I slept three hours last night, I had a one-hour nap three hours ago, I've got a flask of coffee, loud drum and bass in my headphones, and less than 12 hours to ink and colour this illustration with 13 celebrity likenesses. LET'S DO THIS!

Band Name of the Day:
Food-Grade Shuriken

Aaaand the first of the year-in-review jobs comes in today. I don't know how I ended-up becoming a sort-of George Perez for entertainment magazines (does anyone get the reference anymore?), but I certainly never would have predicted this when I was a kid.

My five-year-old, listening to the :
[announcer speaks for ~30 seconds, gives station ID and announces the next track...]
"Dad? Is this an ad?"
"No, it's the DJ."
"DJs are annoying."

Of course I'm wondering this because this describes the fate of most things that I make.

I wonder how many interesting pieces of single-author software get written and then never adopted or even released because the author can't be arsed to write any documentation.

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For my poster, I had to do my own vector conversion of the 1975 Star Wars logo. If anyone's interested, it's here, and it's public domain: laemeur.sdf.org/sw-logo/

My friend, ace cartoonist Aaron Florian, asked me to do a couple pieces for a show he’s curating in Victoria, BC. Here’s the second piece. It’s a sort-of ‘80s comic book-style poster for The Star Wars, which, in this alternative universe didn’t get made into a movie but instead went straight to comics with circa-1975 character/ship designs by Ralph McQuarrie and Colin Cantwell.

I’m gonna sell prints of this. I’ll post an update when those are available.

Do you have an irritating tone of voice? Are you capable of doing weirdly restrained, awkward readings of dramatic dialogue? Well, my friend, a career in English-language anime dubbing may be in your future!

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Officially landed as a permanent resident of Canada today. I sure put that off for a long time!

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Hey, fedizens — take a moment if you please to sign this petition to tell Macmillan Publishers not to restrict e-book access to public libraries. p2a.co/fgcQkzV

Wow. I've had GIMP crash on me before, but I've never had it crash so hard that it took X down with it. Um... good job, Krita?

Hard to believe I've been listening to Boom Boom Satellites' _Out_Loud_ for 21 years! Still one of my all-time favorites. Hits so many sweet spots for me: electronic sounds, rock sounds, fat, chopped-up drums, great grooves with a sort-of menacing undertone on a lot of tracks. Great stuff. music.youtube.com/playlist?lis

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Try the BiTZ0NE BBS - its brand new and fun!
ssh bitzone@tty.livingcomputers.org

Yeah, I had cracked wheat with sardines and capers for today. So what!?

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My friend sent me this from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. About 200 miles south of me. I love it when businesses have a sense of humor! 😂

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