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Hi everyone. I recently moved from @kline . If you can see this, great, you made it!

There is a school of historical thought that draws a direct line from dangly horse foot rings to capitalism, known as the Great Stirrup Controversy

interested in any news on the tor disruption. feel free to contact me if you have anything.

Alan is off to the UK! Terry and Bugsy have come to see him off.

Almost no one is directly applying computer science to the software they write.

You're not an engineer. You're at best a skilled craftsman, perhaps an alchemist.

That's ok, just don't pretend the software industry is more than it is.

Breaking News
Shots fired at Nakatomi Plaza
Possible hostage situation unfolding in Los Angeles on Christmas Eve
#diehard #nakatomi #breakingnews

Calling all. This is our last cry before our eternal silence.

Additionally, I have a concept where each item has three fields. I'm wondering if I should do Cloze deletion for a single field, or Cloze delete all-but-one field.

I think with only 1 field deleted, I might be relying too much on the remaining information to cue me in rather than pushing me to think and understand the item, but I'm unsure how to implement the all-but-one cloze deletion.

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Does anyone else use Anki?

I'm having a good time with it (Anki+AnkiDroid) but I'm wondering if others have tips.

Last data was recorded in 2005. It appears to be a wide net that doesn't discriminate between "Complementary" medicine that is seen as non-clinical but otherwise has fairly decent evidence of efficacy (such as yoga and tai chi for musculoskeletal fitness, mindfulness, mindfulness, etc), and the "Alternative", more off the wall stuff.

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Apparently 41% of the UK population engaged in at least one form of "Complementary or Alternative Medicine" (a broad classification, including for example yoga for clinical benefit, through to acupuncture and homeopathy) on an annual basis.

I wish foss had such good penetration.

oh shit oh fuck i forgot to set out of office before leaving

So far about 2/3rds of my followers have (automatically or otherwise) been pulled over to this account.

Only about 1/2 of the accounts I follow have been able to be automatically re-followed, though. Some are dead accounts, but it's unclear what happened to the rest.

I'll have to dump and diff to see who I'm missing later on.

Hi everyone. I recently moved from @kline . If you can see this, great, you made it!

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