these little things: <asus.com/2-in-1-PCs/ASUS-VivoB>. Promptly removed Win 10 and installed . Stable (9.9, Stretch) did not work well out of the box, but I installed kernel 4.19 from Stretch backports and that seemed to fix everything. Very happy so far!

Schlocky, I know, but there's level of stupid that one must necessarily descend to when dealing with theological impositions on secular politics.

Few things quite so rich as listening to a young white man explain to his black co-workers – in Portland, no less – how he'll never have the avenues open to him to become middle-class like his parents.

Beautiful downtown Milwaukie, Oregon: your one-stop shop for lumber, beer, and comic books!

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Rule of the internet: You can't post "Circling Overland" by Front 242 until the day of January 1st, 2029

is being rewritten in Unity. It looks exactly how Linewars should look on modern hardware. linewars.patrickaalto.com/LWVR

My internal 9-year-old will never die. I was looking for a wi-fi network today and saw the SSID "Buttworms" and I could not stop laughing for five minutes.

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Band name of the day: Dinkus Dagger and The Fleurons

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