andrew lee just seized over 700 channels on freenode because they mentioned in their topic.

This includes projects like openbsd, wikimedia, FOSDEM, etc. shows 720 channels that match what is being checked.

here's an example log:

boost this if you care about foss in any way.

@kline so, he reopened on topic channels? What's wrong with that?

@jordan31 @kline He is forcefully dropping and then registering "moved" channels to give himself op and remove the previous ops (abusing his control over ChanServ, this isn't something a normal user could do) to reopen channels and falsely presenting those channels as the "official" channels even though they are no longer the official channels for those projects. It should be noted that the Ops never gave up control over their channels, they simply removed everyone's voice and changed the topic, a perfectly valid thing to do.

One example:

@nytpu @kline I've seen some with ## meaning its off topic and wouldn't be recognized as official. Besides official channels would be listed on the projects site. Did they effectively take away everyone's permissions or just added himself as op?

@jordan31 @kline I don't actually have a problem with him changing the channel name, that's his right to do so especially if they're not “official” channels anymore then they would've been considered off-topic even before the takeover. However, he is removing the original ops and even removed their voice so they can't even send messages anymore, added himself as op, and then reset the channel back to what it looked like before.

He added a rule (after he had already done this to all the channels) saying that you lose your op permissions if you “advertise” another chat network, but you can't call it fair for him say “well them's the rules” when that rule didn't even exist when he started doing this.

@jordan31 he's purged channels that were even talking about libera. This will affect channels that were saying "should we move to libera? Current consensus is no, but opinions welcome".

I know of at least 2 channels where this is the case - ongoing discussion with their hands forced.

@kline @jordan31 There was a notice posted that some channels were included by mistake and to contact staff.

@kline actually some logs shows he changed it to off topic, which would seem right considering these groups abandoned the channel. Looks like house cleaning. I still fail to sew what's so terribly wrong, evil, and dangerous to FOSS by this move.

freenode, bluntness from a sysadmin 

@jordan31 @kline look harder, then.

The channel in question was just one example of the massive breach of trust that multiple sources have reported across the Freenode network post-takeover.

If you see nothing wrong with a mass takeover of community channels by a group with authoritarian overtones and history of doing shady shit, maybe you need a reminder that this sort of manipulation, deplatforming, and erasure is a symptom of the toxicity in tech investments these days.

What the new Freenode "owners" did goes far beyond "house cleaning", and borders on outright fascism. Idk where that falls on the "evil" meter, but it certainly isn't good or transparent or trustworthy.

So again...look deeper if you fail to understand why people are upset about this.

@jordan31 @kline it really isn't dangerous. if they really wanted to keep those channels, why would they move and turn the channel into basically an advertisement?

@anton @jordan31 @kline Not all channels were moving. They closed channels by keyword matching, like the GFW of China.

When something moves, it's generally okey to say so in the original place, e.g. people moving from GitHub to GitLab didn't get projects disappeared because they put the redirect link in project description.

@jordan31 @kline I agree. Worst case, he's showing where there was implicit trust and making people think about that. Best case, the network is pared down to what is valuable and active.

@kline @crc He saw that some people didn’t think he was poison and is correcting them the only way he knows how.

@kline they took over my two channels even though we were waiting to move to libera until the matrix bridge was ready. I guess that means the process was automated for any channel that had libera even mentioned in the topic?

@technomancy @kline Looks that way to me. My topic mentions libera, though I haven't announced a move, just presented it as a second option for my community.

@technomancy @kline It's hard to imagine how to handle competition besides this way. You can make the case that networks shouldn't be competitive but if money is spent, then it would make sense to maintain that which was purchased.

@kline wow, it happened to #haskell, which used to be a 1000 user channel, down to maybe 600 with a mention of

Now down to 26 very pissed off users after Lee seized control and retopiced.

@kline one out of every 330 irc users was on #haskell! it was an institution. I hope everyone finds their way to

@bshah I'm painfully aware:

Information on kline (account kline):
Registered : Sep 03 20:34:12 2011 (9y 38w 1d ago)
User reg. : Jul 31 12:02:41 2007 (13y 43w 1d ago)
kline has been frozen by the freenode administration.
*** End of Info ***

@kline Most of the #Wikimedia channels on #freenode were left alone so far. (I still have my previous flags on all but one of them.) Only channels which were redirected to a channel named libera or mentioned Libera in the topic were taken over, AFAICT.

@kline I’m not sure I’m ever going to get used to seeing your avatar used as a preview link for this sort of thing hitting Hacker News.

@kline To be fair, it does very much resemble my own expression whenever I read anything about leenode.

@kline that's a ringing endorsement of libera if I've ever seen one.

@arca0 @kline Well, rasengan said he wanted to decentralize and remove the threat to the network.

Forcing everyone from his network to the community-run network is a rather effective way of doing that. 😁

@clacke @arca0 @kline I love this "I want to decentralize everything" take of his. Nothing says decentralize like taking over every channel and controlling any dissenting opinions on them.

@kline "Remember, we do not support spamming or advertising other networks in channels topics or in other forms."


It happened in the #57n channel, our topic won't stick so anyone arriving at the channel won't know the community moved and won't know where to find us.

This pretty much ensures I won't be coming back to freenode.


NewFreeNode: We love Freeze Peach!
Us: put pointer to in /topic to help users
NewFreeNode: Not like that!

25-05-2021 22:59:32 < freenodecom!~com@freenode/staff: This channel has been reopened with respect to the communities and new users. The topic is in violation of freenode policy:

@kline I was looking to get back onto IRC, just gonna... walk right over to Libera. Haha! #freenode #liberachat #libera #irc

@kline Since last week, we've had a "#pidgin is live on libera" in the topic of #pidgin on freenode without issue. While adding another communication channel for our users means another thing we have to check, we will still make ourselves available where ever our users decide to flock.

@kline #fosdem sent an email out announcing the move off #freenode to #liberachat now.

No channels with fosdem in the name on freenode are associated with fosdem now.

@kline thanks for your information. Thanks to you, now I understand why recently big projects I saw talked about Freenode and @liberachat seriously.

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