WAIT NIX THAT while I had to break the tape cartridge to get it open, I was able to splice the tape back in.

Things seem good.. oh, and it going dead? That was dude to the cartridge being removed. HAH! All good now... what a learning experience.

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WELL I SPOKE TOO SOON.... accidentally snapped the tape from the cartridge and, shortly after that, it just went dead on me.

:\ this would be my luck. I'm pretty pissed right now...

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Well this kicks ass; a friend stop by today and dropped off this 50-year-old answering machine. It works perfectly fine, especially for something half a century old. A Code-a-phone 700 from circa 1970.

Why am I awake at 4:30 in the morning?

Oh right, because I have crappy sleep patterns...

...or, alternately, I'm more comfortable with the "traditional" sleep pattern people had before the advent of electric lights.

how is crypto decentralized if it all crashes together

Well this is pretty cool -- I'm now a member of the Board of Directors for the PhreakNet Voice over IP telephony network.


RIP Dennis Waterman aka Terry McCann. May there be a drink in it for him in the great beyond. bbc.com/news/entertainment-art

Not my most eloquent work, nor could I go into details thanks to my right hand having a slight injury, I still managed to somewhat textualize my frustrations with WordPress. It's a rant, but it's still something to read, if you wish...


Well, if I stick with the tried and tested Frontier theme, Wordpress doesn't piss me off as much.

I just want something fresh that doesn't ruin my entire website... :\ the theme market and the nature of WP's evolution really suck for someone like me.

It seems without massive effort I'll be unable to escape Wordpress.

It's a risk-reward situation that I think, in the long term, may wind up being lose-lose for me. :|

@kurisu sdf has both web hosting and gopher hosting. Depending on what you're wanting to do with your site you could use one of them.

Gopher is text only but you don't have to learn any code to get started. The sdf wiki has a good tutorial


web hosting wise, if you just want a static site html+css really isn't too bad there are tons of resources online and you could use markdown or org-mode that renders into html if you want.


@kurisu Hugo has existed solutions to export Wordpress contents and convert to their format. gohugo.io/tools/migrations/

You can also check on Wordpress plugin market to see what tools are available to you to export the content.

But I should warn you that none of these tools are perfect if you have used obscure features of WP or heavily relied on plugins.

@kurisu There are probably thousands of static site generators based on Markdown and/or other markup languages there. I have used Hexo. I have heard other solid choice such as Hugo, Nikola, and more lightweight alternative Zola. There are also more power user centric solutions based on Org Mode or Pandoc.

To be honest the new Wordpress editor looks confusing. I'd rather hand write HTML than use that thing for blogging or whatever.

I find myself beginning to grow tired of Wordpress and disappointed in what it has become, especially on the Theme front. I'm not much of a web coder, so I can't reasonably just "write my own" as much as I'd want to.

I'm beseeching you, fellow SDF peers, for your suggestions on alternatives to migrate to.

I welcome your opinions, fellow geeks. <3

Great, my is stuck in a Memory Card format loop.

Time to see if formatting, mounting, then using recovery software will work so I don't lose 100+ hours over two games I really enjoy. :\ Would have PlayStation+ to back things up BUT I'm an Xbox guy and have the vita out of convenience so... :\

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