funniest thing ive read all week, and just because its monday doesnt mean i dont think its got staying power

@epilys @kline “Approach my pond if you dare. I will not simply kill you, I will bend time and space in such a way that you will never have even existed to begin with.”

Still believe SCTP should have been given a chance

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(fwiw, organ donation is default and opt out for most people in the UK, but I registered as well to make sure, and they send you a card you can carry to remove all doubt.

You should register, too)

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If you register a bike for tax, the last page in the wizard asks you to join the organ donation register 🤔

should probably highlight this isnt just a meme.
Japanese pocket pussy company is genuinely starting a space programme

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Made a Speaking Clock except it just spams an IRC channel every 10 seconds.

3) That I would like a GDPR SAR covering all each record they made of my calls (where they recorded my name, phone, email, address, etc), to be used as evidence with an external complaints resolution service over how many times they chinned me off.

They have also refunded me £4 of lost service, and rounded it up £6 to £10 overall as a sorry for the effort involved.

Let's see how long it takes them to close this off - they have 10 days to address my complaint and about 25 to respond to my GDPR.

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