Startin' fights on Instagram. Actually, not; it's all been pretty civil so far over there.

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I like Jungle, but it's hard to hear "Stomp!" by The Brothers Johnson and not think, wow, 85% of Jungle's sound is just a variation on this song.

Project cancelled at work last week. Moving into a position at (much larger) sibling company next week. Met my new boss yesterday. Not really looking forward to it. :|

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I have a burning desire for a docu-drama movie covering the formation and creative methods of the original incarnation of Skinny Puppy. Needs to focus on the fact that they were all huge horror-movie nerds who were obsessed with the idea that they’d be dead in 5 years. And the ending needs to be a huge bummer, with the genius keyboardist Dwayne Goettel’s fatal overdose, and with Ogre and Key coming to overtly hate each other’s guts

Like, the mere suggestion of a new take on an old character is threatening to them. I never said characters can't be strong and sexy. But I've seen that a gazillion times. And just because I would like to see, for a recent example, a not-conventionally-beautiful She-Hulk story, that doesn't mean I want She-Hulk's canon erased. It means IT WOULD BE FUN TO SEE A DIFFERENT TAKE ON THIS. Lordy. Insecure comics fans are so exhausting.

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Every time I post some art with a female comics/animation character with a note like "I would like to see a non-sexualized/more-diverse/alternative-in-any-way take on this character", there are always some dudes that come along with the "why can't the character be sexy AND strong? Hm? Listen to how I'm phrasing my argument like I'm the most pro-feminist guy on the Internet". Which, unbeknownst to them, always reads as "don't you dare take away my cartoon boobies, SJW scum!"

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Also, I like how I can only toot 500 characters, but I'm allowed 1500 characters of alt text for each image I attach. :D

Makes sense!

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Well, it's Sunday. And that means I have to go back to work tomorrow. So, what I'm gonna do tonight is stay up late, drink strong beer, and watch some fuckin' He-Man. 'Cause I'm a grown-up.

I love She-Hulk. Y'know what I'd love to see, though? A She-Hulk run where She-Hulk was actually, y'know, hulking -- but not a complete rage-monkey. Just the same She-Hulk we all know and love -- with the same intelligence and sexual charisma -- but she's. ...she-HULK. If you have a look around at art, it's all bodybuilder bodies and bikini model heads, which is irritating for a variety of reasons. She's a fun character! Can't she be a fun character with the face of a Hulk?

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Random link from the archives: "GitHub - tiniuclx/CommentCPP: add confusing comments to an existing source file" originally retrieved Tue Nov 27 11:13:59 EST 2018

One of the most revealing things in Chapelle's The Closer is that this guy -- how old is he, now? How many years has be been lauded for his social commentary by the mainstream press? -- this guy admits in the special that he didn't know what feminism was until this past year.



Also came across this today. The caption was added just now, but the aborted drawing is from last year, I think. I could check the date on the file, but... eh.

Going through some old files today. Found this of a lemur doing BASIC on an 800XL. This is probably from... 2008? 2009? Lordy.

Funny how time and geography can produce different generational nostalgia for the same material. Like, I sometimes listen to '80s Japanese city pop because it reminds me of renting '80s anime as a kid in the '90s. But it's a totally different deal for a person who actually lived in Japan as a young adult in the preceding decade.

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