We just heard @snowdusk_ play Red Martian - Your Computer on Intergalactic Wasabi Mix and so many people in COM loved it! Very cool, @smj and Red Martian.

Discord is valued at 1.65 _billion_ dollars.

What kind of person can look at that and go "ah, yes, this free chat service is totally not gonna screw us out of private data for profit"?

I am enjoying the first show of aNONradio's newest DJ @iiogama. Good job -- such a chill setlist! I am looking forward to many episodes of this show.

cosmic.voyage now offers IMAP and POP3 access for its users, and they can send email to other common tildeverse and pubnix systems.

Why not check us out?

Happy New Year, SDF.

During 2018 I was blessed to meet many interesting, creative, talented, and kind people through SDF, both virtually and in person. My life is richer because of this great community!

Here's looking forward to 2019, in terms of new friendships and in terms of some great new technologies in store for the SDF environment!

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the latest facebook shit that broke in the NYT today is pretty bad. even by "facebook revelations" standards. they basically got around rules saying they couldn't share your data outside facebook by defining over 100 companies to be "facebook" because they had contracts with facebook. That ensured they would do no wrong. Just like Cambridge Analytica. Oh, one was Yandex, a Russian search engine accused of ties to Russian intelligence.

SDF is a unique social scene where people are free to march to the beat of their own tuba. πŸ˜‹ 🎡

I started Mastodon because I believe in decentralization. The more servers there are, and the more people are spread throughout them, the stronger the network is.

I encourage people to join other servers, or start their own.

However! mastodon.social is the gateway for those who are undecided, or who don't yet know about decentralization. It is also my baby just like the software itself. I do not appreciate hostility towards it when promoting the benefits of other servers. Thanks

@EdS @koenig @solderpunk @xmanmonk @clhendricksbc It actually happens, that this is me: cray-cyber.org/ueber-mich/wolf I'm part of Cray-Cyber.org. In the past, I was much more active. But I relocated from Munich ca. 100km east to the countryside in 2013, and since then it's just too far for helping out regularly. I concentrate on literature on Cray and other supercomputers in the meantime.

Thanks once again to @snowdusk_ and @xmanmonk for allowing me to be a guest on the Intergalactic Wasabi Mix tonight. I am honored to have been able to participate in something that brings so much happiness to so many people!

🎡 πŸ‘ 😎

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