Sometimes you take a job, and you're like "yeah, that's gonna be a challenge, but I can do it" and then you get about eight hours in and you're like "AHH FUCK ME THIS IS GONNA SUCK THE WHOLE WAY THROUGH ISN'T IT?"

For the most part, having any kind of cold sucks. HOWEVER, when I have a throat cold, I do enjoy my vocal pitch dropping a couple semitones so that I can amuse myself singin' Lefty Frizzell tunes in my natural register and being able to hit the low notes!

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Want your #DnD character rendered in this style? E-mail me at #commission


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I contacted the county elections manager and let them know the situation, and they've discarded the other ballot, so everything's worked out. But there's a good lesson here for those of you in vote-by-mail states: DESTROY unused ballots!

Voter fraud true story: my local director of elections sent me a letter saying that there was a discrepancy between the signatures on my ballot and my voter registration ... but *I hadn't sent my ballot in yet*. I live in Canada right now and vote electronically in general elections, but my paper ballot still gets mailed to my dad's house in Oregon. Pop tossed my ballot into the recycling bin, knowing I vote online, but someone stole my ballot out of the bin and tried to vote as me.

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the sdf mecha sticker has sold out! but don't worry, another batch are due to arrive next week. thanks for supporting sdf! order here ->

That new Atlas robot video made my doggone night! WOOHOO ROBOTS!

If I'd played my cards right and never gotten married, this could be me right now! High-five to all the 8-bit , sceners, and microcomputer enthusiasts out there, livin' the dream and making poor dietary choices in the glow of a monitor.

In the days of manual color separations in comic books, everything that wasn't line-art was full-saturation RBY (no black halftones for grays unless the inker used some Zip-A-Tone). So human skin-tones could get a bit interesting. White folks in DC's early days were 25% red; Marvel did 25% red + 25% yellow; Asians were often varying degrees of pure yellow; and people more darkly complected came in a small set of ink-heavy gray/browns.

Alright, so markers are now something I have taken an interest in. It dawned on me the other day that if I just get three reds, three blues, and three yellows that I like, then I can color sketches/drawings in a manner akin to vintage comic-book color separations. I've done that digitally for years, but it's always been too ~clean~, y'know? So this is worth exploring for a bit.

Sure, let's tag this with since I drew it with real pens. Some design concepts for a character I'm playing with named ATARIUS.

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