Also, when I was drawing this one I remember that as I was doing the designs on the left-side guitarist's shirt I thought that it was a little Malevich-ish, and I thought, I should write BLACK SUPREMATIST up his pant-leg! But then I thought, is that going to be even more niche than the VAX gag? Is anyone going to get both?

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Probably a re-post, but I just ran across this and thought, yep, that's another one that will play well on fedi which played to snores in other corners of the Web.

This has to be the most gloomy, miserable spring I've had in 12 years in Victoria.

Well, I didn't time that very well, did I? Sent out a bunch of portfolios just after my Web host migrated servers without waiting for the new IP to propagate out over DNS. Brilliant.

Hi, check out my art! Or, rather, sit there and watch your browser try and fail to find my art!

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I did four covers for Grant Morrison's Avatarex: Destroyer of Darkness some years ago. This one... was weird. In some ways it came out really well, but I remember not being happy with it. I think the figure is good, but the background is... Hm. Personally, I liked the hot/weird Earth colors, but I don't think it's what they were after.

Forgot about this one. From a few years ago; this went with an article about ...CBS/Viacom entering the streaming wars? Or something? So there were Netflix and Disney+, etc. logos on the tank flags. I don't really remember the context, I just liked Picard and Spongebob being paratroopers in the same army.

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Just tried to make a phone call with the calculator app. Holy moly. Didn't understand why it was putting commas in the phone number.

Not quite awake yet, I guess.

Now that my ass is completely covered in mud, it must be time to put on that mudguard I have in my backpack that I forgot about.

There's also some kind of bourgeois guilt angle to it - like, "I make a six-figure salary because I work hard and I earn it!" And... no you don't. You work in an industry that pays really well, or you're lucky enough to have found and exploited the necessary relationships to get you into the top-end salary tier of your industry.

You can tell yourself that you deserve it, but we both know that the recycling sorter would benefit more from the Jacuzzi than you.

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I internally roll my eyes when white-collar people self-identify as hard workers. Can white-collar work be hard? Of course. Doing 40 hours of work in three days to get an illustration in on time is hard. Do I think of myself as a "hard worker"? Fuck no. I do hard work when I have to, and I delight in the time in-between.

And people who really are WORK, WORK, WORK -- I dunno, that's more like a pathology than something to pat yourself on the back about.


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have you ever thought about how John Cambell’s “hero’s journey” codifies a bunch of vaguely toxic hetero normative ideas and started a cult of mainstream writers and directors who believe this is the only possible way to tell stories? and it’s not even, particularly well recueved for what it oiginally set out to do: an academic model of indoeuropean folk tales.
it’s like we let the elon musk of storytelling dictate world narrative energy policy

Fun fact: in the script I first wrote, it said "3000 lusty guys and gals" instead of "3000 hardy heroes" but 1) people don't really use "lusty" that way anymore, and 2) I didn't want to leave out any non-binary MOTU/comics fans out there.

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Shameless cash-grab incoming!

No, but really, I'm going to resume work on the He-Man fan comic that I put on hold back in 2020, but I'm casting about for patrons to try and subsidize the work — as well as the dozens of cartoons, illustrations, and comic strips that I share online every year which never make me a dime — so,'s a comic about that!

Why even give me the opportunity to attach my resume if you're just going to make me re-type it all into your stupid Web form anyway? Lordy.

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watching hundred rabbits, a whole two people, speedrun an alternate-history timeline re-implementation of everything that was close to good about my first 10 years of computers really puts into perspective how wasteful and inefficient the industry is

they've accomplished 90% of the utility in 1% of the time and lines of code

there's something significant being demonstrated in the uxn space and it's way way bigger than two kids on a boat making weird retro styled software

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You: The tools don't make the art, the artist does


Me: Whee!!!!!

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If you have old data sheets or manuals for or other electronics, PLEASE see if they're available online (check Bitsavers, the Internet Archive, etc.) and scan them if you can't find them! I've even purchased a few manuals just to liberate them from the dustbin of history, but that might be taking it a little far for most.

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