The Expanse, maybe spoiler, but only season 2 

Watched some more The Expanse last night. Now at season 2, I came to the revelation that this is Game of Thrones in the space 🚀

The new skateboard arrived. Had a splash💦 (literally) riding with my daughter while strolling the baby!

Last night I finished The Expanse season 1. Great show! Fascinating depiction of interplanetary human society! Highly recommend!

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Hi I'm looking for work again

Notable experience: I wrote the Mastodon documentation and I help manage Pixelfed


Looking for documentation, technical writing, could also do Github issue triage or junior programming, project/product management

Can be either a permanent role or a temporary contract thing

Just got back from a small local nursery today. Love the great weather and seeing people getting back to normal lives.

A silly experiment 

Ok this is maybe one of the most stupid setup I’ve tried... but I kind of like it! The keys feel rubber-ish and since I can only type with thumbs I can’t be really fast. And the most stupid thing is the phone is much heavier than the keyboard so it feels tipping🤦🏻

Its perfect for the terminal app as none of the screen is taken by soft keyboard.

I’ve used this setup for several days and get used to it. But now my eyes hurt looking at the small screen for too long 👀

setting up usenet client on my phone through terminal while listening to some lofi

I access tildes and sdf terminal from my phone so much that I’m DIY a handheld keyboard on top of which I can clip on my phone. This way I can also save screen space b/c the soft keyboard isn’t needed anymore. Parts ordered and will arrive on Wednesday. We’ll see how it plays out. 🤞

If you have a similar setup please let me know!

Just heard that Diablo 2 is being remastered and will be available on many platforms including nintendo switch! I might get it as a long time D2 fan!

Listening to local NPR station and enjoying spring sunshine with little R. After that I’ll switch to the morning local HAM net I’ve been listening to. Absolutely love this low cost radio!


Spent the noon watching camp fire and M playing Nintendo switch

Out for a short camping trip. The day started with gloomy weather. It turned clear and there’s even a short window of sunset with golden ray in the forest. Wet and cold and windy.

am considering building a simple gemini static site generator. you write posts in flat hierarchy. it can index by time (year, month) and by tags. was thinking using racket but my racket-fu is so rusty so i’m gonna do it in python straight

What are the that you enjoy and can recommend?

Tiger-Lang compiler 

Learning: w/ parser combinator you still have to handle a lot of the detail like reserved keyword, binary operators, etc. For a sizable language, parser generator should be the way to go!

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Tiger-Lang compiler 

Looks like I finally got Tiger-lang lexing and parsing right, with some 580 F3 LoC (with comments). Now with AST handy, ready to have some fun with manipulating trees in F#!

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just finished 8 hours of Asimov’s The End of Eternity audio book

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